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Chapter 798 - Fang Qiu Is Too Arrogant!

Chapter 798 Fang Qiu Is Too Arrogant!

Hearing Xu Miaolin’s explanation, Chu Yunyun was stunned at first and then asked suspiciously, “Oh? Do you think the purpose of his doing this is to protect Miaoyu?”

Xu Miaolin immediately nodded and said, “That’s right. I don’t even need to think about it. This is definitely his motive. But saving lives is also one of his main purposes!”

“Think about it carefully.”

“With this document, it means that they have the official protection of the country. Who would dare to lay a finger on Jiang Miaoyu? This is simply asking for a guarantee for Jiang Miaoyu’s safety!”

Xu Miaolin couldn’t help but shake his head. He sighed and said with emotion, “Alas, I didn’t expect my student to be infatuated like me!”

Chu Yunyun immediately rolled her eyes at him and said in displeasure, “Your student is much better than you. What did you do back then? Look at what your student is doing now. Back then, you only knew how to run away. Look at your student. In order to protect his girlfriend, he even made a promise that he will cure malaria in one year. He really went all out. I hope that Miaoyu will understand what Fang Qi’s motive is.”

Meanwhile, Chu Yunyun also thought to herself, “Once she understands it, the little worry in her heart should disappear.”

As a teacher, she was fully aware of what Jiang Miaoyu was worried about.

On the Internet, the fans became restless again, for they had not heard any news about Fang Qiu for a long time.

“Master, what’s wrong with you? Why has there been no movement at all?”

“That’s right. Master Fang Qiu is so good at keeping a low-key profile.”

“Master Fang Qiu doesn’t care about his fans at all. He likes patients more than his fans.”

“There’s nothing we can do. We have to understand Master Fang Qiu. After all, he is a doctor. His profession is to cure diseases and save lives.”

“Speaking of which, I really hope that Master Fang Qiu can work in the entertainment circle. At least we can see his movements and news every day.”

“Why should he enter the entertainment circle? Master Fang Qiu relies on his medical skills. Although he sings well, his kindness and powerful medical skills are the reasons why people like him. If he moves over to the entertainment circle, I’m sure he will lose a lot of fans. I think it’s good for him to be like this now.”

“Yes, if everyone misses him, you can go online to search for his information and get some hot trending topics for Master Fang Qiu.”

Shortly afterward, due to numerous requests, Fang Qiu’s fans began to search for news about Fang Qiu on the Internet.

They could not find anything even after searching for a long time through the domestic search engines.

Some fans did not give up and began to shift their attention to foreign websites to look for news. Even if they could not find Fang Qiu’s movements, they could at least translate what Fang Qiu had done abroad and gain popularity for him.

Unexpectedly, a person actually found a signed document on the official website of Comores from the internet.

The person did not intentionally check the official website of the nation. Instead, he used a foreign search tool to search for Fang Qiu’s name. As a result, he found this piece of news.

He clicked on it to have a look.

“What the f*ck! Fang Qiu actually went to Africa.”

Upon seeing this document, this fan was amazed.

Having read the entire news report, he could confirm that the man was indeed Fang Qiu from the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine in Huaxia because this document was signed by Mr. Fang Qiu on behalf of the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine!

Was there anyone else in the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine by the name of Fang Qiu?

There was only one!

Who else could it be but Fang Qiu?

What shocked him most was that not only did Fang Qiu go to Africa, but he also had a meeting with the president of Comores on behalf of the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine and signed an agreement that he would help the country to rid themselves of the disease malaria, which they had suffered from for a long time, within a year!

What was malaria?

No sooner had the man searched online than he was astounded again!

“Is Fang Qiu going to completely eradicate such a horrible infectious disease in a year?”

How was this possible?

Although he was in a state of shock, he did not delay any longer. After hastily translating the news, he reposted it on Weibo with screenshots. Not only did he tag several fans from Fang Qiu’s fan club, but he also mentioned a lot of celebrities such as the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine, Hua Yuan Pharmaceutical Corporation, prominent figures of Chinese Medicine, and so on.

As soon as it was posted, it caused a heated discussion among Fang Qiu’s fans.

“What the f*ck! He’s so awesome!”

“He deserves to be our Master Fang Qiu. He has gone to a foreign country quietly and even brought Chinese Medicine abroad.”

“Using Chinese Medicine to help poor countries brings glory to the people of Huaxia!”

“Master Fang Qiu is always like this. No matter how many good deeds he has done, he never lets anyone know. He just did it himself. I love Fang Qiu so much!”

“I heard that malaria is a really a serious infectious disease. Can Master Fang Qiu cure it?”

“Master, come on. We believe in you!”

When all the fans eventually heard about Fang Qiu’s news, they were surprised. Meanwhile, they gave Fang Qiu a thumbs-up for what he did.

After all, not anyone could practice Chinese Medicine in a foreign country.

Also, numerous renowned Chinese Medicine doctors also praised Fang Qiu’s actions.

However, they did not give their opinions about Fang Qiu’s way of doing things.

In a very famous hospital in the capital, a doctor also saw the news about Fang Qiu signing a document on the Internet. After reading it, he shook his head speechlessly.

With some thoughts in mind, he immediately wrote an article.

“Fang Qiu is too arrogant!”

The title of the article was straightforward.

“As a doctor, I know Fang Qiu is powerful and thinks highly of his medical skills. I think his future in the medical field is promising.”

“In addition, I want to state that I am not a Chinese Medicine hater. I always believe that as long as it is useful to human beings, it is good medicine. As for me, there is no difference between Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine. Fang Qiu’s medical skills have indeed broadened our horizons, but this time Fang Qiu is really too arrogant!”

“Why do I say that Fang Qiu is arrogant?”

“First of all, I think it’s necessary for me to tell you what malaria is!”

“Malaria is an infectious disease caused by the bites of insects or infection by the Plasmodium through injecting the blood of Plasmodium carriers. People who suffer from this disease will go through four stages—incubation, cold, fever and sweating.”

“Once infected with this disease, patients are susceptible to all kinds of complications. Because it is very difficult to kill the plasmodium, it is particularly difficult to cure this disease. Every year, there are more than 40,000 patients who are diagnosed with malaria.”

“The reason why Ms. Tu is able to get a Nobel Prize is because her research has developed a new type of antimalarial drugs—artemisinin and dihydroartemisinin, which was very effective in treating malaria. But even so, she does not dare to say that it can completely cure malaria, let alone malaria in an entire country!”

“Besides, for the prevention of infectious diseases, Chinese Medicine has some obvious shortcomings. In terms of disinfection and prevention of infection, traditional Chinese medicine is not as good as modern medicine.”

“As a Chinese Medicine doctor, Fang Qiu should have a deep understanding of these things.”

“I admit that traditional Chinese Medicine may cure malaria, but in this case, I don’t believe that Chinese Medicine can cure an entire country’s malaria outbreak within a year.”

“Therefore, I think it is not only me, but also a lot of medical experts and the people who have some knowledge of the disease know that it is impossible to eradicate it in a year!”

“This time, Fang Qiu is too arrogant. This time, he will meet his Waterloo!”

“At last, I have to say that it’s not really a good thing for Fang Qiu to become too famous at such a young age.”

After he finished the article, he immediately took a screenshot and posted it on Weibo. He also mentioned the names of plenty of renowned Chinese and Western Medicine doctors, as well as some malaria experts.

After the article was sent, it was quickly reposted by many people who also gave it a thumbs-up.

Before that, those famous people who only liked and did not comment on Fang Qiu earlier also gave likes this time and made comments on the article.

“The article is very objective.”

“Malaria is indeed very difficult to treat.”

“This article is well written. I hope it can be used as a warning!”

“It’s indeed arduous to control any type of infectious diseases, especially when it’s spread by mosquitoes, which makes it more difficult to control.”

“There are four kinds of malaria: malignant malaria, vivax malaria, three-day malaria, and plasmodium ovale. Among them, malignant malaria and vivax malaria are the most common while malignant malaria is the deadliest!”

Although there were many people who commented, they did not dare to take the lead in expressing or making their opinions public and only stated the facts, because there were a large number of people who had been slapped in the face by Fang Qiu before.

Seeing these medical experts’ comments, Fang Qiu’s fans began to feel a little nervous.

“So many famous doctors and experts have said so. Is Fang Qiu really being arrogant this time?”

The fans became concerned.

After all, Fang Qiu became a celebrity at a very young age. And this year, he had won too many honors and compliments. In this case, Fang Qiu might really have let all these go to his head and become arrogant.

“Please don’t do this.”

“I think that Master Fang Qiu will definitely be able to pull it off.”

“Master Fang Qiu obviously doesn’t want people in Huaxia to know about this, so he did it secretly. If he doesn’t have confidence, why will he do it?”

“If he’s confident enough, why didn’t he make it known to the public?”

“Beep, beep, beep…”

While there was a heated discussion on the Internet, Fang Qiu, who was in Comores, suddenly received a phone call.

It was from Yang Ningyuan.

“Hello?” Fang Qiu, who was seeing patients for free in the station, answered the phone.

“Kid, why did you go to Comores? Isn’t it a little too arrogant of you to think that you can resolve the Comores malaria outbreak in one year?”

Yang Ningyuan suggested, “Now that you are a public figure, you should keep a low profile when you speak or do anything!”

“Has this news spread to our country?”

Fang Qiu was surprised and then said, “Don’t worry. I know what I am doing. Thank you for your reminder.”


Yang Ningyuan nodded and said, “Since you know what to do, I won’t bother you anymore. I’ll hang up first.”

After that, he hung up.

After Fang Qiu put down his phone and treated the patient in front of him, he began to search for information online and saw the heated discussion and comments.

After that, he directly sent a post on Weibo. There were only four words—Let’s wait and see!

“Is one year a little too long?” When he posted this on Weibo, Fang Qiu asked himself.

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