Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 1771 - Body In Heat

Chapter 1771: Body In Heat

Just as the room was filled with heat and passion and they were in the midst of their throws of passion, Murong Yixuan anxiously walked towards the room in a hurry. However, before he was able to enter the bedroom, he was stopped by Shadow One who was standing guard outside.

“Young Master Murong, my Master and the Ghost Doctor are resting. Please come back tomorrow instead.”

Murong Yixuan looked at him and frowned slightly, then said: “I have an urgent matter I need to speak to Feng Jiu about.”

Shadow One remained still and repeated: “No matter how urgent the matter is, it can wait till tomorrow. They have already gone to bed and my Master has instructed that they are not to be disturbed under any circumstance.”

Upon hearing this, Murong Yixuan’s eyes moved slightly, as if he had thought of something. He looked into the palace and saw the lights were still on, so he said: “The matter is very urgent, there is no room for delay. If it wasn’t so important I wouldn’t have bothered her, go inside to relay a message to Feng Jiu and tell her that I must see her.”

Shadow One’s eyebrows wrinkled up when he heard this: “I’m sorry, my Master has left his orders, I dare not defy his orders.” What could be the urgency? No matter how urgent it was, it couldn’t have been more urgent that their consummation night. His Master had waited a very long time for this day to come, how could he allow anyone to ruin it?

Murong Yixuan’s face sank when he heard this: “If you don’t help me relay my message, then sorry for the offence!” As soon as he had spoken, the black-clothed bodyguard who always followed behind him suddenly shot out and attacked Shadow One who was in front of him.

Shadow One was slightly angered when he saw this and blocked the attack. The two of them ended up fighting outside the palace.

The noise alarmed Leng Shuang who was inside. She walked out of the bedroom and saw Murong Yixuan and asked coldly: “What do you want?”

“I have an urgent matter I need to see your Master about.” Murong Yixuan replied and looked away from her. His voice contained a powerful spiritual power and passed clearly into the palace.

“Feng Jiu, I have a most urgent matter I need your help with!”

Inside the palace, on the huge bed, the two people were panting slightly. Xuanyuan Mo Ze was just about to turn over to take charge when he heard Murong Yixuan’s voice drifting in from outside. His handsome face immediately turned dark.

“Ignore him!” He said, and leaned over to hold the soft waist in his arms.

Feng Jiu was also shocked when she heard Murong Yixuan’s voice, especially when she saw Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s dark face, her smile disappeared. It seemed to be that every time they wanted to be intimate, they were interrupted.

“Feng Jiu, I really do have a most urgent matter I need your help with! It’s a matter of life and death, please come out!” Murong Yixuan’s voice drifted in from outside. The voice also seemed to be getting closer to the two of them.

Upon hearing that, Feng Jiu paused and put her hands against Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s chest to stop him from moving: “I think I better go and take a look. Listen to his voice, I think that even if I don’t go out, he will force his way in.”

“He dares!”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze gritted his teeth, he was really furious and his expression was livid. Anyone would have been angry at having their intimate moment interrupted, especially at such a critical juncture. However, the good atmosphere was destroyed by Murong Yixuan.

“He is not an ignorant person, maybe it really is an urgent matter.” She patted his back lightly in an attempt to soothe his anger.

Xuanyuan Mo Ze glanced at her with his sullen face and said dully: “I am also anxious, my whole body is in heat. Are you trying to suffocate me? Don’t you think about your future happiness.”

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