Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 1772 - Begging On His Knees

Chapter 1772: Begging On His Knees

When Feng Jiu heard this, she smiled evilly, an evil glint flashed across her eyes. She looked at him and stretched out her hand towards the lower half of his body: “You are being suffocated?” Saying that, her hand moved.


Xuanyuan Mo Ze stifled a noise as his whole body stiffened, until after his body trembled slightly did he then fall on his stomach a little helplessly: “Bad thing!”

Feng Jiu chuckled slyly and wickedly: ” It is said that if men aren’t bad, women don’t love them, and likewise, if women aren’t bad, men don’t love them either! Hahaha…” She turned and got out of bed. She wrapped the bath towel around her and went into the bathroom to wash herself once more and wiped the water off her body before she took out a clean set of clothes and put them on…


When Murong Yixuan’s voice drifted towards the bedroom once again, before he was able to finish calling her name, he saw Feng Jiu walking out in her red clothes. When he saw her face glowing with alluring redness, her eyes still filled with desire and her lips slightly tender and swollen, his eyes flickered. There was a faint tingling in his heart, a trace of loss and a trace of jealousy.

“What’s the matter?” She asked, her voice struggled to hide her desire. Maybe she had heard the alluring charm in her voice, hence she glanced at Murong Yixuan and coughed to clear her throat.

“Sorry to disturb you.” He said solemnly and walked up to her. He spoke in a dignified manner: “I have just received news by Thousand Miles Voice Transmission, my Master fell prey to a secret plot and has been poisoned with a highly toxic poison, his life is hanging on the line now. I would like to ask you if you would go back with me to save my Master’s life.”

Feng Jiu’s eyebrows raised when she heard this: “The upper reaches of the mainland? At the fastest, it would still take us at least ten days or so to reach the upper reaches of the mainland. If the poison in your Master is highly toxic, I’m afraid that I would be helpless by the time we get there. What’s more, there are many strong exponents in the upper reaches of the mainland, how can there be no doctors who can detoxify the poison? If there are none, I don’t see how I can help even if I were to go.”

Although she had intended on going to the upper reaches of the mainland, however going there in a rush without any preparation beforehand was not to her liking and didn’t suit her methods. What’s more, she wanted to go with Ah Ze, if she went first that would mean that she would leave Ah Ze behind and they would be separated once again.

Murong Yixuan smiled bitterly: “With my Master’s strength and cultivation, the person who could have injured him must definitely be an extraordinary person. Our sect has excellent doctors and alchemists, however, they are only able to suppress the poison in my Master’s body and are unable to detoxify it. My Master has fallen into a coma right now, and because of the critical nature of the situation, I am the only disciple under my Master right now. That’s why the sect has sent a message through the Thousand Miles of Voice Transmission to tell me to go back immediately to see my Master one last time.”

He looked at Feng Jiu deeply and knelt down on his knees: “Feng Jiu, I know that I am putting you in a difficult position, but my Master has been so kind to me and I owe him much gratitude, I can’t fight for the glimmer of hope when it’s right in front of me. Please come back with me to save him! As long as you are willing to come back with me to the sect, no matter what the outcome is, I will still be grateful to you!”

He knew that Feng Jiu would be able to cure the poison that others cannot detoxify! What’s rare is that she was right in front of him, as long as she agreed, his Master would be saved!

Feng Jiu was a little startled as she looked at Murong Yixuan who was knelt down in front of her. Back then he didn’t even beg her when she had wanted to kill his father. It seemed that his Master held a very important place in his heart, so much so that he would kneel down in front of her and beg.

She looked at him deeply and thought in her heart. After a long time, she asked: “Don’t tell me you have an Interspace Teleportation Device?”

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