Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 16: What Kind Of Medicine?

Chapter 16: What Kind Of Medicine?

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Puzzled, Huo Yao stared at the expression on Song Ning’s face. The next instant, Huo Yao was enveloped into a warm hug.

“Oh my dear girl, you just called me mom. Finally!” Song Ning was so thrilled that she almost burst into tears.

Huo Yao, “...”

But this was not the main point!


Ten minutes later, Huo Yao had finished her shower and reached downstairs. She had put on a casual T-shirt and a pair of ripped jeans. The outfit was leisurely and simple, but she looked cool in it.

“My daughter is so pretty.” Song Ning put her hand under her chin and watched as Huo Yao came down the stairs. Huo Yao had not put on the clothes which she bought but that didn’t stop her from complimenting her daughter.

Huo Jinyan nodded in agreement. “She has inherited my perfect genes.”

Song Ning rolled her eyes at him. “Have you no shame? Your daughter takes after me and that is fairly obvious.”

“Right, right, my darling! Everything you say is right.” The hen-pecked husband gave up his stance at once.

Huo Yao had just reached the breakfast table and happened to hear every word of this conversation.

This public display of affection was not unpleasant to her ears.

Huo Yao sat down at the table. She had always been a quiet person, so during breakfast, she barely said anything. Even when Huo Jinyan and Song Ning said something to her, she would reply with monosyllabic words such as ‘oh’ or ‘hmm’.

But Huo Jinyan and Song Ning did not find their daughter arrogant or offending. They just felt guilty.

What kind of solitary life would their daughter must have gone through when she was a kid to become so unsociable and eccentric?

On the other hand, Huo Yao had no idea about what her parents were thinking. Although, she noticed that Song Ning would rub her temples every now and then. Suddenly, Huo Yao thought of something. She headed upstairs without a word and came down after a couple of minutes.

She gave Huo Jinyan and Song Ning a bottle each. These were the two little bottles which she had taken out from her suitcase earlier.

“These are for you.” Huo Yao said lightly, and her tone remained light as before.

Song Ning took the little jar from her daughter’s hand. She twisted the cap and peered inside.

Looking at the contents, she asked her daughter curiously. “What is this? This little bottle looks quite exquisite...”

As soon as the lid came off, a rich aroma distinctive to herbs, floated out of it. When the scent reached Song Ning’s nose, she felt refreshed and very comfortable.

She suffered from migraine, and ended up having severe headaches from time to time. However, no medicine could cure her predicament. She had woken up with a headache this morning but didn’t want to show discomfort in front of her daughter.

Inhaling this aroma, she felt that her migraine was gone all of a sudden, miraculously.

“Yaoyao, what is this?” Song Ning asked, gladly surprised. The more she smelt it, the stronger she felt the desire to stay infused in this aroma for the rest of her life.

Huo Yao could tell that Song Ning was much better than before.

She replied gently. “Some pellets made out of few herbs. Well... it is like incense that can help you calm down and relieve headaches. ”

Huo Yao added a bit more after a pause. “Put a pellet by your bed every night. It can improve your situation.”

Song Ning was stunned. “How did you know about my migraine?”

She was not the only one shocked. Huo Jinyan was also wearing a similar expression on his face.

“You rubbed your temple several times during breakfast.” Huo Yao did not say anything more than that one line.

Song Ning was still puzzled. She didn’t know that Huo Yao could be so thoughtful.


Huo Yao managed to figure out that she was suffering from migraines just because she rubbed her temples. Was that even possible?

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