Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 906 – Subduing Hongshi Zhen

Chapter 906 – Subduing Hongshi Zhen

Translator: Xaiomoge

In the Dark Star Palace, ripples surged, and the Phantom Ruler flew out of the Dream World and appeared beside Yang Feng.

After the Phantom Ruler advanced to a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse, its strength became extremely terrifying.

Originally, the Phantom Ruler had to attach itself to Qingshi Zhenxing to be able to confuse him. Once it confused Qingshi Zhenxing, the Phantom Ruler couldn’t control anyone else.

But now that it advanced to the Warlock Monarch rank, the Phantom Ruler is able to form Phantom Seeds, through which it can control Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses. Now it can control 10 Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses at the same time at most. If it continues to evolve, the number of Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses that it can control will increase.

Yang Feng mused: “The Eternal Imperishable Body, this secret method can break the boundaries of essences and merge several essences. It seems that I should master some more essences, so that I can give full play to this Eternal grade secret method.

At present, Yang Feng has mastered three essences, that is, the essences of devour, power, and space. Among them, his mastery of the essence of devour is the most profound, while the mastery of the essences of power and space is only at the entry level.

Generally, Warlocks concentrate on the mastery of a single essence and try to elevate it to the limit. If your essence reaches the perfect grade, you will be able to control a certain law in the universe and become a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse.

Once a certain law in the universe is occupied by someone, no one else will be able to advance to the Warlock Emperor realm via that law. Only after the Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse dies, can others advance to the Warlock Emperor rank realm by relying on that law.

There are nine kindred true ancestors in the God Blood Plane. But except for the First True Ancestor, the Second and Third True Ancestors, who have existed since the archgod era, still have not advance to the Warlock Emperor realm. On the one hand, this is the case because it is extremely difficult to advance to the Warlock Emperor realm. On the other hand, this is the case because the law of blood is firmly occupied by the First True Ancestor. Before the First True Ancestor dies, no one else can advance to the Warlock Emperor realm using the law of blood.

In order for a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse to be able to advance to an Eternal, apart from the essence they have mastered, they must also master the essence of time, the essence of space, and the essence of fate and sublimating their soul. Only then will they be able to advance to an Eternal.

Yang Feng has no understanding of the essence of time, has an entry level mastery of the essence of space, and has pried into some mysteries of the essence of fate via the Fate Algorithm. He still has a long way to go to reach the entry level mastery of the essence of fate.

The Eternal Imperishable Body, this unique secret method can enable a Warlock to integrate several essences inside them without conflict. At the same time, it can also integrate the powers of several essences. Due to these properties, it is better than the Primal Chaos Imperishable Body.

Of course, the peerless Eternal Imperishable Body also needs far more resources than the Primal Chaos imperishable Body to be cultivated.

At the time, the Dark Transcendent King plundered the wealth and resources of one world after another and used it all to enhance his strength before he promoted to a quasi-Holy step powerhouse.

But then, the overly arrogant Dark Transcendent King stormed a divine country and fought three strong divine force rank gods. In the end, the fight ended in a draw and both sides suffered damage, and then the Dark Transcendent King was sneak-attacked and killed by his “friend”.

“Dark Blood Origin Stone, there’s so much of it. Furthermore, it’s the highest grade Dark Blood Origin Stone! This is the best evolution treasure for dark existences.”

As Yang Feng strolled inside the Dark Star Palace, he collected all kinds of treasures of heaven and earth. All of a sudden, his eyes lit up, and he stared at a 10-meter-tall black crystal mound with excitement in his eyes.

Dark Blood Origin Stone is a kind of treasure that has to absorb the blood and soul of countless powerful Transcendent rank powerhouses, takes upwards of 10,000 years to be born, and only appears in places with rich dark force.

Dark Blood Origin Stone is a pinnacle evolution treasure for dark extraordinary life forms. After getting Dark Blood Origin Stone, Yang Feng’s abyssal lord avatar and his Infinity Warlock rank blazing angels may be able to break through and advance to the Warlock Monarch realm.

Yang Feng cast Transcendent Pupils. Runes appeared in his eyes, and he looked at the Dark Blood Origin Stone.

He saw a strange phenomenon formed from snakes, dragons, devils, and other extraordinary life forms intertwining and mixing together that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

Yang Feng pointed to the Dark Blood Origin Stone and uttered coldly: “Destroy it!”

The Phantom Ruler suddenly emerged and ejected countless transparent tentacles that stabbed into the strange phenomenon.

The strange phenomenon formed from different extraordinary life forms mixing together trembled at once. Thanks to dream force, the phenomenon was absorbed into the Dream World, where it was transformed into dream force and easily devoured by the Phantom Ruler.

The shade of satisfaction streaked across Yang Feng’s eyes “Impressive. After advancing to the Warlock Monarch realm, the Phantom Ruler can even interfere with such lifeless phenomena.”

Originally, the Phantom Ruler could only interfere with and manipulate intelligent life forms. It could not influence golems, specters, extraordinary phenomena, and other lifeless existences. Nor could it influence matter.

However, after it advanced to the Warlock Monarch realm, the Phantom Ruler begun to transform. It can now influence golems, specter, strange phenomena, and other lifeless existences. When it advances to the Holy Spirit Warlock realm, the Phantom Ruler will be able to change from illusory into real and affect the real world with its attacks.

When the strange phenomenon linked to the Dark Blood Origin Stone was broken, Yang Feng put away the mound formed from Dark Blood Origin Stone.

“It’s a pity that the Dragon Empyrean Blade cannot be collected!”

Yang Feng collected all kinds of treasures in the Dark Star Palace. But when he thought of the Dragon Empyrean Blade, his eyes flashed with regret.

The Dragon Empyrean Blade is an Empyrean grade secret treasure, and it’s a complete Empyrean grade secret treasure to boot. If he could subdue it, the Battle Demon Sect would be able to become a pinnacle force in the world of Warlocks.

The Dulan Imperial Court, deep in the royal palace, in a secret chamber, Hongshi Zhen, who was practicing cultivation, suddenly opened his eyes, frowned slightly, and turned into red smoke and disappeared.

Thousands of kilometers away from the Dulan Imperial Court, in the abyss of a marine trench shrouded in endless darkness, a 50-meter-long fish monster swam into a huge cave.

The giant fish monster opened its mouth, and Hongshi Zhen jumped out of its mouth.

Hongshi Zhen looked as Qingshi Zhenxing standing in the giant cave and asked coldly: “Qingshi Zhenxing, have you finished your task?”

Qingshi Zhenxing replied coldly: “We don’t interfere with each other’s tasks, this is an ironclad rule stipulated by the higher-ups. Hongshi Zhen, have you forgotten this ironclad rule?”

Hongshi Zhen relaxed a little and said: “You don’t seem to be a fake. What do you want?”

Qingshi Zhenxing showed a strange smile: “I want to kill you!”

All of a sudden, countless strange dream eyes emerge and the Warlock Monarch rank breath of the Phantom Ruler rose in the huge cave. In fact, the huge cave is formed from Phantom Ruler. Both Hongshi Zhen and Qingshi Zhenxing are inside the Phantom Ruler.

Dream light shot out from the dream eyes and shone on Hongshi Zhen.


An indistinct premonition welled up inside Hongshi Zhen. He wanted to activate a defensive secret treasure, when he suddenly felt like the world was spinning. His soul exited his body and entered the Dream World.

“Crap, this is the Dream World!”

When Hongshi Zhen saw his biscuit body and candy legs, despair appeared in her eyes.

The Dream World is an extremely strange place where the laws are constantly changing. Furthermore, it can give birth to Holy Spirit Warlock rank existences at most and is extremely poor in resources. As a result, the Gumana Universe’s powerhouses have never paid it much attention, nor have they studied it in depth.

When Hongshi Zhen saw himself enter the Dream World, he realized that he fell into a dangerous trap.

A huge had fell from the sky and shot toward Hongshi Zhen’s biscuit man incarnation.


Hongshi Zhen urged his soul force frantically, roared, and formed a blade slashing at the sky.


When the blade formed from Hongshi Zhen’s soul force hit the giant hand, it crumbled. The giant hand struck the ground and suppressed all resistance at once.

Numerous transparent tentacles extend from the giant hand, stabbed into Hongshi Zhen’s soul, destroyed his resistance bit by bit, and finally planted a Phantom Seed inside him and took control of his soul.

Ripples flickered, and Hongshi Zhen’s soul flew out of the Dream World and returned to his body.

When Hongshi Zhen, whose soul returned, saw Yang Feng standing in front of him, he bowed respectfully and said: “Greetings, master!”

Yang Feng’s eyes flashed with killing intent and he ordered flatly: “Take me to the Dulan Royal Palace, let me meet him in a place that isn’t being monitored!”

Hongshi Zhen replied respectfully: “Yes! Master!”

Yang Feng blurred, distorted, and entered Hongshi Zhen’s shadow.

Hongshi Zhen’s figure swayed slightly, thick fog enveloped him, and he flew towards the Dulan Royal Palace.

In the Dulan Royal Palace, there are many restriction and countless permanent detection spells set up. Event if it is a Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouse, it would be hard for them to sneak in. However, after Hongshi Zhen took out a token engraved with strange runes, the many restrictions and the countless detection spells in the Dulan Royal Palace became useless, allowing him to enter the Dulan Royal Palace from a passage that nobody knows about.

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