Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 80

Chapter 80: Feng Mansion’s Qing Ge

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Upon hearing those words, Guan Xi Lin nodded his head and said: “That’s right, you must really watch her closely. Especially for all those lecherous men. Do not allow them to come close to Little Jiu.”

The more he thought about it, the more worried he became. “By right, I should go along with her.” But a pity, Little Jiu would not allow him to and moreover, he needed to stay at home to cultivate.

Leng Shuang saw the worried expression on his face and said: “Young Master, there is no need to worry. I will make sure I watch the Mistress very closely.” Upon saying that, she turned to Leng Hua and said a few more words to him before walking over to stand outside Feng Jiu’s door to wait for her to come out.

Not long after, Feng Jiu came out changed into a suit of red as she strode out, and went outside with Leng Shuang. They climbed onto the horse carriage and Feng Jiu said to the two people who had come see them off at the doors: “We’re leaving already! Go back inside!”

“Be careful on the roads.” Guan Xi Lin said.

Actually, from here to the Peach Blossom Monastery, it was only about four hours by horse carriage and he was acting like they were going far far away, constantly reminding them worriedly like an old mother hen.

Feng Jiu pulled down the drapes over the windows and Leng Shuang who was sitting on the outside asked the coachman to depart and they left on their way to the Peach Blossom Monastery.

– At that same moment, Feng Residence, Crescent Moon Court –

“Little Ge, are you ready? Yi Xuan has been waiting outside for half the day already.”

Dressed in black, the towering General Feng was pacing in circles outside, glancing intermittently at the tightly shut doors of the room. When he saw the room doors open, and his precious daughter coming out through them, he hurried himself over.

“What should your father do with you? Ever since Ruo Yun left, you don’t even want a maid to serve you, and insists on doing everything yourself. What has it come down to? You are the daughter of Feng Xiao and you do not have to do anything like this. The servants will take care of it all for you properly and as it should be. Listen to your father. Get a personal maid to serve you, if it really still doesn’t work out, your father, I will personally pick one from the Feng Household itself.”

Feng Qing Ge’s eyes were filled with mirth and her ravishly beautiful face was tinged with a playful pout as she grasped his hand in hers.

“Father, do not worry yourself on that. It’s just a small insignificant matter. I can do it myself. Moreover, I am the daughter of a gallant general. If I need others to help me with every single little thing, wouldn’t people criticise me for being overly weak and useless?”

When Feng Xiao heard that, his heavy brows immediately arched up and his fiery gaze glared while he said: “Who dares to say that! ? Whoever does that, I will definitely teach him a good lesson!”

His voice paused a moment before he continued: “Daughters are supposed to be brought up dainty. And, I have only just one precious daughter, if I do not dote on you or indulge you, who would I go dote in?”

“Alright, alright. We’ll discuss about this again. We should hurry to the front hall and not let Big Brother Murong wait for too long.” She pulled on Feng Xiao’s hand and dragged him towards the front hall.

“So you realise that you’ve kept him waiting? Then hurry get yourself a personal maid when you come back so she can help you with some things to save you lots of time.”

As he grumbled, although his voice was brash and his face stern, but his gaze looking at her was doting.

“Yes, yes, yes. I’ll listen to whatever you say. We’ll find one when I get back. We’ll find one.” She agreed hastily.

Feng Xiao finally nodded in satisfaction and revealed a smile: “That’s more like it.”

In the front hall, Murong Yi Xuan was in a little bit of a daze as he stared into the tea in the teacup he was holding up. Recently, his mind would often suddenly think of the girl dressed in red he saw in the Rock Forest Town.

For no other reason, but just because of that unexplainable sense of familiarity.

He had once suspected that Qing Ge had been switched out but things that only the two of them were supposed to know about, this Feng Qing Ge knew all about them.

Would that mean that he had been thinking too much on it all this time?

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