MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: The Form that Makes One Excited

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Canaan Corporation welcomes all players to return home!


“The slogan is quite friendly.”


Looking at the slogan on the advertisement board, Jiang Feng tried to not make his smile that obvious.


He looked down and the ones that were written under it were the job openings for the game.


 Once the game had appeared, all the companies that entered the game had had new requirements.


For example, recruiting Profession Class Players, recruiting professional players, recruiting managers, recruiting combat commanders etcetera.


Canaan Corporation was also recruiting for these positions, and different careers had different base salaries.


For example, if you do not go to the company but login from home, then you would have a 500 base salary for simply checking in. If you complete missions given by the guild, you would be given some commission as well. Depending on the difficulty of the mission, the amount of commission would be different. Extra missions from the Guildmaster or management would be given a bonus.


“While the base salary was a bit low, if I finish a few missions I should be able to earn around ten thousand a month,” said Jiang Feng as he looked at the Canaan Corporation’s recruitment information, and he was quite happy with it.


Since this type of work where there was no limitation to one’s action and there was only a need to complete missions to earn some money was quite good.


For a moment, many people had begun to fill in the employee forms. Jiang Feng gave it a thought and had also filled in the employee form.


After filling it up, he went back to his original seat and started to read on the new content added after the update.


Divine Dominion Newest Contents: Eight Points

1. Three galaxies unlocked, these are Earth, the planet of Dragonquarry, and the planet of Silvermoon.

Earth is where the players are currently at, Silvermoon is a futuristic high-tech planet while Dragonquarry is a primordial chaotic planet.

Silvermoon planet is unlocked at Level 10, and each teleportation requires 10,000 GP. Dragonquarry is unlocked at Level 50, and each teleportation requires 50,000gp.

In this update, they had even published an image.


The image was a picture of space, and there were three planets in the middle. One of them was Earth, the other was Silvermoon that was shaped like a crescent moon, and the other was Dragonquarry which was several times larger than Earth and Silvermoon.


“Ho, this game really is great. To think that they can make it like this, making three giant maps.” Jiang Feng said shockingly,

“You can go over to Silvermoon when you are Level 10, but it requires 10,000 gold pieces for the teleportation. The Banking Exchange Service isn’t opened yet, so 10,000 gold pieces equal to 1 million yuan. I suppose no one would be going over at this time. As for Dragonquarry, you need to be at Level 50 before you can go over and the cost for teleporting over is so overly expensive. That’s fine, I should stay on Earth for the time being since it would be the same everywhere, just different visual effects.”


He shook his shoulder and continued to look at the second point.


2. Opening the Mobile Trading Hall and the renting and selling of shops in major cities

Under non-combat circumstances, players may buy items using the Trading Hall that players sell. They can also sell items using it. Once a trade is successful, 20% of taxes are applied.

 Shops in cities could be rented or be bought, there is no need to pay taxes.


“The Trading Hall is very practical, but the tax is higher. But if there is anything that I need, I can directly buy it even when I’m in the wilds. It’s more convenient. But there is no need to sell if you’re using the shops, so the items are cheaper.”


After he commented on the second thing that was updated, he looked at the third one.


3. Unlocking Guilds

When players reach Level 15, they can buy a Guild-Building Order to apply for a guild. When applying to build a guild, there need to be at least 100 players to respond before it can successfully build.


4. Unlocking Mercenaries

When players reach Level 15, they can apply at the Mercenary Guild to become mercenaries. They can accept missions from the mercenary guild, and their mercenary levels can be increased, and they can receive mercenary skills as appropriate.

 Mercenary Levels: Low Level, Middle Level, High Level, King Level, and Divine Level.


5. Unlocking Pets.

When players reach Level 15, they can automatically learn the “Capture” skill, and they can capture any monsters as Pets.

 Pet Levels: Rank 1 to 18. Spiritual Beast (Rank 16), Immortal Beast (Rank 17). and Divine Beast (Rank 18).


6. Unlocking the Five Major Leaderboards.

Level Leaderboard, Popularity Leaderboard, Beauty Leaderboard, Pet Leaderboard, and Equipment Leaderboard.


7. Unlocking the Divine and Infernal Factions

Players can join a faction once they have reached level 10. Remember, even if a player kills another player from the opposite faction, the killer’s name would become red. But they will also receive their faction’s Honor Points, and Honor Points can be used to exchange some items from the Honor Shop.


8. Unlocking travel

Those who choose to travel become travelers. Travelers are invulnerable, but they cannot join battles and experience the life of a Profession Player.


“Not bad, there are already so many ways to play the game during the first update. I look forward to it.”


Looking at the summary of the first update for Divine Dominion, he licked his lips and his eyes glinted with excitement and expectation.


He realized that he liked this game more and more. He liked it so much that he was getting addicted to it.


Even now, he had an impulse of wanting to return to the game. After all, the game’s experience was similar to the real world, the beautiful surroundings, and the battles that allowed him to quickly settle any vendettas or return any favors, they all captivated him.


“The last type of gameplay is very good. Once I’ve earned some money, I’ll buy Dad a terminal. He has never been anywhere. I could let him go there to admire the scenery and to let him relax.”


His father had worked so half for his entire life for him and had never been anywhere else. So, when he saw the last type of gameplay experience, he was so excited that he almost jumped up.


One had to know that the scenery in the game cannot be compared to the ones in the real world. It was a great place to nurture one’s mental health.


The more he thought about it, the faster he hoped that the game could quickly finish the update so that he could return to the game.


After sitting around the internet café for a while and seeing that the sky was darkening, he did not stay for long. He went to the university and cleaned the streets, then returned home.


Even though he was earning money and he could let his dad resign from this position that would earn him two thousand a month, but if he told his dad then his father would disagree. He needed to wait to earn some more money, to repay all his debts, and only then could he speak to him about it.


It was almost eight o’clock at night by the time he reached home. He ate some leftovers, washed up, then went to bed.



Canaan Corporation. All the staff members were working overtime so that they could assess all the employee forms.


They were assessed in name only, however. As what they were doing was to record their ID within the game and their levels, then add them as friends.


When it was time to build their guild, they would look for them to support their cause so that they could build the guild.


Han Qianqian was the person responsible for human resources. Because there were only a few of them, assessing these employees’ forms was her responsibility with a few other staff members supporting her.


After he had recorded about fifty to sixty people, Han Qianqian was frowning as she turned to look at Xue Li who was busy on her computer and said, “Sis Li, do we need all of them? These players average out to around Level 6, there isn’t even a Level 9. They’re too weak.”


“Yes, all of them. We need them to support our guild,” said Xue Li coldly.




Han Qianqian exercised her shoulders, then continued to use her computer to record the user IDs and levels on the forms.


“Jiang Feng, Level 10. Not bad, considered… What?! Jiang Feng! Level 10!”


She casually took a form and read it out as she recorded it. She was reading halfway when she suddenly realized what she was reading, screamed out, and stood up.


Everyone that was busy was shocked by her scream, even Xue Li was shaken up.


Xue Li frowned and asked, “What the hell were you screaming about?”


“Haha, it’s a good thing, a good thing…” Han Qianqian was so excited that she almost cried, and quickly took the form and put in front of Xue Li. “Sis Li, once you looked at this you’ll be surprised too!”


“You’re being absurd,” Xue Li rolled her eyes at Han Qianqian and took the form from her hand. She looked at it nonchalantly and said, “Isn’t this just a normal… what? Jiang Feng!”


Seeing that it was just a normal form, she was ready to throw it away until she saw the game ID and the level on the form. At this moment, she was excited!

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