Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

Chapter 1594 - Meeting Again At Sky Mountain

Chapter 1594: Meeting Again At Sky Mountain

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Upon hearing this, she smiled for the first time that night: “Ziying thanks Master for her name.”

“Change your clothes and come with me.” She gestured at her torn clothes.


She answered then removed her coat and took out a clean coat to change into. She went back into the carriage and cleaned the jade pillow before putting it away, then left with her Master in the dim light of the night.

About half a month later, Xuanyuan Mo Ze, Feng Jiu and the others arrived at Sky Mountain. Looking around, everywhere was covered in silver-coloured snow. All you could see was silver ice and snow, there wasn’t a green plant in sight.

Sky Mountain was also referred to as Snow Mountain. The air was bitterly cold in this place, but at the peak of the Sky Mountain, it was another world.

“Hoo, it’s so cold.” Feng Jiu exhaled and rubbed her hands.

“There is snow and ice here all year round, and the temperature is a lot colder than other places. If you feel cold, circulate your spiritual energy through your body.” As he spoke, he pulled her close to his side and wrapped her inside his cloak to keep her out of the cold.

Gray Wolf and Shadow One followed behind and couldn’t help but rub their hands together from time to time: “How can the Old Master Tianji get used to living in such a cold place?”

Shadow One glanced at Gray Wolf who was talking and said: “Have you forgotten that there is a boundary barrier? What kind of person is the Old Master Tianji? If he sets up a boundary barrier then naturally all the cold air would not affect him. Haven’t you heard, where the Old Master Tianji lives is like Spring all year round?”

“I think Mo Chen is here.”

Feng Jiu looked at the mountain road ahead of her and blurted it out all of a sudden even though she hadn’t seen him. Because of her sudden words, the face of the man beside her turned dark with jealousy.

“What’s so good about that little white face that you’d remember him?” He said in a strange voice, his eyes staring in front of him. On the snow covered mountain road, there seemed to be a figure walking towards them slowly.

When he took a closer look, he realised that it was the little white face he had just been talking about, the expression on his face became even more enraged.

“Little white face?” Feng Jiu was stunned. She looked at the angry man standing next to her dumbfoundedly and smiled: “You mean Mo Chen? Not possible! Mo Chen has an elegant temperament like a celestial being, he’s not a little white face.”

After she had spoken, she noticed that his eyes were staring straight ahead. Her eyes followed his gaze and when she saw the figure in white, her eyes lit up: “Mo Chen!” She shouted and waved at him.

Xuanyuan Mo Ze watched the woman beside him as she flew out like a butterfly and arrived in front of Mo Chen, smiling like a flower. It made him feel very uncomfortable.

Did this woman forget that he was her man? If she could behave like this in front of him, then wouldn’t something more happen if they were left alone….

When he thought of this, he strode forwards and came to Feng Jiu’s side and stretched his arm around her waist possessively, silently declaring ownership of her.

After witnessing this, Gray Wolf who was watching from behind couldn’t help but grinned: “Master’s temperament doesn’t match up to his aura. Jealousy is not a good look for him, it ruins his image.”

Shadow One at the side glanced at him and said: “When Master teaches you a lesson your image won’t be ruined.” Having spoken, he walked forwards and joined them.

“Hey, what do you mean by that? Do you think that Master doesn’t punish me enough? What a friend you are.” Gray Wolf said and also walked forward to join everyone.

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