Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 1843 - 1843 A Familiar Pattern

1843 A Familiar Pattern

Prof Min did not want to continue talking to his stupid useless son, so he turned to leave.

The Archaeology Association had invited five people this time. Other than the two archaeology surveyors, the rest of them were highly experienced professors. When Yang Yi saw one of the team members, he felt a little surprised.

Before long, he composed himself and quietly followed behind Huo Yao.

“Who’s the girl?” When Prof Min got back to the team, the man whom Yang Yi was looking at asked him.

The man was in his fifties. Even though his clothes looked ordinary, his powerful aura could be faintly sensed.

Prof Min cleared his throat. He could only make an excuse. “My son’s girlfriend. She happens to be interested in this.”

Hearing this, the man raised his head and glanced at the young woman as she casually looked around at the stone walls around them. He narrowed his eyes without continuing with the subject.

After veering his eyes, he continued studying his notes.

Huo Yao was already done surveying all three walls and went back to stand beside Min Yu.

“Found it?” Even though Min Yu phrased it as a question, he sounded certain that she did.

Huo Yao tilted her head. “You…”

As she was about to speak, someone from the archaeological team suddenly shouted. “I found the mechanism.”

Huo Yao stopped mid-sentence after hearing the voice.

The man had already reached his hand out to press the same wall she had identified as a possible door. The moment he did, a loud rumble could be heard.

The stone wall gradually opened.

The archaeological team did not linger and stepped inside, carrying their equipment.

Huo Yao raised her brow and followed behind them. Just as she was about to enter, someone suddenly held her hand tightly.

Min Yu raised his head looking inside the open door. “It might get complicated inside. If something happens to my girlfriend, I will never hear the end of it from my mother.”

Huo Yao glanced at him expressionlessly.

What was the pin for then? Was it useless?

After entering through the entrance, a more spacious stone chamber was visible inside. It was slightly different from the chamber outside and a few engraved stone paintings could be seen on the walls.

Despite their age, the stone paintings looked extremely clear.

They did not spend a lot of time there. After going through several stone chambers and secret doors, the entourage arrived at the underground palace’s main entrance.

The space was no longer small and enclosed. Instead, the large underground palace entrance looked grand and imposing.

Huo Yao looked up at the underground palace entrance in the distance. The pattern engraved on the door seemed vaguely familiar.

She once accidentally entered the Shangguan clan’s secret chamber and saw similar patterns on its door.

It was not entirely the same, but they must be related in some way.

Huo Yao contemplated this discovery.

The archaeological team had already walked up in front of the door. They were discussing how to open the door which was at least 500 kilograms in weight.

Huo Yao did not step forward this time. If the archaeological team was unable to open the stone door, they could not call themselves a worthy archaeological team.

Her thoughts remained on the pattern on the stone door, so she took out her phone and randomly took a photo.

There was no signal in the underground palace, so she could only show it to Aunt Tong after she got out.

The man talking to Prof Min noticed Huo Yao’s actions, but he simply glanced mildly at her and continued talking to the person beside him.

Huo Yao was always sensitive to her surroundings, so she detected his glance. She narrowed her eyes and asked Min Yu beside her. “Who’s the guy beside Prof Min?”

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