MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter

Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Treasure Hunt

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After understanding the reason why he had failed his evolution, Jiang Feng was feeling much better.

The only regrettable thing was that when he failed his evolution, he did not get another chance to go for the lottery.

“Boss, are you too impressed with your new form?”

Yanhu looked at his surprise and smiled.

“Impressed? Sure. Come on, let’s go.”

Jian Feng rolled his eyes at Yanhu, took out his Qiankun Gourd, and took Yanhu and Heifeng in.

He opened his map, then ran towards a determined location.

After he had recruited the Blackwind Tiger King, there was no longer a need for him to stay in the Level 15 monster’s territory.

The stats for the Level 15 Blackwind Tiger was a bit high after all. Defeating monsters of a higher level than you were would not award you with too many extra experience points. Only 30% extra, to be exact. Unless one chose to defeat Kings of Territories, Spiritual Beasts, Immortal Beasts, and Divine Beasts, only then would the extra experience points gained increase by a great deal.

According to the official website, slaying a King of Territories would give double the experience points. Spiritual Beasts four times. Immortal beasts five times. Divine Beasts ten times!

Killing normal monsters with higher levels would not give you much. Even if the Blackwind Tiger stood there and let him kill it, the time spent killing it would allow him to kill two Level 12 monsters. Then that would be more efficient. That was why he had chosen to leave the Blackwind Valley.

When he was on his way, he opened his status to have a look.

It surprised him that despite his evolution ended up being a failure, his stats had increased by a fair amount.

His HP had increased to 16,000 from 14,000. His Attack increased to 1,357 from 1,257 while his Defense had increased to 650 from 600.

That meant that despite the failure of his evolution, his Health had increased by 2,000, Attack increased by 100, and Defense increased by 50.

He nodded in satisfaction and closed his status window.

After running for a while, he suddenly remembered something and quickly took out the Divine Fate Compass.

‘That’s right, I still have the Divine Fate Compass on me, and I haven’t used it yet. Let me try it.’

Since he had received the Divine Fate Talisman from Ya Di, he hadn’t had a chance to use it yet because he had been hunting down the Donghuang Bell fragments and strengthening Yanhu and Heifeng.

After his power had increased, there was nothing else he could do but to Transmute Monster. Then, he thought of the Divine Fate Compass.

He took out the Divine Fate Compass, then walked towards a small forest. He then placed it on his legs.

‘Treasure Hunt!’ He said and the pointer on the Divine Fate Compass began to spin. The coordinates in the indicator also changed constantly.


The moment the Divine Fate Compass began to turn, an extremely cute fairy appeared on the compass.


Jiang Feng was quite surprised as he saw the little fairy on the compass.

“Hello, master! I am the Divine Fate Compass’s Artifact Spirit. Can you kindly let me know the kind of treasure you seek? I can narrow down the search and help you find what you want, master!” said the little fairy Shen Luo as she smiled at Jiang Feng.

Jiang Feng became excited once he heard what Shen Luo told him, he then asked, “Can you help me find the Donghuang Bell fragment?”

If the Divine Fate Compass could help him find the Donghuang Bell Fragments, then collecting all the fragments would become easier.

“Of course!”

Shen Luo smiled, then closed her eyes and then crossed her legs as she sat on the compass.


After a short period of buzzing, the ancient writings and some runes floated on to the Divine Fate Compass and became a bright light as they burst and flew everywhere.

After fifteen minutes, Shen Luo finally opened her eyes.

“How did it go? Did you find them?” Jiang Feng asked her impatiently.

“I found it. Six of the fragments are located in cities far from here. Two of the fragments are located to the West and North, and one of the fragments that were closest to you was at the mountain range behind you. The other Donghuang Bell fragments were further away, and were beyond my ability to search,” Shen Luo replied with a pale face.

Six of them at the Imperial Dragon City? Two of them at the West and North? And one more at the mountain range behind me?

From what Shen Luo told him, he knew that there were pieces of Donghuang Bell fragments near the Imperial Dragon City.

“Then do you know the fragments’ exact locations?” Jiang Feng asked her anxiously.

Shen Luo shook her head and said, “No. Other than two of the fragments, all other fragments were moving. I cannot give you their exact location, only a rough estimation.”

‘Some fragments were moving? Don’t tell me that they have been picked up by players?’

As he thought of that, he then asked Shen Luo again, “Can you tell me where the two fragments that weren’t moving are?”

“One of them is behind you, at the Crouching Dragon Range. Its coordinates are 3552.9425. Another one is at the Dragon City Riverbed, its coordinates are 1423.4623.”

After Shen Luo had told him the coordinates, she then disappeared.

Because he asked about the coordinates for two objects, the Divine Fate Compass’s Treasure Hunt ability’s daily usage had decreased by 2. He could still use it once for the day.

After knowing the two Donghuang Bell Fragments’ location, he packed up the Divine Fate Compass and ran towards a mountain behind him.

“I never would have thought that one of the fragments never made it out of the Dragon City Riverbed. There will be plenty of players outside of the Imperial Dragon City, I should wait till nighttime. Now, I should search for the fragment in the Crouching Dragon Range,” he muttered to himself as he headed deeper into the Crouching Tiger Range quickly. Despite his failure at evolving, his movement speed had increased substantially. In the blink of an eye, his figure had disappeared into the Crouching Dragon Range’s outer forests.


The Crouching Dragon Range. Legend said that the mountain range was formed after the death of a Green Dragon.

The entire mountain range was about a thousand Chinese miles in length. It was windingly long with many slopes, and many different monsters of various levels spawn within.

As he moved, the coordinates on his map also changed. Following the changes on his map’s coordinate, he quickly reached the place where Shen Luo had told him about.

The current location that he was at the basin in the middle of the Crouching Tiger Range.

The weather in the basin was shadowy, and the scent of rot permeated the air. The dark wind blew, and the sounds of bones grinding together echoed through the entire basin.

This was the territory of the Level 20 monster Skeleton.

Skeleton: Level 20 Monster

Health Points: 20,000

Attack: 650-700

Defense: 300

While the Skeletons’ attributes were quite normal, and so was their movement speed, but their number was overwhelming.

Jiang Feng, who had run the way towards this place, had goosebumps sprang all over him as he looked at the green flames that were inside the Skeletons’ eye sockets.

“This place is so somber,” said Jiang Feng as he gulped. He then muttered under his breath, “What should I be afraid of? This is just a game! I should focus on finding the fragment!”

Saying that, he then headed towards the center of the basin.


He only walked a few steps, and all the Skeletons turned their heads towards him and then quickly pursued him.

Seeing around fifty to sixty Skeletons coming towards him, he was very surprised. He never thought that the monsters here would have such a wide aggro radius. He had all the monsters’ aggro by just coming close.

With that many Skeletons, he wouldn’t be able to kill all the Skeletons. So he had to give up on fighting with the Skeletons and searched the Donghuang Bell’s fragments in the basin.

“Why can’t I find it? Is it because my luck is not high enough, and the coordinates given aren’t accurate enough?” Jiang Feng began to doubt when he still hadn’t found the Donghuang Bell fragments after he had kited a large group of Skeletons running around the basin in one big circle.


Just when he was questioning himself, he saw a cave at a cliff far from where he was.

The entrance of the cave was around half a man wide, and its opening was rugged with many shattered rocks as if something struck on it and created the cave entrance.

‘Perhaps it was blasted open by the Donghuang Bell fragment when it fell here? I should go take a look!’

Jiang Feng looked at the cave entrance and decided to go in after giving it a thought.

His four dragon limbs grabbed onto the grounds and he quickly ran towards the cliff. The moment he was going to ram into the cliff, he jumped up and his dragon claws grabbed onto the cliff and climbed towards the cave.

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