Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 39

39 – Killing Bandits

That bald man was a bandit dressed in red clothes and was holding a Zhanmadao, he exuded a valiant aura, roared viciously towards Yang Feng and charged at the caravan.

When that bald man made his move,the leaders of the different bandit forces one by one urged their mounts in a charge towards Yang Feng.

“Kill him! I’ll reward the one who brings me his severed head with 3,000 Gold Coins!”

“Kill him! I’ll reward the one who kills him and brings me his severed head with 1,000 Gold Coins!”

The bandits’ leaders roared loudly and each of them offered extremely high rewards in order to stimulate the dregs and the scum under their command, making them holler in excitement.

1 Gold Coin could be exchanged for approximately 2,000 Copper Coins. 1000 Gold Coins could be exchanged for 2,000,000 Copper Coins. A lot of small aristocratic clans didn’t even had a liquid capital of 1,000 Gold Coins. 1,000 Gold Coins would be more than enough for those bandits to retire and live in prosperity for the until the rest of their lives.

When Gars and rest of the aristocratic youngsters saw the bandits, that hid the sky and covered the earth, rush towards them, their bodies shivered and their eyes flashed with a whiff of fear.

Within Turandot Subcontinent, basically all of the aristocrats were descendants of Warlocks, furthermore the atmosphere of revering military skills. Many of the aristocratic clans have Knight rank cultivation methods as their inheritances. Gars and the rest of the aristocratic youngsters have also received martial arts training, and a lot of them were at the standard of a low-level Warrior. However, seeing those bandit’s, that hid the sky and covered the earth, they still felt extremely shocked and fearful.

Yang Feng said in an ice-cold tone: “Kill them all, don’t leave any prisoners!”

A 1,000 Bladed-troops expressionlessly marched orderly in order to welcome those bandits.

That large patch of bandits and those 1,000 Bladed-troops very quickly collided.

The next moment, countless limbs flew and hundreds of mounted bandits, man and mount, were cut in two by those mechanical Bladed-troops holding alloy blades.

Those bandits that had already unleashed their assault were to late to dodge, so they still charged dauntingly towards those Bladed-troops, then those Bladed-troops expressionlessly cut them in two halves, it was like delivering pigs for slaughter.

When the bandits in the rear saw the hell-like scene, they at once became scared silly, and one after another urged their mounts to scatter.

The thousand mechanical Bladed-troops at once exerted their power and raised their engines’ power output to the highest level, and began to charge at those bandits with a speed that exceeded that of their mounts’, cutting those mounted bandits one after another into two.

Gars praised sincerely: “Those mechanical golems are so ferocious!! Steel City’s mechanical golem legion, the name is really well-deserved!!” (钢铁之城的机械傀儡军团真是名不虚传!!!!!!!)

The more that 10,000 bandits were being chased by merely 1,000 mechanical Bladed-troops,that was simply inconceivable. Even for a Knight tank expert, it would be difficult to overtake a bandit riding a mount. But those mechanical Bladed-troops could easily chase up to those bandits and then cut them into two, such fighting prowess were simply terrifying.

Countless mournful wails reverberated within the Hunting Tooth Wilderness, hundreds of bandits were cut into two every second. Blood dyed this patch of wilderness red.

“Save me!! Save me!!” with a cultivation of Earth Knight the bald bandit leader (头目光头男!!!!!!) in succession killed quite a few subordinates that urged their mounts to flee from mechanical Bladed-troops encirclement after (那名拥有大地骑士修为的马贼头目光头男一连斩杀了好几名部下策马从机械刀兵的包围之中逃脱之后!!!!!!!!!!), suddenly saw 128 mechanical Bladed-troops surround him, was at once terrors-stricken as he shouted loudly. ( name of the earth knight repair for the horse thieves head bald man unchanging a few ministers under the horse from the mechanical soldiers surrounded by the escape)

That 128 mechanical Bladed-troops’s with cold and indifferent gazes at once pounced at that bald bandit.

12 Mechanical Bladed-troops jumped up high towards were that bald bandit was.

“Bring it on!” That bald bandit gave a furious roar, in a split second stimulated the full potential of his body, the Zhanmadao in his hand hacked continuously 30 times, crazily chopping at Bladed-troops one after another.

In a split second, 8 mechanical Bladed-troops were then cut into more than a dozen parts.

At the same time, more than a dozen alloy blades sealed all of his (maneuvering space) evasion routs of the bald bandit, in a split second chopped at him, cutting him into countless pieces.

Budd looked at this scene from the distance, his scalp felt somewhat numb, he rejoiced within: “The butcher of hundred men Mark also died! Those mechanical golems are so strong!”

The butcher of hundred men Mark was Hunting Tooth Wilderness’ one of the most formidable bandits as well as one of the few Earth Knights, his fighting prowess were only second to Gria. His most famous battle was when he himself killed more than a 100 enemies, that was how he received the fierce title: butcher of hundred men. Now even one of the strongest bandit leaders was actually killed and split into parts by more than a dozen mechanical Bladed-troops. By that point, Budd had a new understanding about how formidable the mechanical legion was.

In fact, the larger were the numbers that composed the mechanical legion, the stronger were its fighting prowess. One against one, a mechanical Bladed-troop and a Knight rank expert in a battle between the two parties the outcome odds would be 50-50. But a 100 mechanical Bladed-troops ans a 100 Knight rank warriors, the 100 mechanical Bladed-troops would crush the 100 Knight rank warriors. That is because the mechanical Bladed-troops are well coordinated, they were valiant and unafraid of death, their bodies defensive strength was formidable and their vital points were few and small (又少又小 far apart?!!!) – 完全以以命搏命!!!!!!!!!!!.Knight rank human warriors didn’t had such qualities.

A large number of bandits were killed by those mechanical Bladed-troops courage(胆子!!!!!!!!!!!), (头也不回!!!!!!) without turning heads??? urged their mounts to escape this hell-like battle field.

The rest of the bandits found themselves being duped, one after another came to a standstill as they hesitated.

Suddenly, space warped slightly 200m behind Yang Feng within a patch of underbrush and the man dressed in a black Pao appeared there. The man dressed in a black Pao pointed at Yang Feng and soon after a shrub of level-1 fireballs shot directly at Yang Feng.

The level-1 spell Fireball’s might was also extremely terrifying, even if it was a Sky Knight rank expert, if the level-1 fireballs hits him, the only outcome would be death.

As long as a mortal such as Yang Feng enters in contact with the fireballs, he’ll be instantly burned to death.

In this critical moment, two level-5 Shield-troops standing beside Yang Feng raised the shields within their hands, light flashed slightly above the shields and two transparent protective covers suddenly appeared in front of Yang Feng.


The group of level-1 fireballs exploded instantly, the two transparent protective covers the explosions set off traces of ripples.

Gars looked at the man dressed on a black Pao and shout loudly while somewhat appalled: “Stealth! Fireball! It’s a Warlock! An official Warlock!!”

The rest of the aristocratic youngsters also revealed a traces of apal within their eyes.

An official level-1 Warlock anywhere within the Turandot Subcontinent, as long as it is not within Warlock College Antalya, can proclaim himself the Daren of a territory. A level-1 Warlock can casually kill a mortal such as Gars. If they didn’t had the two level-5 Shield-troop guards, tat shrub of level-1 fireballs would have blown up Yang Feng to tatters.

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