Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 79

Chapter 79: Peach Blossoms Blooms in March

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Feng Jiu laughed and said: “How will that happen? You know how well skilled Leng Shuang is. Moreover, do not forget that you want to defeat Guan Xi Ruan before the eyes of everyone in the Guan Family next month, so, shouldn’t you be spending more time on your cultivation?”

Feng Jiu paused a moment and then continued to say: “What’s more, I heard that the scenery at the Peach Blossom Monastery is excellent and I intend to stay there a few days before coming back!”

“Stay a few days?”

Guan Xi Lin was surprised a moment before he said: “But the Peach Blossom Monastery has never allowed anyone any overnight accommodations before!”

Feng Jiu laughed slyly. “They have never done that, but….. Look at what this is!” She pulled out something from the spatial space and waved it before Guan Xi Lin’s face.

Guan Xi Lin took it from her hand to peruse it and his eyes widened involuntarily as he exclaimed: “Land deed? The land deed for the Peach Blossom Monastery! ? How….. how did you manage to get that?”

“Last month, someone came to the black market asking to see me. I had initially not wanted to bother with it at first, but when I saw that the remuneration was the Peach Blossom Monastery, I accepted it. So, henceforth, the place now belongs entirely to us.”

She grinned and kept the land deed away as she said: “As I currently happen to have some time on my hands recently, I thought of going there to have a look. For one, I will be able to go and appreciate and enjoy the view of the flowers, on the other hand, I will also be able to go take a good look at the place. If I find the place to be suitable, I will just use it as a foothold spot for the Ghost Doctor.”

Guan Xi Lin’s eyes lit up and he said: “The peach blossoms stretch over a very large area at the Peach Blossom Monastery and the outer perimeter is filled with peach blossoms of various colours. But, even though its name is called the Peach Blossom Monastery, but in reality, it has nothing to do with monasteries in anyway. I have seen it from afar once before, and saw that the courtyards and pavilions within were highly elegant. And I have also heard that the peach blossoms in the places within the inner perimeter where people are not allowed to enter were transplanted from other places and they actually bloom all year round, and that they are more beautiful than anyone can imagine.”

Hearing that, Feng Jiu cast a knowing sideways glance teasingly at him and said: “My brother, you seem to know a lot about it!”

Guan Xi Lin scratched at his head and he laughed sheepishly as he said: “I went there with a few friends before and that was how I know all this.”

As he spoke, he saw Feng Jiu still staring at him with a wide smile and he waved his hand at her to say: “You guys just go! I won’t go with you guys this time. I’ll wait till the next trip.”

“Mmm. When we’ve gotten everything ready over there, it will still not be too late for you and Leng Hua to come over.” Feng Jiu nodded and glanced over at Leng Hua who was still practising his Tai Chi and she said: “Come over here.”

Leng Hua fell into the rest position and he breathed out lightly before he came running over.


Ever since he awoke, his health had been improving day by day. He, who had found it difficult to even walk a few steps before was now even able to learn Taichi from his Mistress.

Although, he had similarly thought that Tai Chi with its weak and feeble strokes wasn’t of much use, but as his Mistress had said that it was good for his health, he had carried on with his practice of it.

Looking at the youth who had put on a little weight over the past two months, Feng Jiu smiled and reminded him: “I will be going with your sister to the Peach Blossom Monastery. You stay behind and nurse yourself back to health. And, also watch over my brother, make sure that he does not goof off.”

Leng Hua glanced at Guan Xi Lin beside him and he nodded solemnly as he said: “Yes, I will watch the Young Master.”

“Why would I need him to watch me? It will be good enough if the kid can take care of himself.” Guan Xi Lin grumbled softly to himself.

Feng Jiu ignored him and went on to say: “One more thing. You must practise your Tai Chi every day and night.”

“I will.” Leng Hua agreed once more.

At that moment, Leng Shuang came in dressed in a fitting full black suit. When she saw all of them in the courtyard, she came over to Feng Jiu and said: “Mistress, the horse carriage is all ready.”

“Mmm. We’ll leave after I have a quick change of clothes.” Immediately upon saying that, Feng Jiu turned and walked off towards her room.

Leng Shuang turned to her younger brother after that and her gaze softened as she reminded him gently: “I am going out with the Mistress and you take good care of yourself here at home.”

Leng Hua nodded and he said worriedly as well: “Big Sister, protect the Mistress well, and do not let anyone bully her.”

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