MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Requiem Bell

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As he prayed, the indicator spun slower and slower. It finally stopped at the skill category.

The moment the indicator stopped spinning, the spinning wheel disappeared, and a golden chest appeared before Jiang Feng.

He opened the treasure box with great expectation, and a Skill Book appeared before him.

High-Speed Movement: High Tier Skill Tome

Increases movement speed by 300% within 5 seconds. Cooldown 5 minutes.

“While it’s not an offensive skill, at least with this skill it will be useful for escaping and rushes.”

Jiang Feng was slightly disappointed with the still, but it was alright.

He held the Skill Book in his hand and learned it.

After learning the skill, he took out another Evolution Pill.

That was correct. He was preparing to evolve a second time.

Holding the pill and smelling its herbal fragrance, he was subconsciously rejecting it.

The pain that was worse than death that he felt before this caused him to fear the Evolution Pill.

“I have to do this if I am to become stronger!”

After hesitating for a long time, his yearning for more power had overcome his reasoning, and he ate the Evolution Pill.

There were again two choices that appeared before him this time, and it was still between the Canine Race and the Tiger Race. He naturally chose the Tiger Race.


The moment he finished choosing, the painful burning sensation consumed him and his body began to change.

After he had screamed for ten minutes, silence came.

The flaming cocoon burst open, and Jiang Feng walked out of the ashes.

His current form had become one size bigger, and other than the word “king” on his forehead, his body was still as white as snow.

Character: Jiang Feng

Display Name: Level 8 Rank Four Piebald Tiger King

HP: 4000

Attack: 500

Defense: 280

Luck: 5

Charisma: 4

Insight: 11

Skills: The Art of Yin Yang Union of Joy, High-Speed Movement, Violent Grab, Bite

Equipment: None

Drop: 10 slots, 10-50 SP, Level 8 White Equipment, Level 8 Black-Iron Equipment, Level 8 Green-Bronze Equipment, Level 5 Black-Iron Equipment

His stats had greatly increased yet again. Looking at his attributes, he could be compared to a fully equipped Level-10 Player.

At this stage, the players’ levels were normally around seven and they had a lack of equipment. That means, no player from the Starter Village was his match if they fought him solo.

“Begin the lottery draw!”

After he finished evolving, he gained another chance for a lottery draw yet again. He opened the spinning wheel and began his second lottery draw.

This time, the indicator stopped at equipment. But this time it was a silver treasure chest.

Opening the treasure chest, a collar with a bell sat inside it.

Requiem Bell: White-Silver Equipment

HP +500

Attack +100

Defense +20

Equipment Prerequisites: Pet

Requiem: When activated, it will ring out a requiem. All enemies within 5 meters will be dazed. It has a duration of 3 seconds. Cooldown of 5 Minutes.

“Um… Is this custom made for me or what?”

Looking at this equipment, Jiang Feng was slightly stunned, his face was filled with helplessness.

This was obviously tempting to make him walk the path of a cat as far as possible…

Luckily, the equipment’s attributes were fine, so he could not help but equip it.

After he equipped the Requiem Bell, he walked a few steps. The bell only swayed, but remained silent.

Only when he used the skill will the Requiem Bell emit a captivating ringing of a bell. The few Piebald Tigers that were within the five-meter radius were instantly swaying, their eyes were without spirit.

“Battlefield control skill, not bad.”

Looking at the swaying Piebald Tigers, he was quite happy with the skill that was attached to this equipment.

“Time to go make lunch.”

Looking at the time, it was already afternoon around eleven o’clock. He exited the game.

After he exited the game, he removed the silver earring and placed it on the desk. He then walked outside of his room.

After only a few steps, he heard a commotion coming from outside.

“I don’t care if your son cannot go to university. Jiang Zhengde, let me get straight to the point. You better pay me back my money in three days or I will take the livestock that you raised as collateral.”

“Brother Tao, I beg you. Please give me a few more days. Where can I find that much money in just three days?”

At this time, Jiang Feng had already exited his room and came into the yard.

Inside, he could see an obese man wearing a necklace of thick golden chain yelling at his father pompously.

And Jiang Zhengde was bending his back, begging the obese man submissively.

The obese man’s name was Zheng Tao and had managed a few hotels in the slum district. He could be considered a rich man within the area, and whoever ran out of money, they would take a loan from him to solve their emergencies. However, the interest was far higher as well.

When he was going to university, he was too poor. The monthly payment from the government was not enough for their daily use, and this was before paying for the school fees.

His father borrowed 30,000 from Zheng Tao as he was out of options, so he could support Jiang Feng for his university studies. Now that four years had passed, he had been repaying the loan with whatever he could, but he had only almost finished paying the interest and he still owed Zheng Tao around 50,000.

His father had also been sick, he estimated that his family does not even have a thousand. They could not repay him!

“Fine, don’t say that I did not give you face. I will give you one week. If you still cannot repay me by then, do not blame me for what I am going to do!”

“Brother Tao… No, Big Brother Tao, I can’t get so much money even in one week, can you give me some more extension…”


Zheng Tao slapped Jiang Feng’s father’s face and sneered. “Damn. How dare you borrow money when you can’t pay any back. Let me be clear to you. I don’t care if you’re going to sell your kidney or your livestock. If I don’t see the money within one week, I will kill your son!”

“Big Brother Tao, I…”

“Alright. One week. I will give you back the money!” Seeing his father being hit, Jiang Feng rushed out angrily and said indignantly, “I will pay you back the money. But I will also repay you the slap that you have just given my father, and in manifolds!”

“Heh, fine. Pay me back the money first. As for whether you can slap me back, we will see if you have the ability to do that. Ptui…” Zheng Tao said to him coldly and spat on the ground before turning and leaving.

“Little Feng, you…” Seeing that Zheng Tao was going to leave, he became anxious.

“Don’t worry, Dad. I will find a way to pay him back the money!” Jiang Feng supported his father and said to him firmly.

“You… Ha…”

His father was going to say something, but seeing Jiang Feng’s firmness he could only heave a sigh and returned to his room while shaking his head.

“Don’t worry, Dad. I will definitely pay the money back. I won’t let you be submissive to anyone anymore!” Jiang Feng said as he looked at his father’s skinny figure, and his eyes were blurred.

After making lunch, his father was silent and unhappy. He ate very little. Jiang Feng did not have much appetite either. So, after having some porridge, he went back to his room and returned into the game.

Now, he wanted to earn some money urgently.

If he could not earn 50,000 in a week, he had no choice but to sell the game terminal and use that to repay the debt.

Ding! Welcome back to the game, player “Jiang Feng.” Hope you’ll have a good time in the game.

When he entered the game, he reappeared where he had exited the game.

“If I want money, then I need to get more pieces of equipment. And the fastest way to get pieces of equipment is… to kill players!”

He muttered to himself and zealousness sparked in his eyes. He marched out and left the Piebald Tigers’ territory.

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