Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 1842 - 1842 Your Daughter-In-Law Is Better Than Me

1842 Your Daughter-In-Law Is Better Than Me

Huo Yao and Min Yu arrived in Blaye a few hours later.

Perhaps owing to news of the treasure, the atmosphere in Blaye seemed terribly unusual.

Strong undercurrents could be sensed and the atmosphere felt intense even to the most obtuse person.

Number of people with access to enter the underground palace was limited. Otherwise, things would become chaotic.

“Boss, Miss Huo.” Zhuo Yun was dressed in movement-friendly clothes. He nodded. “Prof Min and the archaeological team have already entered the underground palace.”

“Uh huh.” Min Yu had a cool look on his face. He turned to retrieve a pin and pinned it on Huo Yao’s chest deftly.

Huo Yao lowered her eyes to glance at it. It was an exquisite gold pin.

“A communication device.” Min Yu put down his hands and explained casually.

Huo Yao raised her brow and praised him in all honesty. “Good taste.”

Min Yu smiled. He was wearing a pin of the same design. They stood together wearing similar dark clothes, so it seemed like they were wearing a couples’ outfits.

Zhu Yun and Yang Yi were both singles. They glanced at each other and quietly sighed inside.

No wonder the boss ordered new materials to be sent over.

Did he have to keep reminding them that he had a girlfriend?

Before long, they arrived at the underground palace entrance.

Officials were guarding the entrance. Zhuo Yun walked over and showed them a pass. The moment they glanced at it, they looked at them reverently.

The guards promptly let them go across without hesitation.

After entering, a winding passage that kept going underground could be seen. Lights hung from both sides of the walls. Even though there was light, it was impossible to see the end of the passage.

“The underground palace is very large with over a century in history. The archaeological site was left behind by some tribe leader…” Zhuo Yun gave a brief introduction as he walked ahead to show the way.

After walking for roughly 30 minutes, the winding passage was finally gone. Instead, a spacious stone chamber came into sight.

Inside the stone chamber, the archaeological team was having an intense debate, so they failed to notice when Zhuo Yun and Yang Yi entered the room.

Just blow up whatever they could. He was certain it would work on any kind of door.

“Nonsense. If you use explosives in the underground palace, everything will be destroyed.” An archaeological team professor looked at Zhuo Yun in disdain.

At this moment, the archaeological team consisting of eight to nine people finally noticed Huo Yao and the others entering.

Prof Min raised his head and saw Huo Yao standing beside his son. He was briefly stunned before he walked over and smiled at her.

Then, he stopped smiling and glared at his son. “Don’t you know this is a dangerous place? How could you bring a girl in here? If anything happens… you’re going to get it from your mother.”

Min Yu said nothing. He turned his head sideways and asked Huo Yao. “Can you find the entrance?”

Huo Yao looked around the stone chamber where no door could be seen. She pondered briefly. “Maybe. I can try.”

She had never mentioned ancient-style mechanisms to Min Yu in the past, but judging from the way she entered Mirage Base’s mountain gate effortlessly, anyone could guess she was good at it.

Huo Yao was completely unsurprised by Min Yu’s question.

When Prof Min overheard the conversation while standing beside them, he was shocked. He glanced at Huo Yao as she went about searching for special mechanisms. He turned to look at his son with a hesitant look on his face.

Min Yu remained relaxed and responded without the slightest shame. “Your daughter-in-law is better than me.”

Prof Min went speechless.

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