Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 564: Mark His Territory

Chapter 564: Mark His Territory

Fang Chen briefly paused as his eyes swept over Min Yu and nodded politely before he pulled out the empty seat next to Huo Yao and sat down. “Miss Huo.”

Min Yu stayed quiet and his expression froze for a second.

After Huo Yao was done eating the fruit, she turned sideways to look at Fang Chen. She wiped her hand with a napkin, and said, “Let me take your pulse.”

“Take your time.” Fang Chen smiled. All the usual severity on his face disappeared and he looked placid.

He rolled up his sleeves slightly to reveal his skinny wrist with all its veins clearly visible as he placed it on the table with his palm facing upwards.

Huo Yao placed her fingers on his wrist. She examined his pulse cautiously for a few seconds with the air of a doctor before she pulled her hand back and said unhurriedly, “You are recovering well. Take my prescription for one more week before you stop.”

Fang Chen nodded. “Got it. Thanks!”

During this time, he clearly felt a lot better. He was unsure whether his mind was playing tricks on him, but he did not feel as agitated as he did when he took Pei Rong’s pills.

“You’re welcome.” Huo Yao waved her hand graciously. Min Yu suddenly gave her a tissue.

Huo Yao turned to look at Min Yu quizzically.

Min Yu kept a straight face as he looked at Huo Yao somewhat nonchalantly and said calmly, “Wipe your hands.”

Huo Yao was clueless regarding his sudden behavior.

Min Yu stuffed the tissue into the hand which she took Fang Chen’s pulse with.

His cool fingertips brushed across the palm of Huo Yao’s hand. Even though it happened only for a brief moment, her hand could not help trembling.

She coughed and lowered her head to wipe her hands with the tissue without refusing him.

Min Yu’s lips curved upwards slightly. He leaned into the backrest lazily and extended his arm to place it against Huo Yao’s backrest in a casual move.

Even though he did not look at Fang Chen, it was clear that he was laying claim to Huo Yao.

It finally dawned on Fang Chen what Min Yu was trying to do as he watched them the entire time. Fang Chen’s expression froze.

All she did was take his pulse. Did Min Yu have to react so strongly?

Pei Feng had been listening to Huo Yao and Fang Chen’s conversation. Before Huo Yao arrived at the clubhouse, he had already taken Fang Chen’s pulse.

He was incapable of detecting anything amiss with Fang Chen’s pulse, from the day Fang Chen approached his family for treatment up till now.

If he had not witnessed the change in Fang Chen’s health firsthand, he would not have realized that Fang Chen was plagued with illness.

Even though he hated to admit that a young woman like Huo Yao was capable of having such high medical skills, Fang Chen had her to thank for saving him.

Pei Feng glanced at Huo Yao. He wondered how she detected Fang Chen’s illness by simply examining his pulse.

Despite his curiosity, he did not dare probe. After all, he was incapable of respecting her like an elder as his father did. He could not bring himself to mess up the hierarchy of seniority by calling her a master.

Pei Feng snapped out of his thoughts. He recalled a matter, so he got out of his chair, and went up to Fang Chen. He pulled out a bottle from his pocket and proceeded to deliberately hand Fang Chen the bottle right in front of Huo Yao.

Fang Chen was caught by surprise when he saw the bottle.

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