MMORPG: Martial Gamer

Chapter 904 - The Black-hearted City Lord

Chapter 904: The Black-hearted City Lord

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Just when Sanguine Warflag thought that Wang Yu was at the point of no return, Wang Yu abruptly lowered his head, avoiding the long sword that was flying towards him. Following which, he leapt forwards and intruded into Wharton’s proximity.

The moment Wharton was about to counter attack, Wang Yu had already taken out his long sword, promptly swinging towards the right artery of Wharton’s neck.


A strange sound was produced from the attack. Following which, a huge figure appeared above the head of Wharton.


“This…” Sanguine Warflag’s eyeballs nearly popped out from their sockets, “What’s going on?!”

Previously, the BOSS was immune to any damage whatsoever. However, all of a sudden, a single attack took out one-fifth of the BOSS’ HP bar.

“He he, seems like this brat’s weakness is on his neck,” Fearless smirked and said while pointing at Wharton’s neck.

“His neck?” Sanguine Warflag hurriedly looked at the direction in which Fearless was pointing to, only to discover a wound at the stitch on Wharton’s neck.

Upon seeing that he had received damage, Wharton frantically withdrew his hands, seemingly to grab hold of Wang Yu.

Unfortunately for him, Wang Yu was too agile. Seeing that Wharton wanted to pull some tricks, he ducked under and slid underneath Wharton, arriving behind him. He promptly leapt into the air and swung his sword once more at the scar on the back of Wharton’s neck.



Wharton’s HP was reduced by one-fifth of his maximum HP once more. Not giving Wharton a chance to recover, Wang Yu slashed his long sword horizontally, coming into contact with the right side of Wharton’s neck.


Wharton’s HP was immediately reduced to 40% of his maximum HP.


Wharton bellowed in anger, a red glow emitted from his body. His attack speed started to increase significantly. With both his hands clasped onto his long sword, he activated the ultimate move of a Warrior, [Tornado Slash].

Seeing this, Wang Yu calmly dodged and retreated away from the ability’s attack range. At the same time, he swung the long sword in his hands towards Wharton.

Even though Wharton was still in a spinning motion, Wang Yu’s blade was able to accurately pierce through his throat.



An astronomical figure appeared above the head of Wharton. At this moment, Wharton’s HP bar had been wiped clean. The longsword in his hand fell onto the ground and his head became detached from his body.

<System Notification: You have completed the Hidden Quest “The vengeance of a warrior”. You have eliminated the Legendary Dusk Bandit – Wharton at his full power and have thwarted the Dusk Thief Gang’s plot, preventing Twilight City from descending into chaos.>

Twilight City Fame +3000

Twilight City Honour +500

Light Faction Honour +500

Neutral Faction Honour +500

Received the title “Twilight City’s Guardian”

<Twilight City’s Guardian (Title)>

The light of Twilight City: Passive ability. Receive a 50% discount while purchasing any items from the NPCs in Twilight City. Additionally, player is exempted from paying taxes in these transactions.

“F*ck, this is a Hidden Quest, how can the rewards be so pathetic?”

Seeing the reward he had obtained from killing Wharton, Wang Yu felt extremely dissatisfied…

Even though a player could increase his or her Fame relatively easily, it had no practical use at all and was far less useful compared to a player’s Honour.

However, Wang Yu’s Twilight City Honour had long ago reached the maximum amount possible. Receiving any further Honour would only increase the NPCs respect for him.

As for the sh*tty Title, it was even less valuable.

Normal Titles would provide the wearer with a boost in their attributes. However, the Title that Wang Yu received only allowed him to receive some discount from the NPCs and it was even restricted to only NPCs in Twilight City.

It has been so long since the game started. The only thing that players would actually buy from the NPCs are commodities such as arrows. Apart from them, players rarely visit their shops.

Furthermore, Wang Yu was a Pugilist and barely had any use for these items. Even if Wang Yu was a professional Archer, surely he would not be so desperate as to save that few gold coins.

The system sure knew how to play with the players.

“Ha ha, at least you received a reward. There’s no rule stating that there would be a reward from completing a Hidden Quest.” Fearless comforted Wang Yu, patting him on the shoulders.

“That is true.” Upon hearing what Fearless said, Wang Yu nodded in agreement. He immediately felt thankful about his current circumstances.

Wang Yu had been played by the system countless of times. Knowing full well how the system worked, Wang Yu was already thankful that the system even gave him a reward.

While the both of them were talking, Sanguine Warflag went over to pick up the severed head of Wharton. Just when Fearless was about to remove the armour off Wharton’s body for research purposes, Wang Yu stopped him, “Forget it, he was a Warrior himself. We should leave his body as it is.”

Even if Wharton’s clothes were taken off his body, there would be no attributes on them. Fearless initially only wanted to take a look at the magic talismans. However, seeing that Wang Yu was against it, he could only look at the body in disappointment.

The trio then opened up the menu bar and chose to exit the Dungeon. Shortly after, they were teleported right outside of the Dungeon. It was at this moment that the other teams manage to arrive one after another.

Seeing the three of them coming out from the Dungeon, the other players started panicking. They immediately hurried over to enter the Dungeon.

Even though the position for the first and second place was no more, being the third would still be a favourable outcome.

Using the same method as before, they arrived back at the City Lord’s Mansion. Apart from Captain Don’t Open Fire and a few others, there were no other players in the mansion.

Initially, Wang Yu and the rest of them were one of the last few to leave the City Lord’s Mansion, thus Captain Don’t Open Fire did not manage to see them. Seeing that both Wang Yu and Fearless were accompanying Sanguine Warflag, Captain Don’t Open Fire’s expression changed drastically.

Even though Captain Don’t Open Fire had only fought alongside Quan Zhen Sect in a Dungeon once, the fearsomeness of both Wang Yu and Fearless was still deeply etched into his mind. Seeing that Sanguine Warflag had enlisted the help of both of them, he couldn’t help but feel discomfort in his heart.

Seeing Captain Don’t Open Fire’s expression, Sanguine Warflag revealed a smug expression. He glanced over at Captain Don’t Open Fire’s team provokingly, before walking over to the City Lord and tossing Wharton’s head over to him.

“Wu…” After taking a look at the head of Wharton, a slight frown could be seen on the face of the City Lord. Shortly after, he flashed a smile and said, “Not bad, you qualify to be my assistant.”

Upon seeing the City Lord’s reaction, Fearless whispered to Wang Yu, “This City Lord sure is crafty.”

“What’s the matter?” Wang Yu asked, confused.

Fearless replied, “The City Lord could clearly tell that this was the head of the real Wharton, but yet he acted as if it wasn’t. Seems like if Old Flag doesn’t initiate it, the old man would definitely not hand out the reward.”

Surely enough, Sanguine Warflag wasn’t someone that would bother over such small stuff. His aim all along was to gain the qualifications to advance. Now that the City Lord had announced so, he was already over the moon.

“He actually avoided handing out the reward… Should we go and claim it?” Wang Yu asked, seeing that the City Lord had purposefully ignored the handing out of the reward.

Fearless coolly said, “Enough, Sanguine Warflag himself didn’t even mention anything, who are we as bystanders to say anything… Have you forgotten the ‘Busybody’ incident?”

Busybody was a player, and true to his name, he was a busybody. Due to the fact that he could never keep his mouth shut, when one of the players was submitting his Quest, Busybody kept on interrupting the entire process. In the end, the system reduced his likeability, resulting in the probability of him receiving a Quest to be a few times lower than that of ordinary players.

Due to this incident, the unlucky brat went to sue the game’s company in court. In the end, the game’s company won the trial completely, causing the story of this unlucky brat to be spread throughout the entire game itself.

If you wanted to forcefully intervene in someone else’s Quest, you can’t blame the system for pulling a plug on you.

“Eh…” Upon hearing what Fearless had said, Wang Yu immediately gave up all thoughts of claiming the reward.

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