Medical Princess

Chapter 42 - The Battle Between the Two Families

Chapter 42 The Battle Between the Two Families

“Miss, I just saw Madam coming back in a hurry with a few letters and went into Young Lady’s yard. She then called in an old woman who was in charge, who then came out with several letters in her hand. I don’t know if all those letters have anything to do with you!”

Qing Yue said with concern.

The reason why she hesitated was that she didn’t know if it was useful to her.

Qin Wanru thought about it for a moment. “Madam just left Young Lady’s yard in a hurry, then she came back with a few letters and asked the old woman to send the letters?”

Mrs. Qin still left Qin Yuru to write letters after something so serious happened to her, then the letters must be sent to the capital city for the medicine.

It was impossible for doctors of Jiangzhou to cure Qin Yuru’s hand since it was burned so badly. Then the letters were most likely to be sent to Duke Yong in the capital city for the medicine.

“You now go to find Nanny Yu, and ask her to find Brother Fengzi to get a letter.” There were many letters, it could be useful to get any one of them, whether it was written by Qin Yuru or Mrs. Qin, she might be able to find something useful.

“This··· If Madam knew about it···” Qing Yue worried and reminded Qin Wanru. Since they had asked Wang Feng to smash the bridal sedan chair, if Wang Feng stepped in again, Mrs. Qin would never let go of Nanny Yu and Wang Feng.

“Wang Feng doesn’t have to face directly to the old woman···” Qin Wanru smiled slightly and said with full confidence. She then whispered something to Qing Yue’s ear.

Qing Yue’s eyes went brighter after hearing it and kept nodding. Then she left Qin Wanru, who was holding her waist, and rushed back to the yard to find Nanny Yu.

Qin Wanru kept holding her waist, and staggered back to her yard.

When she returned to the gate of the yard, Qing Yue ran out again and tried to hold her hand after she saw her. When she was trying to talk, Qin Wanru looked at her with her watery eyes, Qing Yue then immediately shut her mouth and held Qin Wanru into the yard.

The servants and nannies saluted to Qin Wanru right after they saw her walked into the yard. Then they all looked at her into the room while holding her waist.

“What happened to the Second Miss?”

“Did she hurt her waist somewhere?

“Did the Second Miss just fight with someone?”

“Yes, Miss Qi is still in the house, did they fight again!”··· The servants and nannies in the yard all talked about it in groups. Though the voice was not loud, it still sounded harsh when mixed with laughters.

Qing Yue was going out to reprimand, but was stopped by Qin Wanru.

“Miss, look at these people, they don’t really treat you like their master!” Qing Yue sadi with anger. Her face went pale because of rage when seeing them gossiping and gloating about the master.

“Just let them talk!” Qin Wanru slightly smiled and sat in front of the dressing table.

Qing Yue rushed out and brought back a basin of water, helped her wash her face, and served her to change clothes. “Miss, do you want to see a doctor?”

“No, it’s much better now, it’s fine!” Qin Wan shook her head and reached out to touch her waist. It seemed to be really fine and she could barely feel hurt when touching it.

She didn’t know if she didn’t actually have the waist since she was young, or she just felt hurt because of the hit instead of really twisting it.

“Miss, you still need to go and see the doctor, it··· was uneasy!” Qing Yue said with concern.

“I’m fine.” Qin Wanru stood up and walked to the window, of which the sheer curtain was hung so it couldn’t been seen from outside, but people inside the room could see through. After such a long time, some servants and nannies still huddled together to gossip, laughters coming from somewhere of the yard and there were still many people gossiping together.

Especially a servant in the middle. She was quite excited about talking about it then, and now she still was.

It was a servant looked like at the age of thirteen or fourteen as tall as Qing Yue. But she dressed more colorful than her. She was much easier to be seen than others in the crowd from a distance.

“Miss, Qing Cui just came back. She stopped me and asked where were you when I went to find Nanny Yu just now.” Qing Yue suddenly explained when she saw that Qin Wanru was looking at the one who dressed brightly in the crowd.

Qing Cui was one of the leading servants of Qin Wanru. She said that something happened to her mother a few days ago, then she asked for leave and went to take care of her mother. But she was actually afraid that she might go to the Magistrate Qi’s family together with Qin Wanru when she married to them.

Qing Cui would not suffer it together since she knew that Qi Tianyu would make troubles on that day, because the only one she wanted to serve was Qin Yuru. But what was out of her expectation was that Qin Wanru was fine. Now everyone outside was talking about how shameless the Young Lady was that she could break up with the son of Magistrate Qi to win better life and got together with some rich man in the capital city.

Some people even indicated that the Young Lady had already cheated on the First Young Master of the Qi Family and got pregnant.

After hearing the information, Qing Cui packed her things and came back, and now was prying into what happened from people in the yard.

She was in the room when Qin Wanru came back and she specially slowed her pace when seeing Qin Wanru walked into the yard. She then came out and talked to other servants and nannies in the yard after Qin Wanru walked into the room.

Qin Wanru looked at her, who was so slim but revealed deep fierceness in her eyes. Qing Cui came back as soon as Qin Wanru was in trouble in last life, but she didn’t go to serve Qin Yuru, and stayed around Qin Wanru. From then on she had been setting her up in collusion with Mrs. Qin and beat Qing Yue to death in the wood house with other people.

It was so good to see her in this life.

In fact, Qing Cui had already been with Mrs. Qin and Qin Yuru, otherwise how could she know that her marriage was a disaster.

“Miss, do you want me to call her in to ask her?” Qing Yue said with a low voice after seeing that Qin Wanru had been quiet with a serious face.

“No!” Qin Wanru shook her head with her eyes fell on her gorgeous clothes and her lips slightly hooked, she then slowly turned around, “it’s not an urgent matter.”

How could she not worry about a servant? Her yard needed to be cleaned, otherwise people would not treat her like a real master. Since Qing Cui had made herself the first one, then just get rid of her like the lead.

The Young Lady of Magistrate Qi was beat by the one of Ningyuan Army General’s Mansion!

The news once again put Qin Yuru at the top of Jiangzhou Prefecture. It was said that Miss Qi’s face was swollen like a steamed bun and her clothes were not decently dressed when she came back.

The Young Lady of Ningyuan Army General’s Mansion was not only nasty, mean, but also arrogant, and didn’t committed to what she did, but also beat the sister of her ex-fiance like this. Woman like this could be sank into the pond. Not only that, she could be treated that way already. If she was not the daughter of Ningyuan Army General, being sank into the pond was a lesser punishment.

Another news followed by this was that the Second Miss of Qin’s family was not given birth by Mrs. Qin, thus what Mrs. Qin did to Qin Wanru in the past were all disclosed. Because the was not her biological mother, so she blame Qin Wanru for everything, as well as the marriage she was blamed for.

At the time, everyone in the Jiangzhou Prefecture was talking about the bad reputation of Mrs. Qin and Qin Yuru.

But then, another news came out. It was said that the news was coming from the doctor of the Young Lady of Qi’s family. He said that Miss Qi was lying, who was also a vicious woman, and poured the hot porridge on the face of the Young Lady of Qi’s family. She also was disrespectful to the seniors, and slapped Ningyuan Army General’s wife for twice, who couldn’t bear to fight with Qi Rongzhi.

When the news came out, the wife of Ningyuan Army General also invited some wives of local officials to come to the house to let them see the injured Qin Yuru. Compared with Qi Rongzhi’s face, Qin Yuru’s face and hands were seriously injured, especially the red and big blister on her hand, which shocked all the wives on the spot.

So after the rumors of talking about how mean the Young Lady of Qi’s family was, people started to talk about how arrogant Miss Qi was.

Although the Ningyuan Army General’s Mansion had broken the marriage with Magistrate Qi, but the young lady Qi Rongzhi who did not marry actually came to the door and created troubles. She also wanted to ruin Qin Yuru’s face, whose heart was really too vicious. Thus the family that wanted to marry Qi Rongzhi immediately cancelled their plan.

If any family married Qi Rongzhi as the daughter-in-law, the family must be in a chaos, who would dare to marry a vicious woman like this!

As soon as the news came out, everyone knew that Magistrate Qi and Ningyuan Army General could no longer be as harmonious as ever, even if they tried to be nice to each other in front of other people.

Hearing that Qin Yuru made troubles again, Qin Huaiyong hurriedly went to Mrs. Qin’s yard, and gave her a harsh slap on her face. He then went to the study room with anger and didn’t even give a look at Qin Yuru’s place at all.

When hearing this news, Qin Wanru was opening the letter, which was found by Wang Feng.

The old woman in charge took the letter and asked someone to send it to Duke Yong in the capital city. During which, he found the person who delivered the letter.

The man happened to be very familiar with Wang Feng. They also usually worked together. The old woman came to leave the letter and left, and the delivery man went to feed the horse to get on the road. Wang Feng called several people to help him sort out the things on the road, and easily took away one of the letters.

Now this letter was in the hands of Qin Wanru. It was so coincident that the letter was written by Qin Yuru to the son of Duke Yong Di Yan in the capital city.

She not only expressed her thoughts on Di Yan, but also blamed Qin Wanru for everything happened in Jiangzhou. She said that Qin Wanru and Qi Tianyu had a private feeling, and hid away from her, but fortunately, it was found by a servant of Qin Wanru, Qing Yue.

She said that her parents were going to set the arrangement for Qi Tianyu and Qin Wanru, who happened to have secret affairs with the second son of Magistrate Qi. Since Magistrate Qi was very angry about it, so he didn’t agree to the marriage.

She also talked about that the sister of Qi Tianyu, Qi Rongzhi, poured a bowl of hot porriage to her face and hand since she didn’t know what happened and thought that it was Qin Yuru who was picking up troubles. And now her hand was burned···

Whatever it was, they just talked the white into the black.

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