MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter

Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Evolution Failed?

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Seeing that Jiang Feng had put away the Evolution Pill, the Flaming Tiger King and Blackwind King became anxious.

“Boss, can you give me that golden pill?” The Flaming Tiger King asked submissively as he looked at Jiang Feng.

“Don’t worry, Flaming Tiger. Since you have chosen to follow me, I will not sideline you. If I can make one Evolution Pill, then I can make another one. I won’t forget you in the future!” Jiang Feng said to the Flaming Tiger King as he used his strong paw to stroke his whisker and gave the greedy Blackwind Tiger a look.

The reason he said that was to make the Flaming Tiger King more loyal to him. Secondly, it was to find a way to recruit the Blackwind Tiger King.

The Blackwind Tiger King was two levels higher than the Flaming Tiger King, at Level 18. Its stats were only slightly lower than that of the Flaming Tiger King empowered by the fusion. If he could recruit it, it would be of great help.

After hearing Jiang Feng’s words, the Blackwind Tiger King did some calculations in his mind and his eyes beamed, then walked next to Jiang Feng. It then asked him kindly, without the pride in voice, “About that… You can really create the golden pills?”

Seeing the Blackwind Tiger King’s manner, he smiled and said to it, “As long as you submit to me, I will help you increase your strength as well.”

“Roar! Why do you want to help us increase our strength?” The Blackwind Tiger King asked.

“Simple because I want to create a kingdom that belongs to the Shifters. And at that time, you shall all become the highest amongst the Shifters! Even the Divine Beast White Tiger would be listening to your commands.”

Jiang Feng continued to charm the Blackwind Tiger King just as he did the Flaming Tiger King.

In this game, the kings of the territories all have their own intelligence and their own consciousness. And for a monster, what was the most important?

That would of course be power and status amongst monsters.

Jiang Feng’s words not only promised the Blackwind Tiger King power, but he also promised it status.

As the Blackwind Tiger King’s intelligence was limited, it excitedly replied, “Alright. If you would help me increase my power and make even the Divine Beast White Tiger listen to my commands, I will submit to you!”

“Don’t worry, I will fulfill my promises,” Hearing the Blackwind Tiger King’s agreement, Jiang Feng was thrilled.

‘Haha! My second follower! My group has just gotten stronger!’

From now on, I’ll call you Yanhu and Heifeng1!”

Then Jiang Feng said to Heifeng, “Heifeng, while you couldn’t control your minions to fight, but can you have them to not move? I will help you increase your power.”

“Of course,” Heifeng nodded and called a few Blackwind Tigers to come to Jiang Feng.

Seeing the Blackwind Tigers that heeded Heifeng’s calls, Jiang Feng thought to himself. ‘Looks like the king of a territory does have the ability to control his minions. But if they are not in their minions’ aggro radius, they would not be able to control them to fight.’

After he had recruited Heifeng, their speed in killing monsters became even faster.

He had also helped Heifeng to fuse with other Blackwind Tigers, increasing his strength that way.

When Heifeng’s Tiger race bloodline had reached 100%, only then did he stop helping Heifeng to fuse with others.

“Follow me!”

Seeing that both Yanhu and Heifeng have obtained 100% to their Tiger race bloodline, he called the two tigers to him. Then they headed towards an empty corner.

When he had reached a pile of rocks, he called Yanhu and Heifeng, “Guard over me. I am going to take the golden pill. When I obtain more golden pills in the future, I will give them to you. Let’s do this one by one.”

“Alright, boss!”

Both Yanhu and Heifeng nodded.

Since Jiang Feng was the boss and he knew how to create the Evolution Pills, it was only natural for the boss to take the first evolution pill and for them to queue up. So when they heard Jiang Feng’s words, they did not object.

After he took out the evolution pill, he threw it into his mouth under the passionate gaze of Yanhu and Heifeng.


The moment that the Evolution Pill entered his mouth, a burning fire enveloped him.

Ding! System Prompt: You currently possess the Canine race rank 3 bloodline, Tiger race rank 5 bloodline, a slither of Wolf race bloodline, and Dragon race rank 1 bloodline.

Canine Race: Bloodline Limit Rank 5 (Leader)

Tiger Race: Bloodline Limit Rank 18 (Divine Beast)

Wolf Race: Bloodline Limit Rank 16 (Spiritual Beast)

Dragon Race: Bloodline Limit Rank 20 (Sacred Beast)

“Hm? Aren’t monsters limited to grow to Rank 18 maximum? There’s a Rank 20? Sacred Beast? There were two more levels beyond Divine Beast?”

Jiang Feng was surprised after hearing the system’s voice.

After the surprise, he was enraptured.

The Dragon race bloodline could reach Rank 20, a being beyond the power of a Divine Beast. And that meant that as long as he continued to develop towards the Dragon race bloodline, it would be possible for him to become a being at the level of a Sacred Beast.

His excitement had dampened the pain that came from the evolution.

Ten minutes passed very quickly.

Ding! System prompt: Evolution failed, Dragon race bloodline purity at 10%.



‘What the heck?!’

This was the first time that Jiang Feng underwent a failed evolution. He was hoping that he could become a dragon, but he never thought that he would fail. He couldn’t accept it, and in his utter disappointment he even blurted out a curse in English.


The fire cocoon exploded despite his complete disappointment, and his figure began to reappear.


When Yanhu and Heifeng saw him come out of the flaming cocoon, they were both stunned at his form and kept on scanning him.

“What’s with the eyes?” Jiang Feng felt worse as he called Yanhu and Heifeng out coldly.

“Boss, your new look is so cool,” said Yanhu excitedly.

“That’s right! You look great!” Heifeng agreed.

‘My current look?’

After giving Yanhu and Heifeng another glance, he quickly opened his status panel and looked at his 3D image.

‘Um, what is this thing?’

Looking at his current form, he was left both speechless and helpless.

While there was no change to his general form as he was still a white tiger, his two little horns had grown longer and had even forked out like antlers. The greatest changes were on his limbs and tail.

His four tiger paws had become dragon claws, and his feet had grown dragon scales. His tail was no longer a tiger tail as well and had become the tail of a dragon. As the tails swiped left and right, the wind began to flow giving it a majestic aura.

To him, it looked grotesque. Not only was it not cool, he felt it looked terrible.

“Damn, I only evolved halfway! No wonder the evolution did not succeed!”

Looking at his current look, he finally realized why his evolution had failed.

His guess was that the Evolution Pill was too small and was not enough to support his evolution from a tiger into a dragon.

And then he remembered something and checked at his Dragon race bloodline.

Skywind Dragon Bloodline: Rank 1, Bloodline value 0%, Bloodline Purity 10%.

‘Bloodline purity?’

Perhaps the Skywind Dragons weren’t pure dragons. While the evolution had failed, his bloodline purity had increased.

‘If my guess is correct, I can only become a dragon when my bloodline purity reaches 100%!’

“Looked like monsters needed more than evolution pills to evolve. They needed a bloodline with high purity. Which means a pure bloodline!”

After understanding the reason why he had failed his evolution, his disappointment was all gone.

Since purity was a factor in a bloodline, that meant that even if the strength of the evolution pill was strong enough to make him into a dragon, he would not be able to become one anyway because of his impure bloodline. Failure was guaranteed.

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