Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 237: Don’t Disappoint Our Sister

Chapter 237: Don’t Disappoint Our Sister

Huo Xiang’s expression suddenly became solemn. “Brother Tingrui, I have a question.”

Huo Tingrui could not help becoming serious when he saw how grave was Huo Xiang’s expression. “What?”

Huo Xiang hesitated for a few seconds before asking him. “Did Brother Yanxi and Yao get into a fight?”

Since he was in despair because of his injuries, he had not been in the mood to come home after his little sister shifted here from the small town. Hence, only Huo Tingrui would know if there was a problem between them.

“Why are you asking this? Did Brother Yanxi come by?” asked Huo Tingrui instead.

Huo Xiang nodded. Then he told Huo Tingrui what happened earlier in the evening.

Huo Tingrui frowned when he heard this. “Why is Brother Yanxi still in contact with Lu Xia?”

Huo Yanxi was so stubborn. Had he learned nothing yet?

“Brother Yanxi and Yaoyao had a misunderstanding, so try to avoid getting her involved when you have to see him. She has just reunited with the family, so let’s not disappoint her,” said Huo Tingrui with a profound look in his eyes. His voice drifted into the distance.

Huo Xiang looked at him. His lips suddenly curved up. “Okay, Brother Tingrui.”

Huo Tingrui was the most sensitive and intelligent person in the family.


The next day.

After Huo Yao woke up, she took out the suitcase which she had brought along when she moved over. She took out a medicine bottle and an old looking metal box from it.

She touched the mechanical lock on the box, and the lid clicked open automatically.

Huo Yao removed some silver needles wrapped in sheepskin and checked them thoroughly before wrapping them back again. Then she placed the silver needles and the medicine in her school bag.

Huo Jinyan was the one to send her to school after breakfast.

After Huo Yao tactfully told Huo Jinyan that his new car was too flashy, he had no choice but to get the old Santana towed back from the scrapyard.

His brand new car lost favor after he drove it only for a day. It was relegated to the parking lot to collect dust.

Each time Huo Yao went to school, she would glance at the car quietly. Several times, she wanted to tell her old man to take better care of the car. After all, it was brand new!

But Huo Jinyan seemed as though he did not even want to see the car, so she stayed quiet.


Huo Yao told Meng Ying that she wanted to visit her father and the girls headed to the hospital straight after school.

Other than being unconscious, Mr. Meng’s physical stats had become stable after receiving treatment, so he was technically out of danger.

Mrs. Meng was delighted to see her daughter bring her dear friend back with her to the hospital. She was particularly warm to her. She poured water for Huo Yao and offered some fruit as well.

Since her daughter was here to take over, Mrs. Meng left the hospital before long and went home.

Meng Ying had a little brother who was still in primary school and needed his mother’s attention.

Only Huo Yao and Meng Ying were left in the room.

Huo Yao did not need to live on the campus. Since the Principal especially invited her to join the school and her grades were stable, she had put in a request to not attend the school’s evening self-study sessions.

Meng Ying had applied for time off from those evening self-study sessions to take care of her father at the hospital. However, she was a senior, so time was of the essence. She had an endless amount of revision to accomplish.

Before long, she took out a test paper and started working on it.

Huo Yao sat there with her hand on the armrest, thinking about how to give Mr. Meng the acupuncture treatment without drawing Meng Ying’s attention.

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