Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 1595 - Old Master Tianji

Chapter 1595: Old Master Tianji

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“Feng Jiu, it’s been a long time.” Mo Chen looked at her with a gentle smile on his cultured and refined face.

“Yes, it’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other. How have you been? By the way, how did you know that we’ve arrived? Did you come out to greet us?” She smiled widely, her face brimmed with smiles.

“Well, my Master said that you’ve arrived and instructed me to come and take you up the mountain.” He smiled and nodded, then looked at Xuanyuan Mo Ze.

Xuanyuan Mo Ze glanced at him without speaking.

Feng Jiu was indifferent to his reaction but she was surprised when she heard Mo Chen’s words: “Your Master can really foretell the future! He even knows that we are coming? Does he know why I am here?”

Upon hearing this, he smiled lightly and said in a warm voice: “You must have a request!” Saying that, he gestured to them to follow him and said: “Come with me to meet my Master!” He then led the way.

They followed him and Feng Jiu spoke to Mo Chen along the way from time to time. With Mo Chen as their guide, they encountered no problems along the way to the top of the mountain. They walked leisurely all the way to the mountain peak and while they chatted, they didn’t find this part of the journey difficult at all.

While chatting, the group arrived at the top of the mountain and stopped. When Feng Jiu and the others saw the view from the top of the mountain, their eyes lit up.

The view really summed up the story that it was like a Spring wonderland all year round, it was a vast difference compared to the icy, snowy peaks below where no grass grew. The top of the mountain was almost flat and a boundary barrier separated it from the outside.

Inside the enchantment, hundreds of flowers bloomed and butterflies flew. There were even some small animals that scuttled around amongst the flowers and grass. Up on the plum tree, birds leaped across the branches and chirped nonstop. All this was just what they saw at first sight, it didn’t include the entire mountain top.

“Come in! The top of the mountain is huge, this is only one scenery.” Mo Chen opened the boundary barrier for them to enter and told them: “There is only my Master and myself on the mountain, make yourselves at home.”

“This place is incredible…” Feng Jiu exclaimed. She never expected there to be such a peculiar place in the world.

“Sky Mountain has many names, some call it the Snow Mountain, and some call it the Celestial Mountain.” Mo Chen said softly as he walked beside them.

Xuanyuan Mo Ze glanced around and asked: “Where is the Sky Mountain’s Snow Pool?” That was their main purpose they had come here for. After they had picked the Snow Lotus, they could leave and there was no need for the little white face.

When he heard Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s words, Mo Chen gave him a slightly surprised look. Then he looked at Feng Jiu and asked: “Are you here for the Snow Lotus in Sky Mountains’ Snow Pool?”

“That’s right.” Feng Jiu nodded: “And I need one that is three hundred years old.”

A revelation came to Mo Chen upon hearing this: “I see. I was just wondering earlier whether you needed to beg my Master for something, so it’s for this.” He smiled elegantly and said: “It’s not impossible to beg for medicine, but you should go and pay your respects to my Master first. He instructed that you had to go and see him as soon as you arrived at the top of the mountain.”

When he heard this, Xuanyuan Mo Ze frowned: “Then hurry up and lead the way.”

Mo Chen smiled disapprovingly and gestured to them: “This way please!” He then led them into the mountains.

Until they came to a place inside and stopped, where they saw an old man fishing by the Snow Pond…


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