MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Top Rank in Three Leaderboards

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Jiang Feng, the best player in the game!

The first player to have unlocked the Divines and Infernal Factions.

The first player to have reached Level 10.

The first player to have been announced by the servers twice.

Adding all three things together, it equated to “popularity.” It had become “reputation.”

That was the reason that so many companies wanted to have him join them.

These companies didn’t care if he was good. As long as he had the popularity and reputation, they would get him to join them by paying a high salary. Once he joined them, they would then advertise: “Jiang Feng is actually a super player that our company trained. If you want to become a super player, please join our company’s guild and join our company.”

With that, a lot of players in the game would join the company’s guild. What did it mean to have a lot of members? Popularity! Wealth and power!

And because of that many companies were anxious to have him join them on Weibo and the official message board. Even now many sought out information about him.

To summarize, these companies wanted to use his popularity and reputation. It was just like how media companies wanted to use internet personalities who became instant stars.

But this game had a connection with the nation’s government. Therefore, Jiang Feng was not just a mere internet celebrity.

Canaan Corporation only had about a dozen employees. And there was no point to compare the companies that had hundreds and thousands of employees.

Xue Li had also imagined herself recruiting Jiang Feng, but the moment she thought of the amount that the other companies were willing to pay, she could only shake her head helplessly.

She had already invested a large amount of money building the company. The remaining money was needed for building the guild. She had no extra money to pay for the services of an expert player.

But what she never would have imagined was that, the person that was considered to be the best in the game, the person that so many companies wanted to hire had actually filled in their employment application form. He didn’t even ask for anything extra. This made her surprised and suspicious despite her initial joy.

“Qianqian, Sis Li, why did you scream? Did I hear something about Jiang Feng? Do we have the chance to grab him now?”

Looking at Xue Li’s excited expression, a few of the staff that did not know what was happening turned and looked at Xue Li.

“Hehe,” Han Qianqian smiled proudly and said, “it’s not that we have a chance. It’s that he is now one of the members of Canaan!”


Those who were there all shouted out in surprise.

“Alright, stop bragging. Qianqian, go and look over the security footage from the internet café. See who was the one that had filled up this form. Everyone else should continue your work. I’ll go make a call!”

Xue Li gave Han Qianqian a stare, and then took Jiang Feng’s form out of the office and made a call.


Jiang Feng, who was already soundly asleep, was woken up by the ringing from his mobile phone.

He looked at the mobile sleepily, pressed the button, and hung up the call. He even switched off his phone!

All of it was done in one smooth motion.

To him, high-quality sleep helped with improving his mental acuity. He did not want to be disturbed.

The edge of Xue Li’s lips twitched. She had no words as she looked at the hung-up call.

She tried to make another call, but the opposite side had already switched off his phone.

She could only give up at contacting Jiang Feng and return to her office.


As soon as she had returned to her office, her mobile started ringing. She originally thought that it was Jiang Feng that called, and so she took her mobile out excitedly. Just as she was going to accept the call, her face turned red.

She gave it a thought, walked out of her office, and picked up the call.

“Lili, I saw that your company is still mass recruiting from internet cafes. Did you have some problems? My advice to you is to get married to me. Your bet is meaningless. Your company has just been created, you can’t win over my company.”

Xue Li hadn’t even spoken when a man unleashed a torrent of words that came from the other side.

Lili replied coldly, “Situ Hao, I won’t give you my hand in marriage. I won’t lose this bet!”

Situ Hao said, “Then we’ll see. Let me tell you something. My company has recruited a dozen elite gamers, and all of them are almost at Level 10. Even the current top player in the game, Jiang Feng, will be ours. Your company can’t win!”

‘Wanting to recruit Jiang Feng?

‘He is already our company’s employee, and yet you still want to recruit him? How ridiculous.’

“I heard that you’re quite the boaster, to boast about things like this.” Xue Li laughed coldly, “Before the victor between us is decided, don’t call me again. Disgusting!”

As she finished, she hung up her call and returned to her office to work.

After an hour, Han Qianqian who went to check on the recordings came back huffing and puffing. She said to Xue Li, “Sis Li, I’ve checked the security footage of the internet café that we went to this afternoon, but the camera can’t see the contents of the forms so we don’t know who Jiang Feng is.”

“I see, go and finish up your work then,” Xue Li frowned and nodded.

It was a bright day the next morning.

Jiang Feng woke up early. After washing up, ate his breakfast, and fed the animals, he then went to class.

Once he had reached the university, most of the students were discussing about Divine Dominion. From this, it would not be hard to imagine how popular the game was.

He sat on his seat and hit the books.

At this time, his former girlfriend Zhang Qian approached him and asked him with a serious tone. “Jiang Feng, are you playing Divine Dominion?”

“Jiang Feng?”

All the students have stopped the conversation and their sights fell on him.

“Damn, I forgot! Isn’t Jiang Feng from our class? Maybe Jiang Feng from the game is him?”

“I don’t think so. A good student like him won’t play games. I mean, can he even afford a terminal?”

“There are so many people with the same name and surname all around the world. He can’t be Jiang Feng from the game. If he is, I will eat shit!”

He raised his head and looked at Zhang Qian. Hearing the discussion around him, the corner of his lips curved up and turned the question back to her. “Do you think I can afford the terminal for Divine Dominion?”

His words had denied the possibility that he was the Jiang Feng from the game.

Hearing his words, Zhang Qian felt relieved as she immediately turned and left without giving him another look.

‘Ha. You don’t want me to be the Jiang Feng from the game? Are you scared that once I’ve outgrown you, you will regret your decision?’ Jiang Feng said to himself as he coldly looked at Zhang Qian’s figure, then continued to read his books.

There were only two compulsory classes in the morning. Once his classes had finished, he then returned home.

That was because, in one more hour, the game would finish updating.

Once he had reached home, he heated the meal from yesterday night’s takeaway. After having lunch, he cleaned up the animals again before going back to his room and entering the game.

Ding! Welcome back to the game, player “Jiang Feng.” Hope you will have a good time in the game.

There was darkness, and then there was light. He reappeared at where he went offline, at the Piebald Tiger’s dominion.

Ding! System Prompt: Congratulations. You are the First in the Level Leaderboard. Do you wish to hide your name?

Ding! System Prompt: Congratulations. Your equipment Black Silver Sword is the First in the Equipment Leaderboard. Do you wish to hide your name?

Ding! System Prompt: Congratulations. Your equipment Black Silver Sword is the First in the Popularity Leaderboard. Do you wish to hide your name?


‘Since I’m a monster. If I don’t transform, all that the game will show is the name of the monster. Considering that I have no fear of being recognized, why should I hide?’

What made him more surprising was that he had been named in three leaderboards, and were the number one in three leaderboards. This had boosted his ego.

As for the other two leaderboards, he couldn’t be up there even if he wanted to. The Beauty Leaderboard only wanted female players. As for the Pet Leaderboard, he was a monster himself so he wasn’t sure if he could even have a pet.

Ding! System Prompt: Congratulations. You have become the top player in three leaderboards. You will be awarded 3,000gp every week. Every month you will be awarded a Silver-White Equipment based on your current level. If your placement on the leaderboard goes down, your reward will be reduced. Please work hard to maintain your placement on the leaderboards.

“Ho. There’re rewards when you are on the leaderboard? If I can maintain being the top of the three leaderboards for one month, then I can get around 10,000gp in one month. Once the Exchange Services have been unlocked, 1gp equals 1 yuan. Then that is 10,000 yuan, and I can even have a piece of free White-Silver equipment. Looks like I have to find a way to maintain my current position!”

Once he heard the voice from the system, his eyes beamed with excitement.

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