Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 5: A Chance For You To Return The Favor

Chapter 5: A Chance For You To Return The Favor

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Huo Yao gave her a soft smile. It was a rare occurence on her otherwise clouded face. She gently stroked her grandma’s white hair and lowered her voice as if she were calming a kid.

“The documents which I need to get a transfer to another school have come through. It is time for me to leave. Take care of yourself and remember to take your medicine on time. I will come and visit you when I am back in City S. Okay?”

Her tender touch moved Yang Qiuhua, rendering her speechless. After a moment, Yang Qiuhua grabbed Huo Yao’s hands and said, “Alright. I will do whatever you say.”

“Good.” Huo Yao nodded happily.

He Xiaoman, on the other hand, was not pleased to see this. Her mouth was dry and her tongue was scorched from talking to her mom but still, she had failed to persuade her to come back to the city with her. How come this wild kid could talk sense into her mother with such few words?

I really have underestimated how good this wild girl is, at lying and conning people!

Right then, the ambulance arrived.

Under He Xiaoman’s instructions, Yang Qiuhua was carried to the ambulance by the paramedics. Before they left for the hospital, He Xiaoman remembered to warn Huo Yao again against staying here any longer.

After He Xiaoman took off, Huo Yao went upstairs to her bedroom and dragged out her pre-packed suitcase from under the bed.

Even if He Xiaoman had not come here to make a scene, Huo Yao was already preparing to leave.

During the past few months since she changed to Huo Yao from Lu Yao, she had not gone back to the Huo Family. For one thing, she was worried about Yang Qiuhua. For another, she was in the second semester of her sophomore year in high school. She had reached an agreement with her biological parents that she would take a transfer after the semester to finish her senior year there.

Huo Yao took out a letter from the drawer of an aged desk. She stroked the corner of that piece of paper and stuffed it into her backpack.


Huo Yao dragged the suitcase downstairs, stepped outside, and closed the gate of the yard. Just as she did so, she heard someone honking. She looked up and cast her gaze on the black sedan that was parked not far from where she stood.

The logo of the car indicated that this was a Volkswagen. The shape of the car was smooth, managing to establish a strong presence while maintaining a low-profile.

Soon, someone got out of the car. It was a young man wearing a black peaked cap. After he got out, he leaned against the door and gazed at Huo Yao.

Huo Yao raised her eyebrows. A calmness came over her delicate face. She dragged her suitcase and walked towards that man. “Are you waiting here for me?” She grinned.

The young man crossed his arms in front of his chest, raised his exquisite chin, and sized Huo Yao from up to down. Eventually, his look landed on her suitcase and he laughed. “Have you been banished?”

Huo Yao looked askew at him. “A gentleman shall not eavesdrop.”

Min Yu chuckled. “Have you forgotten the fact that there is only half a fence separating your house from mine?”

“So, my dear neighbor boy, have you been waiting here to mock the person who saved your life?” Huo Yao put her arms in front of her chest and asked him with a spurious smile.

They had known each other for almost a year now. But Huo Yao had never asked him about his name and insisted on addressing him as the neighbor boy. In the beginning, this used to bug Min Yu but now he had become used to it. During this period, he also learned a thing or two about Huo Yao’s drama-like background.

“What is your plan now?” Min Yu raised his eyebrows.

His stunningly handsome features were hidden underneath his cap. His eyes were deep like the boundless sea, while the brightness in them was akin to a starry night.

He paused for a dramatic second and added. “Of course, if you cannot find any accomodation, I can take you in for now.”

Huo Yao stared at him and mused about his good looks secretly.

Then, she put her suitcase in front of him and said, “Okay! Here is a chance for you to return my past favors.”

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