Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 905 – The Phantom Ruler Evolves

Chapter 905 – The Phantom Ruler Evolves

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Yang Feng looked at the huge stairs with a peculiar light in his eyes and asked slowly: “How do you use the Universe Stairs?”

Qingshi Zhenxing answered: “As long as the Universe Stairs absorb enough flesh, blood, and souls of powerhouses, a rift leading to our universe can be opened. People can use that rift to travel between the two universes. If enough powerhouses are sacrificed, you can even open a rift that allows Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses to cross it.

Yang Feng asked: “Is there a record in the Gumana Universe to where the Universe Stairs lead to?”

“There isn’t. The Dark Star Emperor kept this channel strictly confidential. As a result, we don’t know where it leads to.”

Maritime trade can get you tens of times the profit and planar trade can even get you 10,000 times the profit. As for universe trade, the profit obtained from it can even move Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses.

If Yang Feng was in the position of the Dark Star Emperor, he would also firmly grasp the passage linking two universes to earn tremendous wealth.

Only with enough resources can Yang Feng cultivate countless experts and create more and more powerful mechanical legions to strengthen his forces.

Yang Feng uttered: “Do you know how to operate the Universe Stairs?”

Qingshi Zhenxing replied: “I do! The Universe Stairs is a kind of treasure that leads to a higher level universe from a lower level universe. In some low energy level universe, the Universe Stairs is also known as the Path to Heaven. We got the technology regarding the Universe Stairs from a low energy level universe we annexed, and then developed it further.”

Yang Feng asked curiously: “Have you ever used the Universe Stairs to explore a higher level universe?”

“The use of the Universe Stairs to explore a higher level universe is strictly prohibited in the Gumana Universe. Anyone who violates this taboo will have their entire family wiped out. Higher level universes are not full of good intentions towards lower level universes. On the contrary, they are full of malice and regard lower level universes as nutrients for their advancement.”

“In the early days of the Gumana Universe, we had four Eternals. Because we used the Universe Stairs to explore a higher level universe and were discovered by said higher level universe’s powerhouses, three of our Eternals died in battle and the Spirit Eyes Eternal was seriously injured. Our entire universe was almost destroyed at he time. Furthermore, the energy level of our universe fell.

Yang Feng asked: “Are there beings more powerful than Eternals? What do you call them?”

Qingshi Zhenxing answered: “According to the information we have at present, Eternals are the strongest beings we encountered in the higher level universe. Of course, we have not continued to explore the higher level universe. There may or may not be beings more powerful than Eternals.”

Yang Feng asked: “If I go to the Gumana Universe using the Universe Stairs, can I return?”

Qingshi Zhenxing responded: “It should be possible! The Dark Star Emperor used the Universe Stairs to bring many spies into this universe. However, too much time has passed. I don’t know if the arrangements on the other side of the Universe Stairs have been preserved or not.”

Yang Feng uttered: “Qingshi Zhenxing, I want you to input all the information you have on the Universe Stairs, the Dark Star Realm, and the Gumana Universe into the database.”

Qingshi Zhenxing said respectfully: “Yes! Master!”

With Qingshi Zhenxing’s help, the core area of the Dark Star Realm turned into Yang Feng’s back garden. The rare and precious materials and extraordinary plants of the archgod era that are nearly extinct in the outside world fell into Yang Feng’s hands.

“This is Phantom Star Gold, one of the main materials necessary for the Phantom Ruler to evolve.”

In the Dark Star Palace, Yang Feng reached out with his hand towards a tract of fog, and a weightless stone, which looks like is is made out of circling blue cloud, appeared in his hand.

That Phantom Ruler appeared beside Yang Feng at once.

With a smile, Yang Feng threw the Phantom Star Gold to the Phantom Ruler: “It’s yours!”

Countless tentacles extended from the Phantom Ruler, stabbed into the Phantom Star Gold, and absorbed the weightless stone. As if it went up in smoke, the Phantom Star Gold disappeared.

After the Phantom Ruler absorbed the Phantom Star Gold, it suddenly blurred, distorted, crazily absorbed the surrounding phantom force.

“Has the evolution began? Enter the Dream World. That is the place most suitable for you to evolve.”

There was a flash of excitement in Yang Feng’s eyes. A dream seal extracted from the bloodline of a dream life form appeared in his right hand, and he pointed into the void.

Ripples surged, and the Phantom Ruler was sucked into a hole in space.

After the Phantom Ruler plunged into the hole in space, it appeared in the Dream World. As if it turned into a huge black hole, it started to devour the surrounding dream force.

Devourer, Phantom Ruler, Dazzling Ruler, and other ultimate weapons of the xizu, every one of them is exceedingly powerful and frightening. But their most frightening feature is the unique evolution properties. They can evolve into different weapons with different combat and cultivation styles.

A huge whirlpool appeared in the Dream World, which is full of distortions and weird phenomena and has lollipops, milk biscuits, dragon remains, devil wings, and other things floating in the sky, and frantically devoured the surrounding dream force. This disturbance startled fearsome existences hidden in the Dream World.

“Warlock Monarch, another Warlock Monarch was born in the Dream World.”

“Another guy advanced to a Warlock Monarch!”

“What fellow has promoted to a Warlock Monarch?”


Startled, the fearsome dream life forms in the Dream World looked this way.

Light shone and ripples surged as the fearsome dream life forms moved this ways.

The Dream World is an entity formed from the dreams of this universe’s countless intelligent life forms. When the Dream World was first born, the dream life forms inside it fundamentally could not affect reality. But after countless years of evolution, the Dream World has evolved into a terrifying world that can birth Holy Spirit Warlock rank life forms.

Nevertheless, Warlock Monarch rank dream life forms are already the pinnacle of the countless dream life forms in the Dream World. The birth of such an existence will naturally cause a huge sensation in the Dream World.

All of a sudden, the sky above the Phantom Ruler was engulfed by endless darkness, and a 10,000-meter-long hand fell down towards the Phantom Ruler.

Dragon heads full of sharp teeth strangely appeared from the palm of the giant hand and shot towards the Phantom Ruler.

Transparent tentacles shot out of the Phantom Ruler and stabbed into the giant hand.

The dragon heads on the giant hand withered, and then the giant hand itself withered as well and turned into green ashes that sprinkled on the earth.

The transparent tentacles extended into the void and stabbed into a strange place.


An angry roar full of apprehension came from the strange place.

“Rookie, stop!”

A gloomy voice sounded in this space, distorted spatial fluctuations surged, and five bizarre Dream Monarchs exuding Warlock Monarch rank breath appeared.

With a thought from Yang Feng, the transparent tentacles returned to the Phantom Ruler. He looked coldly at the five Dream Monarchs.

Among the five Dream Monarchs, there is a 100-meter-tall strange existence covered in the faces of intelligent life forms; an existence with a snake head, a human body, and a pair of dragon wings on the back; a stunningly beautiful woman with butterfly wings and a charming figure, which is shrouded in a fog; a ragged, 100-meter-tall teddy bear; and a 100-meter-long ship with countless human faces on the hull.

The face on the abdomen of the strange existence covered in the faces of intelligent life forms smiled and sayd: “I am the the Myriad Faces Dream Monarch. They are the Snake Dragon Dream Monarch, the Fantasy Butterfly Dream Monarch, the Bear Dream Monarch, and the Human Faces Ship Dream Monarch. What do we call you?”

Yang Feng manipulated the Phantom Ruler to reply coldly: “I am the Phantom Dream Monarch!”

“This is my dream mark. If there is anything, you can contact me through this dream mark. Of the many worlds, our Dream World is the weakest. Sooner or later, someone will come to the Dream World to attack us. We must help each other to survive this catastrophe.”

The Myriad Faces Dream Monarch smiled and pointed with a finger, and green light condensed into a green crystal that fell into the Phantom Ruler’s hand.

Although the Dream World has no resources, but with its ability to connect planes with intelligent life forms, it is a convenient path leading to many planes that is second only to the Astral Boundary. Anyone who takes control of the Dream World can use it to launch attacks on various planes.

As long as the Gumana Universe’s powerhouses analyze part of the Dream World’s rules and gather Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses, they can take control of the Dream World.

“This is my dream mark!”

The other four Dream Monarchs handed the Phantom Ruler their dream marks as well.

Yang Feng also formed dream marks in his hand and handed them to the five Dream Monarchs.

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