Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 565: Pei Rong’s Pills

Chapter 565: Pei Rong’s Pills

Fang Chen did not extend his hand to take the bottle.

Pei Feng placed the bottle on the table and said, “Before my older brother left, he refined some pills for you.”

Pei Feng did not intend on giving Fang Chen the medicine in front of Huo Yao. However, Fang Chen’s attitude towards Huo Yao left a sour taste in his mouth.

Fang Chen sought treatment from the Pei family and even took the pills that Pei Rong had painstakingly refined. Even though Huo Yao came up with the diagnosis and prescription, those were the only two things she did after taking his pulse.

Moreover, she had collected consultation fees from Fang Chen without following up, so there was no reason why she was the only person he felt indebted to. Who did he think the Pei family was?

She could not steal the entire credit for curing him. After all, his older brother was about to become an advanced apothecary, so the value of his pills naturally rose with the tide. It was no exaggeration to call them priceless.

Fang Chen frowned slightly. Huo Yao had treated him, but Pei Feng had suddenly offered him medicine. Any way Fang Chen looked at it, Pei Feng was up to no good.

Fang Chen glanced at Old Mr. Pei. Wasn’t Old Mr. Pei very close to Huo Yao?

Was Pei Feng trying to make his father look bad?

Fang Chen turned him down tactfully. “I have no use for it now that Miss Huo is treating me.”

A look of disbelief emerged on Pei Feng’s face. It was completely unanticipated that Fang Chen would turn down Pei Rong’s medicine.

Pei Feng was stunned for two seconds before he composed himself and reminded him. “Mr. Fang, my brother specially made this medicine for you...”

Before Pei Feng finished his sentence, Old Mr. Pei stood up from his seat nearby. He scolded Pei Feng furiously. “Enough. What are you trying to do?”

Old Mr. Pei was so mad that he trembled with disappointment in his eyes.

He had arranged lunch today with the Pei family’s future progress in mind. More importantly, he wanted to make peace with Huo Yao.

Pei Feng’s disdain for Huo Yao time and time again certainly did not escape Old Mr. Pei’s eyes. Now that Huo Yao had managed to treat Fang Chen, he thought it would finally dawn on his son how narrow-minded he was.

Instead, Pei Feng failed to detect the problem and convinced Pei Rong to take his side and make things difficult for Huo Yao as well.

Fang Chen was cured by Huo Yao, but Old Mr. Pei’s son suddenly wanted to give him medicine. Old Mr. Pei glanced at Huo Yao. They had a rather pleasant lunch today, but just when things were winding down on a good note, Pei Feng ruined everything.

Old Mr. Pei already had high blood pressure to begin with, and now his head was buzzing badly.

He inhaled deeply and suppressed his surging blood. He said in a stern voice, “Put the meds away this instant. Stop embarrassing yourself.”

Pei Feng looked at his father sheepishly. Since his father looked genuinely angry and upset, he quickly closed his mouth even though he wanted to retort.

He reached his hand out to retrieve the medicine, but Huo Yao beat him to it.

Pei Feng frowned.

Huo Yao took the pill bottle, opened the cap, and took a whiff. Before long, she quickly put the cap back on. Despite her expressionless face, her eyes felt very cold.

Sure enough, it was concocted using the second prescription that she wrote for Fang Chen.

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