Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 238: Huo Yao Makes A Move

Chapter 238: Huo Yao Makes A Move

Meng Ying’s phone rang.

She put down her pen and took out her phone. It was her cousin calling, so she quickly answered. “... Okay then. I’ll come down to fetch you.”

After Meng Ying hung up, she turned to look at Huo Yao. “Sister Big Shot, I have to go downstairs and bring my cousin up. Be back in a minute.”

Huo Yao’s eyes moved slightly at the perfectly timed coincidence. She nodded and said, “Sure.”

Meng Ying took her phone and walked out hurriedly. Huo Yao watched as Meng Ying’s silhouette disappeared through the lift doors. She got up and shut the hospital room’s door.

She walked up to the bed and took out the silver needles in her bag. First, she took out the longest needle and leaned forward. She applied it to a major acupuncture point at the top of Mr. Meng’s head.

In a blink of an eye, she applied acupuncture to a few other points on his head. Any Chinese medicine physician, well-versed in acupuncture points, would get a shock if he saw the spots where Huo Yao had placed the needles.

Since each needle was placed in tricky acupuncture points on Mr. Meng’s head, if she made the slightest mistake, his life would be at risk, and he might die on the spot.

Moreover, she looked as though she was applying the needles with very little care and resembled a rookie quack doctor.

Shortly after Huo Yao applied acupuncture to Mr. Meng’s head, the apparatus beside him indicated an increase in his brain activity. Huo Yao glanced at it calmly but ignored it.

She quickly took out two short silver needles and applied them to two acupuncture points on both sides of his wrist.

Suddenly Mr. Meng’s hand moved. Despite it being a miniscule movement, Huo Yao detected it.

Huo Yao kept an eye on the time and removed the needles two minutes later.

Meng Ying had already found her cousin and her folks and was on her way up with them. Before long, the lift arrived on the sixth floor.

Meng Ying led them to the hospital ward and reached out to open the door.

Huo Yao was sitting quietly in the chair when Meng Ying opened the door. Meng Ying introduced her to her relatives with a smile. “This is my classmate. She’s here to visit dad too.”

Her cousin’s eyes gleamed when she saw Huo Yao. Three words promptly popped up in her head – a pretty girl.

Huo Yao stood up with a smile. She nodded and greeted them politely.

She was gorgeous and courteous.

Huo Yao picked up her sling bag and said to Meng Ying, “I’m off.”

Meng Ying glanced at her relatives and did not attempt to hold Huo Yao back. She said, “Let me walk you out.”

Huo Yao nodded and did not turn down her offer. After they walked out of the door, she took out a bottle of medicine from her bag and handed it to Meng Ying. “Get your father to take one of these pills when he wakes up. He can take one every other day.”

Meng Ying was confused. Although she did not quite understand what Huo Yao was saying, she instinctively took the medicine bottle from her.

“Okay, I’m off. See you next week.” Huo Yao waved before she turned to leave.

Meng Ying gazed in the direction Huo Yao had left before she finally gathered her thoughts. She looked down at the porcelain bottle in her hand briefly before removing its lid.

It smelled like Chinese medicine.

Her cousin suddenly walked out of the hospital ward with a look of joy. “Ying, Uncle woke up.”

Meng Ying turned to look at her cousin with disbelief in her eyes. “Wh-what did you just say?”

“Your father regained consciousness!”

Meng Ying almost started crying. She hurriedly closed the medicine bottle and stuffed it into her pocket before she staggered back into the room.

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