MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Fusing with The Piebald Tiger King

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Jiang Feng’s current form was as large as a normal house cat. Its body was snow-white with no fur of a different color. Even the word “King” is not on the tiger’s forehead.

While he felt slightly helpless, he had accepted his current form.

Since when he transmutes more Evolution Pills or fuses later, his body would change so it was not possible for it to remain like this forever.

“Pfft~ Haha… Dog… No, Uncle Cat. Weren’t you a dog? Why did you become a cat?”

Even the Piebald Tiger King did not recognize that he was a tiger. Looking at Jiang Feng’s soft body, he found it to be extremely funny.

“There is nothing to laugh about!”

Jiang Feng stared at the Piebald Tiger King and scolded it.

“Alright, I will stop laughing. Since you have evolved successfully, can you give me the other golden pill then?” The Piebald Tiger King no longer laughed and looked at Jiang Feng with excitement.

Looking at the Piebald Tiger King’s excitement, Jiang Feng’s eyes rolled, and he smiled.

“I can give it to you. But before that, you have to help me do something!”

“You are not keeping your promise again?”

As it heard Jiang Feng’s words, the Piebald Tiger King’s face turned into a frown.

It was the king of the forest, but Jiang Feng had tricked it again and again. As a boss, it was angered.

“I did promise to give it to you, but I did not say it was without any condition,” Jiang Feng said fearlessly as he looked at the angry Piebald Tiger King.

It was very difficult to transmute Evolution Pills, and he was never going to give it to the Piebald Tiger King in the first place. Everything he did before this was so he could get some benefits from the Piebald Tiger King.

He originally wanted to subdue the Piebald Tiger King and wanted to use it to farm the other monsters. But looking at its facial expression, it would no longer be possible!

“You want to die!”

Hearing his words, the Piebald Tiger King then knew that he was no longer going to give it the Evolution Pill. This had enraged it greatly, and it came towards him with claws and teeth.

“You want to kill me? Then I will fuse with you so that I can increase my ranking.”

He was only a Rank One Piebald Tiger then. And if his theory was correct, the Piebald Tiger King should have reached Rank Five. Once he had fused with the Piebald Tiger King, his bloodline would become even purer and his rank would increase.

Even if he failed, all that would happen was that he would lose a level, but he wouldn’t devolve.

As the thought crossed his mind, he jumped high and pounced at the Piebald Tiger King.

“Transmute Monster, Transmute!”

The moment he touched the Piebald Tiger King, he used Transmute Monster. And then, a huge cauldron covered both and spun.

Ding! System Prompt: Transmute Monster Succeeded!

After a long while, it made him excited as he had exceeded!


The cauldron disappeared as he jumped out from within and roared into the sky.

He had become one size bigger than he originally was, and the word “King” had appeared on his forehead, but there were few changes otherwise.

Character: Jiang Feng

Display Name: Level 8 Rank Three Piebald Tiger King

HP: 3500

Attack: 400

Defense: 200

Luck: 5

Charisma: 4

Insight: 11

Skills: The Art of Yin Yang Union of Joy, Violent Grab, Bite

Equipment: None

Drop: 10 slots, 30-50 SP (Silver Pieces), Level 8 White Equipment, Level 5 Black-Iron Equipment, Level 8 Black-Iron Equipment, Level 8 Green-Bronze Equipment, Evolution Pill

“After fusing with the Piebald Tiger King, I have improved by two ranks and there is a great increase to my attributes. I have even got a Bite skill, and my Drop Panel has its slots increased from five to ten. Not bad!”

Jiang Feng looked at his stats after he fused with the Piebald Tiger King and nodded in satisfaction.

Other than the increase in his strength, he felt that some kind of connection had appeared in his mind. He could now communicate with the other Piebald Tigers.

He turned and looked at the few Piebald Tigers that were laying behind him, and he realized that the Piebald Tigers did not attack him when he was fusing with Piebald Tiger King. Instead, they looked at him in fear.

“Stand up!” He said coldly as he walked slowly towards the Piebald Tigers that were groveling on the ground.

As soon as he said it, the Piebald Tigers stood up in fear and without watching him directly.

‘Haha, looks like after I fused with the Piebald Tiger King, I have become the new Tiger King. While my title is not “Piebald Tiger King,” but I can still control them.’

He became very excited once he had the thought of controlling a hundred Piebald Tigers crossed his mind.

These were hundreds of minions. If he wanted, he could bring the hundreds of Piebald Tigers to the monster spawn points near the starter village and butcher them all. And his experience points would increase very rapidly.

“That’s right. Transmute Monster’s second ability did not say that I need to use myself to fuse with other monsters. It only said that it needed two monsters to fuse. Does that mean that I can fuse two different monsters?” When Jiang Feng remembered about Transmute Monster’s explanation, his eyes became bright.

“If it is possible, then I can create a new Piebald Tiger King. And then, all I need is to lead those few Piebald Tiger Kings, and they will be more effective than a group of normal Piebald Tigers.”

With that crossing his mind, he waited until Transmute Monster’s cooldown had expired. He walked towards two Piebald Tigers and used Transmute Monster.

A giant cauldron dropped on them and covered the two Piebald Tigers and they didn’t dare to resist under his intimidation.

Ding! System Prompt: Please choose the main monster and ingredient monster. If the transmutation succeeds, the main monster shall fuse with the ingredient monster and have its powers increased. If the transmutation fails, the main monster shall remain unchanged, but the ingredient monster will disappear.

Once he heard the system prompt, he was slightly distracted and then chose one of them as the main monster randomly.

Ding. System Prompt: Transmutation Succeeded.

“I did it!”

As the system’s voice drifted away, he looked at the only Piebald Tiger left on the field and its stats.

Elite Piebald Tiger: Level 10 Monster

HP: 5000

Attack: 350

Defense: 100

Skill: Tiger Pounce

Looking at the Piebald Tiger changed from a normal monster to an elite monster, it made him joyful.

‘Looks like my line of thought is correct. All I need is to keep fusing, and perhaps I can really create a Piebald Tiger King!’

The moment he thought about that, the image of him bringing a few hundred Piebald Tiger Kings conquering the world appeared in his mind. Even thinking about it made him feel good!

He shook his head, then thought to himself, ‘I can definitely create high-rank monsters. But not now. My power is too weak, and once the monster I have created is higher than mine, it could backlash on me.’

‘Nevermind, I’ll put this aside for now. I should draw a lottery now.”

He did not choose to continue to Transmute Monster and prepared himself for the lottery.

The Monster Transmutation System did mention that every time he evolved, he would be able to draw once from the lottery.

‘For my last draw I managed to get the Divine ranked skill The Art of Yin Yang Union of Joy and it is still unusable at this point in time. I wonder if I could draw something that is useful this time around.’

As he thought about this, he rubbed his two paws and entered the status window for the Monster Transmutation System and began for a lottery draw.

A spinning wheel appeared before his eyes, and the pointer began to turn quickly.

He lay on the ground and stared at the spinning wheel and prayed, ‘Divine Ranked Equipment, Divine Ranked Skill, or a Bloodline. Any five of them is fine, just give me something good!’

Other than his high attributes, the evolution pill, and a black-iron equipment on him, he had nothing else.

Once the players’ levels have increased, he would be in extreme danger. Since other than the basic increase to stats at a level up, players get 5 more free points. When their levels have increased and were fully equipped, they could win him easily.

That was why the things that he needed the most at this time were equipment, skills, and bloodlines.

Equipment could greatly increase his attributes. Skills increase his damage potential. A good bloodline will allow him to get more free points at level-ups.

“Please give me something that is useful!”

He put his two paws together, muttering at the spinning wheel.

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