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Chapter 1066 - The Dragon-Slaying Bible

Chapter 1066: The Dragon-Slaying Bible

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“It is [The Rivers and the Seas]. Is Old Bull crazy!!”

 Quan Zhen Sect’s players in the restaurant saw Wang Yu raised his arm and pushed a huge wave out, shocking them.

 [The Rivers and the Seas] was definitely the AOE skill with the largest damage which Wang Yu had. Its strength was incomparable and even an A-list BOSS like Holy Dragon Emperor could be defeated by it so naturally, normal players could not fight it.

 However, everyone also knew the consequences of this skill which was how it emptied the blue bar…

If he was just fighting an enemy, Wang Yu could use this skill as no one could handle it but now that he had a thousand enemies outside. If this move did not eradicate them completely, Wang Yu would be in danger.

 A Pugilist’s job was one that mixed normal attacks to continuously attack which required a lot of skills. No matter how good Wang Yu was, under the system’s judgement, his attacks were only of normal standards. In the face of so many enemies, without a high judgement for his skills, he could only escape.

 Just as everyone was worried for Wang Yu, suddenly Wang Yu split that huge wave into a few water dragons, splitting up into different directions.

At the same time, a line of ancient Chinese characters appeared above Wang Yu which meant – Dragon-Slaying Bible, widely spread in awe.

 Widely spread in awe was indeed lived up to by Wang Yu as through this move, everyone was shocked.

 Everyone had seen countless skills but they had never seen one with such exaggerated effects, much less a skill so arrogant to display its name on the player’s head.

 Just as everyone was in shock, they only heard loud sounds, “Hong! Hong!”, from the water dragons sent into the crowd.

 The damage done by [Descending Dragon Palm] was unquestionable. Everywhere the huge wave reached, rays of white lights would appear and in an instant, players on the street would be wiped out.

 These players were tightly huddled together as in one move, Wang Yu’s PK value soared to three digits.

 There was complete silence!

 Everyone’s eyeballs fell out and their jaws dropped, completely forgetting what they were there for.

 Damn, in this move, Wang Yu instantly wiped out seventy to eighty people!!

 Actually in the game, so long as there were enough damage and attributes, a Magician’s AOE skills could also instantly kill someone but the AOE’s basic range was only 500 which could at most fit twenty people.

 Wang Yu’s raise of arm not only instantly wiped out seventy to eighty people. He was a mere Pugilist so people found it harder to believe.

 What was seventy to eighty people? The size of a small-scale guild.

 No one would believe he could wipe out an entire guild in one palm.

 This was the first time these mercenaries questioned their life because of playing a game.

 “Is… Is this the legendary [Descending Dragon Palm]?”

 Not only Fengyun Realm’s people were stunned, even Quan Zhen Sect’s players were too. No matter how strong Wang Yu was in the past, it was on the level of martial arts novels due to his martial arts skills and how he used them. However, to kill seventy to eighty people in a palm, this was part of the fantasy genre.

 This is a realistic online gaming novel. Will we be scolded for writing something like this?

 At that moment, even Wang Yu was surprised by the effects of his [Descending Dragon Palm].

 Hearing everyone’s questions, Wang Yu finally regained his awareness and quickly replied, “Erm… Yes, this is the [Descending Dragon Palm]!”

 As he spoke, Wang Yu sent his BUFF mode over.

 Dragon-Slaying Bible: Triggered by the [Descending Dragon Palm], MP usage reduced by 100%, CD time reduced by 90%, and all skills are strengthened to be [Dragon-Slaying Bible].

 Duration is 120 seconds.

 “This bible! Damn!”

 After seeing the effects of the [Descending Dragon Palm], Quan Zhen Sect’s players felt disoriented.

 Usage reduced by 100 percent and CD reduced by 90 percent meant very obvious that using this skill would not cost him anything as the CD was reduced to just 10 percent of the original cooldown time.

 The CD time for Pugilist skills was typically very short so if it was reduced by 90 percent, it was akin to having skills without CD.

 Such unimaginably strong BUFF was not just useful for an expert like Wang Yu, even if a newbie had these, he could take over the world.

 This effect was even more fearful as it strengthened all of Wang Yu’s skills into the [Dragon-Slaying Bible].

 No one knew what moves they were strengthened into but based on Wang Yu’s palm just now, it was not difficult to tell that the strengthened skills were in a way more powerful league than the original skill.

 “Old Bull, was it the [The Rivers and the Seas] just now?” Fearless asked in surprise.

 “Yup!” Wang Yu nodded.

 “Do it a few more times!” Ming Du clasped his fists and yelled, “Smack these b*stards to death!”

 “I can’t! Skill cooldown time.” Wang Yu shook his head.

 Everyone, “…”

 The original cooldown time of [The Rivers and the Seas] was too long, so even though it was reduced by 90 percent, it could not be used continuously. If it could be, would Wang Yu need to be reminded by others?

 Just then, Feng Yun Realm also regained consciousness from his shock, and pointed at Wang Yu, yelling, “Why are you in a daze? All of you, attack!”


 Everyone heard him then looked around their surroundings and their eyes finally landed on Wang Yu. Seeing Wang Yu’s cold eyes and the life-or-death line at his feet, everyone was filled with fear, instinctively stepping backwards.

 Well, the current Wang Yu was no longer a player in these people’s eyes. With more than a thousand people around, it would only take a dozen rounds for him to wipe them out. The further they were from this dangerous figure, the better.

 “F*ck!” Seeing how his subordinates were terrified of Wang Yu, Feng Yun Realm was furious but there was nothing he could do. He saw for himself the power of Wang Yu’s palm move just now. Other than those mercenaries, Feng Yun Realm himself was also afraid.

 “We’ll go!”

 Just as Feng Yun Realm did not know what to do next, his subordinates, the Twelve Celestial Bodies, stood up and volunteered.

 Seeing how Twelve Celestial Bodies wanted to challenge Wang Yu, Feng Yun Realm worriedly asked, “You… You sure?”

 “Hmph!” Rat snarled and said, “I don’t believe he can use a move now! Tiger, go!”

 “Yes, Sir!”

 Tiger received the order, raised the shield in his hands and charged towards Wang Yu.

 The Twelve Celestial Bodies were veteran players in the online game circle.

 Others were afraid of Wang Yu’s scary damage but these guys were very calm because they understood better than anyone else that the more powerful the skill was, the longer its CD would be.

 As Wang Yu just used a big move, he was at his weakest, or else, why would he stand still at the door? In Twelve Celestial Bodies’ eyes, Wang Yu was just putting on a show.

 PVP experts always liked to use up their opponent’s before going all out on them. The mercenaries that were wiped out by Wang Yu just now were just sacrificial items. Now was the perfect opportunity and yet, no one dared to go so it was akin to gifting his life to Twelve Celestial Bodies. It did not make sense for them to not seize it.

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