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Chapter 1067 - What a Mess

Chapter 1067: What a Mess

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Of course, it was logical for Twelve Celestial Bodies to think so as after all, this was common knowledge even to normal players.

 However, did Wang Yu follow norms?

 Naturally, the answer was a no.

 Seeing Tiger lift his shield and charge over, Wang Yu lifted his arm and executed a [Void Seizing Palm].

 Under the help of the [Dragon-Slaying Bible], the [Void Seizing Palm] which originally was just a ray of white light, evolved into a giant dragon claw flying towards Tiger.

 Dragon-Slaying Bible, Double Water-Fetching Dragons

 The [Void Seizing Palm] under the [Dragon-Slaying Bible] turned into a skill with higher judgement than extraordinary skill. A normal [Void Seizing Palm] skill had a distance of 300 and when grappling a Guardian, it could at most move him short distance but [Double Water-Fetching Dragons] directly brought Tiger who was beyond 500 distance away, right beside him.

 Before Tiger realised what had happened, Wang Yu slammed Tiger’s skull.

 Following, a huge skill title, “Dragon-Slaying Bible. Clouds Without Rain”, lighted up and Tiger was slammed by Wang Yu into white light.

 “The bible!”

 While this happened, Ratty, Chen Long, and the rest were already near Wang Yu, ready to stab him. Just then, Wang Yu had not recovered from the remnant strength he had from executing the previous skill, and was shocked to see them so he instantly decided to turn and run.


 Wang Yu frowned and roared then stomped a [Thunder God’s Stomp] on the ground.

 Dragon-Slaying Bible, Frost and Ice!

 A circle of thunder rippled outwards with Wang Yu as the core.

 Ratty, Chen Long, and the rest could not even yell in time before being wiped out.

 From the moment Wang Yu attacked to the moment they were killed, it was a mere few seconds. With Twelve Celestial Bodies halved by Wang Yu, Feng Yun Realm was in complete panic and hysterically yelled, “Damn, this b*stard has killed so many people and yet the guards are not catching him? Why!!”

 It had been proven that a sick man would see just any doctor. Seeing how Wang Yu slaughtered so many of his subordinates, Feng Yun Realm was disappointed that he placed hope on the guards.

 It could be seen that to Feng Yun Realm, the only people who could take on Wang Yu were the guards.

 However, seeing any doctor was better than not seeing any at all. Feng Yun Realm was a born talent so he had luck on his side. His yelling was just to let out his upsetness.

 However, just then, he heard a series of tidy marching footsteps and a team of guards stomped over the mercenaries to come before Feng Yun Realm.


 All the guards neatly bowed to Feng Yun Realm then a guard asked respectfully, “City Lord, how can we help you?”


 The guards’ appearance stunned Feng Yun Realm. Feng Yun Realm later reacted and realised that as a City Lord, he had the power to order the guards. On the airship, Wang Yu had ordered the guards to throw Feng Yun Realm down.

 “My two million was not spent in vain…”

 Feng Yun Realm emotionally teared up as after he put in so much money, he was finally rewarded.

 In an instant, Feng Yun Realm pointed at Wang Yu and said, “This guy offended his superior, kill him!”


 The guards bowed at Feng Yun Realm and said, “As you wish!”

 After speaking, a team of guards moved into formation and lifted the spear in their hands, charging towards Wang Yu neatly.

 Freedom City had more guards than any other main cities. Of course, these mercenaries from Freedom City knew how scary the guards were. When these b*stards were crazy, nothing could stop them. Seeing that the guards were out to cleanse their grounds, all the players stepped backwards to widen the battle area so that they would not be implicated.

 Seeing how Feng Yun Realm could actually order the guards, Wang Yu was shocked.

 Wang Yu was very clear about how strong the guards were. Wang Yu asked Quan Zhen Sect to hide in the restaurant as he knew that once Quan Zhen Sect’s PK values reached a certain level, they would alert the guards.

 Quan Zhen Sect’s abilities were strong but that was when compared to players. When compared to guards, they were nothing.

 Wang Yu had equipment with hidden attributes so that he would not alert the system but he did not expect Feng Yun Realm to summon the guards.

 These guards were all brainless NPC so they definitely would not recognise Wang Yu as their previous City Lord.

 Seeing how the guards were charging to him, Wang Yu decided to attack instead of retreating, directly going forward.

 Just as the guards were about to hastily kill Wang Yu, Wang Yu’s body flashed and appeared behind them.

 “Scheming b*stard!!”

 The guards saw how Wang Yu dodged from them, causing them to yell and quickly turn around, swiping the spear in their hands towards him.

 Poor Wang Yu was a respected City Lord just yesterday but now he had become a scheming b*stard.

 Just in time, before the guards’ spears hit his upper back, Wang Yu landed on the ground and did two continuous flip and roll before using his arms to press against the ground. He used his back leg to press against the ground and used strength on all his limbs to charge amongst the mercenaries, then stepped on their heads to run in the opposite direction.

 “F*ck you!”

 Everyone saw Wang Yu charge over and instantly did not know what to do as it was too late to escape, leaving them dissipated in a mess.

 However, in a place with nearly a thousand places, no matter how broad the streets were, it was extremely crowded. In such a jam-packed place, these people did not have the ability to step on others to run like Wang Yu so they could not run even though they wanted to.

 When Wang Yu killed, he had to take into consideration things like the skills’ CD and their nature or positioning.

 However, since the guards were computerised, they did not have to consider these.

 With a troop of guards impending with their spears placed horizontally like a bulldozer, they decisively launched a large scale fatal skill – [Tornado Slash].

 It was an easy feat for guards who were on the level of instant-kill NPCs. White lights of death ascended.

 After using a wave of [Tornado Slash], nearly half of the thousand mercenaries died!

 Today, Feng Yun Realm not only saw a Pugilist with a move that could kill dozens. He also very luckily saw Warriors who could skill hundreds of people in one move, and at the same time understood what a massacre was.


Of course, it would be better if his subordinates were not the target of the massacre.

 Those mercenaries who were lucky to still be alive were on the brink of a breakdown…

There’s a saying which states that having a god-like opponent was not scary, having stupid team members was the scary one.

 Wang Yu stood there and used so much effort but only killed around a hundred people. Feng Yun Realm just summoned a wave of guards and he instantly messed up their own formation. Seeing Wang Yu and the guards with such abilities, everyone was scared soulless.

Wang Yu was also a scheming guy as he brought these brainless guards on a wild goose chase.

 Feng Yun Realm’s subordinates were the innocent victims as they were killed in batch by the guards. Everyone was also busy avoiding Wang Yu and the guards behind him, having no time for Quan Zhen Sect who were in the restaurant.

 “Lol, this is indeed Old Bull! Bringing chaos wherever he goes.”

 Seeing their enemy in a mess outside the restaurant. Fearless and the rest sighed then left the restaurant openly.

 Seeing how Quan Zhen Sect was about to escape, Feng Yun Realm pointed at them and shouted, “Don’t let them get away!”


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