Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 4: Falling

Chapter 4: Falling

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Huo Yao was worried. A few seconds later, she let go of her grandmother’s wrist. “Is your chest pain acting up again?” Her voice was hoarse with concern.

Yang Qiuhua forced a smile out of her pale lips. She took Huo Yao’s hands and shook her head. Then she spoke in a calming tone, “I am okay. It’s just an old illness which likes to act up. Don’t worry so much.”

He Xiaoman was frightened by the sudden change of events. As soon as she pulled herself together, she pushed Huo Yao’s hand away and shouted. “Mom, are you okay? How are you feeling? Should we get you to the hospital?”

Huo Yao frowned when her hand was pushed away. She looked at He Xiaoman for a second and then went back inside after shaking her head.

He Xiaoman took out her phone to call the ambulance. At the same time, she did not forget to snort, taking a dig at Huo Yao. “Mom, did you see that? That is the person that you raised. How can she go back inside as if nothing had happened. You are clearly unwell...”

He Xiaoman shook her head in disgust and began to dial the number.

Soon, Huo Yao came back with a cup in her hand.

He Xiaoman got off her phone, and turned around, only to see Huo Yao feeding something to her mother. He Xiaoman took the cup hurriedly from her and found that it was not purified water. She bellowed angrily at once.

“What is this that you are giving my mom?”

Huo Yao’s eyes were focussed on the cup that had been taken away from her hand. A chilly look arose in her eyes. Suddenly, her delicate face became expressionless and there was a dangerous aura coming off her body.

He Xiaoman had never seen Huo Yao like this. This unfamiliar feeling scared her. Unknowingly, she took a step backwards. “What... what are you trying to do?”

Her tone was evidently less harsh than before.

“Xiaoman, given me that cup. Yaoyao has got this medicine for me.” Yang Qiuhua had finally got the chance to catch her breath. While saying so, she reached out her hand to retrieve the cup from her daughter’s hand.

Upon hearing those words, He Xiaoman’s eyes opened wide. Instead of giving it back, she poured the remaining medicine on the ground. “She bought it for you? What kind of medicine can she, a country bumpkin, get for you? This is insane.”

Looking at the wasted medicine, Yang Qiuhua grimaced and tried to explain. “Yaoyao’s medicine...”

But in her usual fashion, He Xiaoman left no chance for her to finish her words. “Stop it. Can you just stop it? The ambulance is getting here soon. Let’s get you a full physical check-up while we are there. How can you take just any medicine? What if you have an adverse reaction to it?”

He Xiaoman shook her head and then glared at Huo Yao. “You, listen up. You gave my mom some random medicine. If something goes wrong, the entire Huo Family’s death will not be able to make up for it. Hurry up and leave from here. Do not stay here any longer. I will give you this chance on account of the fact that you used to be a part of my family once. ”

“Xiaoman, that is enough!” Yang Qiuhua was fully consumed with anxiety and anger. “Yaoyao, this is your family and your house. Don’t listen to her. Don’t leave...”

Huo Yao looked at the ground. Just now, Yang Qiuhua had finished over half of her medicine. Such being the case, Huo Yao was not in the mood to waste any more time on her ‘once upon a time’ mother.

She turned around and crouched down in front of Yang Qiuhua slowly. She looked at her with a calm expression and said, “You know what? You deserve to live a better life now.”

Yang Qiuhua was stunned into stillness. Her heart went into panic and her pale lips trembled before she could ask the question in a hoarse voice. “Yaoyao, did you hear what we discussed inside?”

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