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Chapter 41 - Qin Wanru, You Are Dead!

Chapter 41 Qin Wanru, You Are Dead!

The body falling involuntarily to the side, Qin Wanru then closed her eyes and was ready to withstand the pain. It was out of expectation that there was no sharp pain, but just a tremble. She felt something under her body was a bit soft, not like hard ground.

She reached out unbelievably and touched it, and found it to be warm.

“Qin Wanru··· you are dead!” The voice came from under Qin Wanru, thus she suddenly opened her eyes, which looked straightly to another ones with rage. She was familiar with them.

Qi Wanru glanced and saw the faint blood on the corner of the thin lips, it was Chu Liuchen, why was he here?

She couldn’t think of too much and got up suddenly after pushed him on his body subconsciously.

“Qin Wanru, do you want to··· die!” Chu Liuchen snorted, since he was pressed to the ground again when he was about to get up.

Qin Wanru was scared by his voice which was full of anger, thus she loosened her hand and fell on him again. They looked at each other’s eyes, when Qin Wanru saw his beautiful eyes and every single long and curling eyelash was also clear to be seen.

“Childe!” Someone screamed, which scared Qin Wanru to tremble, and then someone dragging her hand pulled her back. Xiao Xuanzi came up quickly and pulled Qin Wanru away from Chu Liuchen, and carefully helped him to sit up. His face went even paler because of shock than Chu Liuchen.

“Childe, childe, you have to be good, you··· have to be good!” Xiao Xuanzi sweated on his forehead because of panic. He was screaming while gently patted on Chu Liuchen’s back.

Qin Wanru didn’t know how he felt by looking at Chu Liuchen’s appearance. He sat on the ground and bowed his head. She couldn’t see his face from her point of view, but Qin Wanru was also panicked when she saw him didn’t move, thus she directly knelt beside him and reached out to help Xiao Xuanzi pat him on the back.

“Ch···childe, are you okay?”

Qin Wanru looked at his hand on his knees and found that he was holding his fist with force. Fearing that he might hurt his hand, Qin Wan suddenly reached out to his fist, which was not very tight, and she actually loosened it. Her hand squeezed in and held his hand tightly.

Although his hand was big, it was cold. She tried to hold his hand by hers and warm his palm.

“Childe, it’s fine, it’s fine, it’s nothing!” Qin Wanru had no idea if she was comforting Chu Liuchen or herself.

She tried so hard to warm Chu Liuchen’s hand, thus she lowered her hand and reached out with the other hand to warm his hand.

Chu Liuchen had already recovered from the sick. Then he slightly lifted his head, with his long eyelashed fanned, looking at Qin Wanru’s pale face.

Her face was a bit round, which did not match with her slim body and looked mellower than her body, like a child. Her skin was white and tender like snow, which made her lips redder that looked like blood. Her big eyes were so dark that made people shiver.

Her eyebrows were also exquisite and beautiful.

This view of her looked very beautiful, which also revealed slight charm. Although she looked like a child anyway in his eyes, she was quite lovable when the slight charm was mixed with her childishness, and made her a porcelain doll.

He then looked at her tinny pale hand, which was holding his hand. The slender hand was so fragile that it could almost be broken. The temperature of her hand was actually not high, and it was not warm at all, but she was desperate to warm his hand, in a slight way.

“Okay, I am fine!” Chu Liuchen said impatiently, and pulled his hand out of Qin Wanru’s. He got up slowly with the help of Xiao Xuanzi, and deeply coughed.

“Tell me, what will you do here on this secret meeting at this time?” Chu Liuchen looked down at Qin Wanru, who was still sitting on the ground, and said with a cold voice.

“I··· I’m not having a secret meeting, I just have something about Qi Rongzhi to talk to Brother Bai Yu!” Qin Wanru reached out to wipe the sweat on her forehead, and got up by holding her waist after he saw that Chu Liuchen was fine. Although he fell under her like a cushion, she still felt that her waist was twisted, and it hurt a little.

“Are you very familiar with him?” Chu Liuchen suddenly smiled, and his voice went lazy and gentle.

“It’s fine, Brother Bai Yu is very good, he usually takes care of me most!” Qin Wanru secretly complained, since she did not know how she messed with the Prince Chen.

“He is so good that he has to take care of you at the backyard, Qin Wanru, men and women can’t eat together after they turned eight years old, you don’t need me to teach you this, right?” Chu Liuchen raised his lips and smiled, which revealed slight coldness and stateliness that couldn’t be ignored.

“Brother Bai Yu is not someone else; we knew each other before we were eight years old!” Qin Wan explained while biting her lips.

“So you mean that I’m being nosy?” Chu Liuchen still said it with smile and the corner of his eyes were slightly raised. He then slowly took out a piece of handkerchief from his chest and wiped the dark red on his lips. His smile was so cold that it could even poke into her bones.

Qin Wanru almost knew that if she answered yes, she was afraid that he would not let her go through the door easily. Thus, she hurriedly shook her head after seeing his wiping and said in a very decisive way, “I was lucky enough to be saved by childe, otherwise it would be me to fall to the ground!”

“Do you really think so?” Chu Liuchen asked indifferently with his long eyelashes hung down. He spread out the handkerchief in his hand and looked at the blood on it, then walked slowly in front of Qin Wanru by pushing Xiao Xuanzi away. He showed the handkerchief to her, and then lifted his head up with a pair of pretty eyes faintly looking at Qin Wanru.

“Yes, I··· do think so,” Qin Wanru stuttered, but immediately saluted to Chu Liuchen, “thank childe for saving me.”

“For saving your life!” Chu Liuchen said with a deep voice.

“Ahh!” Qin Wanru raised her head with shock.

“For saving your life, are you sure that you will not fall to death from such a high place?” Chu Liuchen lifted his chin slightly, indicating her to look up.

Qin Wanru followed his sight and looked at the high wall, and she looked at the two boxes flipped over on the side and pouted. She nodded her head reluctantly. “Yes, thank you for saving my life!”

She knew it was possible for her to hurt her foot or even waist, but speaking of losing her life, Qin Wanru was absolutely not convinced.

However, under such a burning gaze of the childe, Qin Wanru knew clearly that if she did not say something conformed to what he meant, he would certainly find troubles for her, and it was so obvious by looking at the handkerchief spread in front of herself, the blood on which seemed to condemn Qin Wanru.

“You have to remember that I’ve saved your life, it’s not easy to repay the favor of mine!” Chu Liuchen looked at her, and suddenly laughed.

“Whatever you say, I’ll definitely do anything for you as long as I can!” Qin Wanru bit her teeth.

“That’s good!” Chu Liuchen deeply coughed twice, and was going to turn around and leave by holding Xiao Xuanzi’s hand. He then suddenly turned back and pointed with his finger at the high wall. “Qin Wanru, don’t do it again.”

“Yes, please be assured, I promise I won’t do it again!” Qin Wanru immediately assured since the childe was too difficult to deal with. If she did not act as what he meant, he would not let her go easily. However, Qin Wanru was truly afraid that something happened to him by seeing that he was so injured that he even spitted blood.

The childe was much weaker than other people were, and she could not take the responsibility if something really happened to him.

“Come here, take it and wash!” Chu Liuchen reached out with the handkerchief on his palm.

“Yes, I’ll wash it right away!” Qin Wanru hurriedly rushed to him and took the handkerchief from his hand as if she was taking the blame.

“What’s wrong with you?” Chu Liuchen said while looked at her hand on the waist.

“Twisted··· twisted my waist!” Qin Wanru blinked and said pitifully.

“Do you even have waist? Does a child have the waist? Muffin-top?” Chu Liuchen tilted his head to look at her body and smiled in a mean manner, which made him looked like that he was in a good mood.

Qin Wanru pouted and decided to stop mess with him, since he was hurt to spit blook just now, so it was okay for him to feel happy now, though what he said made people feel uncomfortable.

“Remember to wash clean of my handkerchief!” Chu Liuchen smiled and stopped making troubles for her. He then turned around with the help of Xiao Xuanzi, reached out to touch the corner of his mouth, and spitted. He just bit the tip of his tongue, which almost made him cry with tears. Though the young lady looked so thin, she was heavy when she fell off, and his tongue was still in burning pain.

Qing Yue met Qin Wanru halfway, who walked here while holding her waist. Qing Yue rushed to her. “Miss, what happened to you? You were just fine when I left, how do you end up like this after such a short time?”

Qin Wanru asked Qing Yue to stay outside Qin Yuru’s yard.

“I accidentally fell!” Qin Wanru touched her waist and said with a little sad face.

“Where did you fall, how can you be so careless!” Qing Yue asked urgently since she knew that she was injured badly by looking at her. She then saw the handkerchief with blood on Qin Wanru’s hand, and her face changed, “Miss, where··· where did you injure, and you are bleeding!”

“I’m fine, the handkerchief is not mine!” Qin Wanru knew that Qing Yue misunderstood the thing when she saw that Qing Yue noticed the handkerchief on her hand, but she felt inexplicably guilty, was Chu Liuchen okay? His body was too weak to suffer it.

“Whose is it? Why is it here on your hand?” Qing Yue asked urgently.

“I’m fine, let’s talk after we get back, how’s it going on my sister?” Qin Wanru shook her head and basically leaned on Qing Yue. Since Qing Yue was two years older than she was and much taller than her, she felt nothing stressful when holding her.

“Miss, I just found out something, but···” Qing Yue hesitated when hearing what Qin Wanru just asked.

“What, tell me!” Qin Wanru said.

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