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Chapter 797 - Convince the President!

Chapter 797 Convince the President!

After hearing Li Cheng’s introduction, President Duni Wana gazed at Fang Qiu in surprise. He did not expect that Fang Qiu was capable of such an earth-shattering achievement.

“What is Qi?” After Li Cheng introduced the first subject, President Duni Wana asked Fang Qiu curiously.

“Qi is actually a kind of life energy in the human body, just like air. This energy can’t be seen by the naked eye, but it does exist. Without Qi, human beings can’t live for a long time. For example, many traditional Chinese herbs will include references to essential Qi, Qi supplement, and so on.”

Fang Qiu introduced, “The function of Qi is to maintain the survival of humans. Qi and blood are closely related, so Chinese Medicine often talks about Qi and blood. They are the essences in Chinese Medicine, so Chinese Medicine can use Qi to treat physical diseases.”

“I see.”

President Duni Wana nodded in understanding and exclaimed, “Huaxia Chinese Medicine is really amazing.”

Then, he turned to Li Cheng and said, “Please continue.”


Li Cheng nodded and continued, “In addition, Mr. Fang Qiu is also the champion of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor, a national contest in our country. His strength has been recognized by all the people at home. At the same time, he has cured a lot of patients who had incurable diseases in the contest.”

President Duni Wana was suddenly stunned when he heard that. There was a faint look of expectation in his eyes when he looked at Fang Qiu.

“After winning the championship of the Young Chinese Medicine Doctor, Fang Qiu received an invitation and participated in the World Medical Exchange Conference organized by the World Health Organization. Those who attended the conference were renowned medical masters from all over the world and world-class medical experts. Mr. Fang Qiu not only participated in the World Medical Exchange Conference, but also got the opportunity to give a speech at the conference.

“In his speech, Fang Qiu once again brought up another crucial point of Chinese Medicine—meridians.

“All the medical experts in the world had doubts about Chinese Medicine, and they do not believe that meridians exist at all. But at that conference, Fang Qiu managed to prove the existence of meridians. Hence, he paved the way for the concept of meridians to enter the medical field and become an important direction for all the experts in the medical field to challenge and study. Meanwhile, all the medical experts from all over the world invited Mr. Fang Qiu to give them three days of lessons.”

President Duni Wana suddenly showed great respect.

Fang Qiu actually gave three days of lessons for the medical experts all over the world.

Although it was only aimed at Chinese Medicine, it was enough to prove that all the medical experts in the world had acknowledged Fang Qiu’s achievements and strength in Chinese Medicine, which was enough to show his talent.

Li Cheng said, “There is more news about Mr. Fang Qiu at home, but I’ll just stop here. I think President Duni Wana should also be able to figure it out.”


President Duni Wana nodded with satisfaction. He looked at Fang Qiu and said, “I did not expect that Dr. Fang Qiu’s medical skills were so exceptional. However, I still have some doubts about the fact that Mr. Fang Qiu can cure cancer.”

“What can I do for you, President?”

Fang Qiu had already seen the expectation in his eyes and figured that the president would bring it up. Otherwise, as the president, it would be easy for him to investigate into Fang Qiu’s background. Why did he have to ask Li Cheng to tell him on the spot?

“I really need to ask Dr. Fang a favor.”

President Duni Wana thought for a moment and said, “However, since Dr. Fang is negotiating with our country on behalf of your university, I naturally should have some knowledge of Dr. Fang’s strength. Only in this way can I decide whether I should proceed to sign a contract with you. So I hope that Dr. Fang can show your strength and let me have a clear judgment.”

“Sure.” Fang Qiu nodded immediately.

“In that case, please come with me, Dr. Fang.”

President Duni Wana rose to his feet.

Fang Qiu and Li Cheng also got up hurriedly.

Then, after saying a few words to the secretary, he brought Fang Qiu all the way to the innermost room of the President Palace.

“President Duni Wana, is there a patient in your family?” Fang Qiu asked.

President Duni Wana nodded and said, “Yes. My wife, unfortunately, has an incurable disease. It’s uterus cancer. I wonder if Dr. Fang can cure it.”

While they were talking, they entered the room.

On the bed in the room, Fang Qiu saw a woman with dark skin. She seemed to have suffered greatly due to the illness.

After listening to the president’s introduction of his wife’s condition, Fang Qiu immediately began to examine her.

“It can be treated.”

After the examination, Fang Qiu said confidently, “Give me 30 minutes.”

President Duni Wana was also excited, “Can it really be cured?”

Fang Qiu nodded with certainty.

He directly started the treatment.

The president, his secretary, and Li Cheng stood by the side and watched.

As he did before, Fang Qiu directly adopted the method of activating blood circulation to dissipate stasis to treat the president’s wife. After all, it was indeed the most effective way to treat this kind of women’s illness.

30 minutes later, Fang Qiu pressed his hand on the lower abdomen of the president’s wife.

After the treatment was done in 30 minutes, Fang Qiu withdrew his hand.

“It’s done.” When Fang Qiu stopped, President Duni Wana was still in a daze. He didn’t know what Fang Qiu was doing at all.

But then, the doctor, who had been summoned by the secretary earlier, took the president’s wife to the hospital which had the best medical equipment, to be examined and discovered that she was totally cured.

This result caused President Duni Wana to be shocked and excited.

Fang Qiu’s medical skills had been fully revealed. With such powerful medical skills, maybe he could really cure malaria in their country. Moreover, since Fang Qiu had cured his wife, he had to show his gratitude.

While thanking Fang Qiu, President Duni Wana directly reached an agreement with Fang Qiu. After asking the secretary to check the schedule, he decided to sign the document in the afternoon.

In addition to being surprised and excited, President Duni Wana also asked his people to inquire about the Huaxia medical aid team at noon.

Soon after, news came.


In the office, the secretary said, “According to your request, I inquired about the Huaxia medical aid team and found that most of the people in this team are from the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine that Fang Qiu represented.”

“Besides, there is a very beautiful girl in this team. Her relationship with Fang Qiu seems to be very different.”

President Duni Wana instantly understood what was going on.

Then, he grinned, “It’s good to be young.”

President Duni Wana let out a loud laugh and said, “This matter is good for him and for us!”

In the afternoon, the documents were ready.

In the President Palace, Fang Qiu carefully read through the document and found that all the conditions provided by the Comores government were included in it. The only thing Fang Qiu needed to do was to solve the malaria problem within a year!

Having confirmed that there was nothing wrong with the contract, Fang Qiu then signed it.

That night, the signed document reached the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine and was handed over to Chen Yinsheng.

Given that Fang Qiu was the representative of the University of Jiangjing Chinese Medicine to sign the document, the higher-ups of the university naturally had to see the document.

Chen Yinsheng, who received the document, was stunned as soon as he finished reading the conditions on the document.

“What the f*ck!”

He, who had never used expletives before, could not help but complain, “Cure malaria in a year? Is he insane?”

His heart skipped a beat.

Chen Yinsheng quickly took out his phone with the intention to call Fang Qiu.

But as he was about to dial, he hesitated.

“This kid has never done anything without being sure of it. And since he dares to sign a document with a country, it means that he must have a well-thought-out plan.”

Chen Yinsheng gave up the idea of calling Fang Qiu. Instead, he only sent a WeChat message to him and asked, “One year? Are you sure?”

After all, he needed to have faith in Fang Qiu.

“Yes.” Fang Qiu responded very quickly.

Seeing Fang Qiu’s response, Chen Yinsheng was half relieved in an instant.

Then, he pondered about whether he should release this news on the school’s official website. If he succeeded, it would definitely be a great honor. But if he failed, what should they do?

Chen Yinsheng immediately put away the document and concealed this matter.

After all, he was the only one who had read the document. Even if the news was released by the Comores government, it would definitely be a small piece of news. After all, it was a small country. Not many people would pay attention to the news they released.

Moreover, for a country, this was just a small matter. Compared with other national events, it was nothing at all.

Although Chen Yinsheng withheld the news, as Fang Qiu’s teacher, Xu Miaolin received the news that Fang Qiu had signed a document with Comores. Of course, it was Chen Yinsheng who told him about it and also sent him a copy of the document.

After all, he was Fang Qiu’s teacher, and his medical skills were remarkable. After learning about this, it would be good for him to provide some help.

After returning home from school, Xu Miaolin said to Chu Yunyun, “My student really cares about your disciple.”

“What’s wrong?”

Chu Yunyun was stunned and asked, “What did the kid do this time?”

“Take a look yourself.”

Xu Miaolin handed the document to Chu Yunyun.

When Chu Yunyun finished reading the paper, she placed it on the table and said, “I do not see any problem. I only know that your student is bragging.”

“He did. I don’t even know how he is going to deal with this matter.”

Xu Miaolin smiled and added, “But he does care about her. Otherwise, how could this kid go to Comores and stir up such a situation?”

Chu Yunyun was still confused. “Your student went to Comores to sign a document with the President. What does this have to do with my disciple?”


Xu Miaolin sighed softly and explained, “Isn’t it obvious? Fang Qiu’s name is not on the list of the medical aid team. But he still followed the team to Comores. Isn’t it apparent that he went there because of his girlfriend?”

Chu Yunyun said, “So what if he went? Isn’t that the right thing to do?”

“Of course he should.”

Xu Miaolin nodded hurriedly and then added, “Listen to me first. Your disciple has to stay in Comores for a year. Fang Qiu can’t stay there for such a long time. After all, it’s a full year, which is more than 300 days.

“He can’t stay there for a year. How can he protect his little girlfriend?

“He’s doing this to protect her.”

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