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Chapter 905 - Mission Clues

Chapter 905: Mission Clues

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The dungeon Dusk Lair’s main difficulty lay in its final BOSS.

Although the level 45 Wharton might pose some threat to the less experienced players, to the experts from these big guilds, this boss was simply a walk in the park.

However, Wharton was an Obsidian ranked BOSS after all. Other than Wang Yu who was simply too overpowered, it was still a challenge for only three players from each team to challenge this boss.

Wang Yu and his two teammates waited in the City Lord Mansion Hall for a full 40 minutes before One Page Book and her comrades came out.

Wang Yu knew how strong One Page Book was. She was an accomplished martial artist and her combat prowess would not be lower than that of any Quan Zhen Sect members. The fact she took 40 minutes was purely because of the travelling time.

After another 20 minutes, the other players streamed back into the Mansion Hall. However, it was obvious that there were much fewer remaining players.

Before they left for the mission, there were over 30 guilds with well over a hundred players. At the moment, there were only around 50 to 60 players left.

Thus, it was evident that there was a huge disparity in skill among the guilds that were invited by the City Lord. Those that did not make it back likely did not manage to complete the mission.

According to the rules, only the top fifteen teams would qualify for the next trial while the rest would be eliminated. The City Lord quickly dispensed some rewards and sent the eliminated teams packing.

The City Lord said gratefully, “After this mission, I believe the players here are the best candidates to become administrators of our city. This is even more so for Sanguine Alliance who completed this mission at the fastest time. Therefore, I have prepared a little something for them to show them my appreciation.”

As he concluded his final statements, the City Lord waved his hand and a golden red badge appeared in the hands of Wang Yu and the two others.

Sanguine Warflag took a quick glance at the badge and showed off its attributes to Captain Don’t Open Fire.

Twilight City Glory Medal (Badge)

The glory of Twilight City: Twilight City Honor +50

“Attribute Badge!!”

Seeing the badge in Sanguine Warflag’s hands did not incite any reaction from Captain Don’t Open Fire, but the bystanders burst into uproar.

It was everyone’s first time in seeing this new attribute (Honor). Although it was only +50 Honor, it was nothing to scoff at because Honor was notoriously difficult to earn. 50 Honor was almost equivalent to a one week of the harvest from a dungeon.

After being praised by the City Lord and even receiving a badge with a special attribute, Sanguine Warflag’s mood became much better. He felt one more step closer to his goal. He hurriedly composed himself and replied, “City Lord, you have praised us too highly. This is what we should do.”

“What a bootlicker…” Captain Don’t Open Fire looked towards Sanguine Warflag disdainfully.

“Haha!” City Lord broke into laughter and said, “Having extraordinary strength is a basic requirement. Do you all know what qualities should a main city administrator possess?”

“This…” Nobody could provide a satisfactory answer to his question. After all, this was just a bunch of players, none of them would be well versed in issues relating to governance… Even for Sanguine Warflag who was a guild leader of a big guild, his experiences with governance were only limited to a small area like Xiao Ju Mountain.

A guild leader was in a sense similar to that of a village chief in China as both a guild and a village had roughly the same number of members. It was no surprise that a guild leader would have no idea on how to manage an entire city.

“Hmm! Looks like you guys don’t know much about this.” City Lord sighed regretfully and continued, “The quality that an administrator must have is teamwork. Only through teamwork can one overcome all challenges.”

“…” The players present were speechless. Even Fearless himself did not expect the City Lord answer in this manner… After all who did not know what unity entailed? Even primary school students knew that teamwork is power.

“Therefore the second trial would be one that tests your teamwork!” City Lord declared.

As the City Lord spoke, everyone received the second trial mission.

<System Notification: You have accepted the mission “City Lord’s Trial”, the second round “United in One Heart”, grade A mission.>

Mission Background: As a border city, the Dark Church had spared no effort in trying to claim Sunset Valley as theirs. Dusk Peak is an ancient battlefield and it is the resting place of the sixth Apostle’s body and the White Bone Legion of the Dark Church.

As the sixth apostle’s seal is getting looser with each passing day, the power of darkness has been leaking throughout sunset peak. The White Bone Legion has also showed signs of recovery. The administrators of the main city have to unite together to eliminate these hidden dangers.

Mission Objective: Explore the Dusk Valley 0/1

Although the Dusk Valley and Dusk Canyon sounded like similar places, they were in two differing directions. The Dusk Valley was a level 50 leveling area. It was a distance away from Twilight City and the monsters there were strong and some could even fly. The players were not looking forward to exploring this treacherous place.

The goal of the second trial mission was simple, explore the Dusk Valley with no limit on the number of players and no time aspect.

However, everyone instinctively believed that the faster they complete this mission, the better it was for them. It was not impossible for the first team to be also awarded some kind of reward.

As soon as everyone received the mission content, they did not waste another moment as they all headed off.

Captain Don’t Open Fire immediately threw out a Teleportation Scroll as he transferred his team directly to the location.

Sanguine Warflag was not about to lag behind him and also unhesitantly threw out a Teleportation Scroll.

“Save it.” Fearless wiped off his sweat and was gesturing for Sanguine Warflag to stop. Sanguine Warflag sure was wasteful. If not for Fearless’s timely intervention, he would have wasted two Teleportation Scroll for no good reason.

“Captain Don’t Open Fire, that scum, ran off! If we don’t hurry, it will be too late to catch up,” Sanguine Warflag protested impatiently.

Fearless chucked, “That is his problem if he is anxious. We don’t have to rush, let’s walk slowly.”

“Why?” Sanguine Warflag was confused.

Fearless casually scoffed, “Are you actually the guild leader of a big guild? Such an important mission, have you not carefully examined the important points of the mission content?”


Sanguine Warflag was speechless.

The more important one mission was the greater the need to search for clues from the mission background. As the mission was seemingly too simple, most of the players rushed ahead without even giving a second thought.

“The mission content. Have you found the clue?” Sanguine Warflag carefully scrutinized each word as he asked Fearless incredulously.

The mission content did not have anything out of the ordinary.

“Hehe!” Fearless chuckled, “Everything is just a distraction. The main clue lies in the name of the mission!”

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