Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 66

Chapter 66: Esteemed Status

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Sweeping her gaze over the two men, Feng Jiu then replied: “I have two more bottles of the medicine with me but I intend to sell them only through an auction, and, any information about me, must not be revealed in the very slightest.”

Hearing that there were two more bottles, Overseer Dong’s eyes lit up and he smiled widely to say: “Although we are operating a black market here, but without your honourable Sire’s consent, we will not leak out any details about our honourable Sire, so our honourable Sire can rest assured.”

Feng Jiu nodded and said: ” Additionally, I need you to help me find a few types of magical medicine.”

Her voice paused a moment before she continued: “And when you manage it, I will gift you with a bottle of Qi Gathering Dew as payment for the effort. Of course, the price of the magical medicine will be separate. I will not shortchange you.”

The two men’s eyes shone brightly as they quickly asked what kind of magical herbs she wanted them to find.

Finally, Feng Jiu asked for writing materials and she wrote down a list of magical herbs that she needed, handing the list over to them thereafter.

“Honourable Sire, when all the magical are gathered, how do we contact you?” Overseer Dong then asked.

Feng Jiu glanced at him and told him: “I will come back here again some days later, you don’t have to worry about that.” She brushed off her clothes with her hands and stood up, leaving two bottles of the medicine behind, as she began to stride outside.

“Honourable Sire, please hold your step a moment.” Overseer Dong called out once, hurrying to come stand beside the red robed man to hand him a black token. “This here is the black market’s black token, a sign of esteem, and I would like our Honourable Sire to accept it.”

Hearing that, Feng Jiu reached out her hand to take it and she kept it within her sleeve before she continued on her way out.

Seeing that, the two men scooped the bottles of medicine as they hurried to see the guest out. Once they got outside, they saw Overseer Zhu who was returning with a wide smile on his face.

“Greetings to our honourable Sire.” Overseer Zhu bowed hurriedly, his demeanor highly excited, and he looked like he wanted to say something but was stopped by a raised hand.

“All of you do not need to see me off, I’ll just tour around the place a little by myself.” She stopped them from sending her off and immediately widened her stride to walk away.

The three men saw the figure in red disappear around a corner before they retracted their gaze and indicated their intentions to each other before they all returned back to the private room.

“Quite a number of people have already tried to find out from me what was in the bottle?”

Overseer Zhu the said with a zealous expression on his face: “Although they did not say it clearly, but I am guessing they have guessed that it is medicine. Afterall, only a medicinal concoction can possibly give such astounding effects.”

“Do not reveal any details about the honourable Sire to anyone and just make the report to the higher ups in secret.” Overseer Dong said in a low voice.

“Do we need to send a few people on his tail?”


Overseer Dong shook his head. “We have no idea of the man’s depth but I know for sure that he is a man we cannot offend. If we send men to follow him, we might just incur his displeasure and we stand to lose everything.”

At that moment, Old Deng who had not said a single word all this while suddenly spoke: “The magical herbs state on this list would not be that easy to find I’m afraid.”

“Hmm? Why is that?” Overseer Dong turned to look at him. As he wasn’t to familiar with herbs, he didn’t know much about the uses of the magical herbs in that list as well.

“All these, are very rarely seen in our Sun Glory Country and we will have to source them from other countries.” Old Deng said looking at the other two men, his eyes betraying his high spirits. “I am certain, that the gentlemen is definitely a Medical Cultivator! Or, he could even possibly be an Alchemist looking into Pill Refinement!”


The two overseers exclaimed in shock: “Alchemist! ? That’s such a reverential status, is it even possible? Judging from his voice, he should still be very young, how could he possibly be a Alchemist?”

It was known that Alchemists enjoyed an existence riding right at the pinnacle of Medicinal Cultivators. Not to mention a lowly tiny nine grade country, even within a medium sixth grade country, it would be highly difficult to locate one.

And the person the three men were talking about, was at that moment standing right before the black market’s mercenary’s mission board, studying the various rewards and bounties offered. Her lips were curled up slightly, revealing a slight smile.

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