Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 65

Chapter 65: Incredulous

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A roar of disbelief erupted from the spectators in the entire battle arena, many of them shot up standing from the shock at what they saw, the incredulous swirl of mystical energy surrounding the girl was who had lost all her strength just a moment ago.

That highly visible waving swirl of mystical energy could not be faked!

The imposing aura emanating from the girl’s entire being was strongly felt!

But, just a moment ago, the girl not not even been able to stand back up and now, the mystical energy swirling around her was suddenly even more intense than before. If they had not seen it with their own eyes, they really wouldn’t be able to believe it…..

At that moment, in the battle arena itself, the girl’s eyes was filled with incredulous shock herself, and tinged with sparkling delight and jubilation.

She clenched her hands tightly into fists and when she felt the mystical energy imbued into them, she suddenly lifted her eyes to glare at the stunned big man who was her opponent and said: “The winner hasn’t been decided yet!” The moment her voice dropped, her body exploded into movement that was three times faster than her usual as she whirled in an attack led by her fists.

On her fists, the swirling mystical energy congealed, forming into air torrents that howled loudly. As the big man stared in disbelief, a punch struck him, sending him flying a distance of ten meters. That power and the viciousness of that attack caused a loud gasp to sound out among the shocked crowd of spectators.

The atmosphere over the arena tensed up and the high tension would be release them and after a momentary lapse of quiet, the thousands of spectators all stood up together, their applause thunderous, their cheers reverberating deafeningly…..

Compared to the reactions of the entire crowd, Overseer Zhu was even more excited. He glanced one brief moment onto the battle arena where the outcome was about to be decided before he quickly shuffled back the way he had come.

And throughout the arena, regardless whether it was the spectators on the first level or in the VIP rooms on the second level, everyone’s faces suddenly revealed a thoughtful expression on their faces when they saw Overseer Zhu leaving quickly, and they all immediately tried to summon an attendant to get them to inquire just what was in that bottle earlier.

In contrast to the bustle of excitement down below, Feng Jiu who was in the private room just above appeared extremely calm. That result had been within her expectation and she was not surprised in the least.

And with that young girl’s stubborn refusal to give up and strong urge to continue to fight, it would be strange indeed if she still lost after receiving the boost from the medicine.

And before Feng Jiu’s collected and composed demeanor, Old Deng and Overseer Dong were already red faced with suppressed excitement and their eyes sparkled and shone as they looked at Feng Jiu, looking like they had struck gold this time, just as ecstatic and excited.

“Honored Sire, may I ask how much more of that medicine do you have? And how would our honoured Sire like the trade with us to be like?”

When Overseer Dong managed to recover his senses, even his form of address had changed, and his manners had improved tremendously. It must be said that a medicine with such amazing effects would definitely stir up a huge uproar even if it had shown up in the black market within the Cloudy Moon City! Afterall, in a tiny ninth grade country like they were in, a medicine like this was something nobody would have seen before.

Possessing a dose of medicine like this was as good as having another life preserving talisman on the person and even if they came to encounter a strong enemy that they would not be able to defeat, they would still be able to use it to run away in escape. How could that possibly not appeal to people?

“Is this medicine concocted by our honoured Sire himself? Is our honoured Sire a Medical Cultivator?” Old Deng asked, his eyes sparkling with unabashed admiration as he stared at Feng Jiu, his gaze unwavering.

Hearing that, Feng Jiu looked in askance at Old Deng, her voice chill and languid: “It would seem that I do not have to tell you who I am, do I?”

Realizing that he had gone out of line, Old Deng hastily lowered his head in a bow. “I beg that our honoured Sire does not take offense. This old decrepit old man had gotten overly excited and have overstepped the boundaries.”

That’s right! Can anyone remain calm in this situation! ? The man before his eyes could very well be a Medical Cultivator! Everyone knew that the Sun Glory Country had never ever produced a Medical Cultivator before.

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