Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss

Chapter 15: Rich Family?

Chapter 15: Rich Family?

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The next day, Huo Yao woke up early. Her biological clock was always spot on. She would get up every morning at 6, no matter what.

However, since she was in a new environment, she did indulge herself for a bit more and snoozed for a few minutes before she eventually crawled out of the bed. She dragged herself to the bathroom to freshen up. After she came out, she sat down on the ground with crossed legs and began to go through the contents of her suitcase.

She had not brought too many clothes with her, just two sets. The rest of the suitcase was full of unlabeled jars and bottles, along with two old-fashioned iron boxes.

Huo Yao only took out her clothes for now. On second thought, she picked out two of the bottles as well. Then, she zipped up her suitcase but did not use the coded lock.

She ran her eyes around the room until she found the closet. She got up and pulled the suitcase along.

When she opened the closet, she found it full of new clothes, which caught her unaware.

The clothes did not have tags on them, but she could tell that they were new and of high quality. As for the style, Huo Yao thought that they were okay. At the very least, the clothes were classier than this horrendously pink room.

She stuffed her suitcase into a corner of the closet and changed into her sportswear. She combed her long hair into a bun, and left the room.

Jogging in the morning was her habit, and she would not change her ways just because she had come to a different place.


By 8am, Song Ning had already set the table for breakfast. She looked at the staircase and then at her husband who was reading the newspaper in the living room.

She asked him. “Do you think we should wake up our daughter for breakfast?”

Huo Jinyan pushed his glasses up his nose bridge and replied. “She was really tired yesterday and went to sleep quite late. I say we don’t disturb her and let her sleep in.”

“Sure.” Song Ning nodded. She was about to say something else when she heard the doorbell ring.

Looking at the door, she murmured curiously. “Who would come so early in the morning?”

Huo Jinyan put down his newspaper. “Could it be the accountant?”

Song Ning threw a pitying glance at him. “Mister, today is the 20th. We have several more days before we need to go through our books.”

Huo Jinyan made an ‘oh’ sound and added after a moment. “Tell our accountant not to come here this month. Our daughter has just come back. I don’t want to spook her.”

Song Ning thought that her husband’s proposal made sense and nodded her head in agreement. “Sure. Now, let me see who is at the door.”

She opened the internal door and stood still for a couple of seconds when she saw that it was Huo Yao standing outside the main door. After Song Ning came back to her senses, she unlocked the security door and asked quickly. “Yaoyao, why are you outside?”

Huo Yao had just come back from her jogging. Her delicate face had turned rosy from the workout, and few hair strands were stuck on her cheek because of the sweat. She wiped off her sweat and replied. “I like exercising in the morning.”

That came as a surprise to Song Ning.

“Morning jogging is good, a good habit.” She nodded in approval.

But then she said something entirely different, “Girls can sleep in, though. It will be good for your skin.”

Huo Yao’s mouth twitched.

“I have made breakfast. Go up quickly, take a shower, and come down for breakfast.” Song Ning told Huo Yao as the latter stepped in through the door.


“And there are clothes in the closet. They are all new. See if you like them. If you don’t, I will get you another batch.”

Another batch?

Huo Yao paused in her steps. There was a complicated expression on her face. “Mom, has our family stumbled across some wealth overnight?”

Song Ning turned around to look at her.

The words, “or I can ask a few designers to come and tailor make some clothes for you,” remained stuck in her mouth.

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