Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 38

38 – Dragon Blood

“2,000 Knight rank mechanical golems, is not something that we can digest! Moreover, I don’t want to provoke the fierce Still Lord, who could even kill level-2 Warlocks. Please go back!” Gria turned around and looked at a person clothed in a black Pao and a shrouded and indistinguishable face standing at a corner and he said coldly.

Demonic Snake’s Eye, White Bear’s Fang, Fernandro Clan, three great level-2 Warlocks joined hands and went to Black City to kill the Steel Lord. The outcome was, two dead and one heavily injured. This weighty news had practically spread through all the major forces within Turandot Subcontinent.

As long as a clan has a level-2 Warlock keeping watch over it, then the qualifications for the establishment of a small principality were met. Even if it was Warlock College Antalya, one of the six major forces, level-2 Warlocks would still be important members part of the senate, the council and the group of elders.

The Still Lord could kill two great level-2 Warlocks, it doesn’t matter how he achieved that result, it was still enough for him to be ranked among the peak experts within Turandot Subcontinent. No one was willing to provoke such an expert without any cause or reason.

The reason why Yang Feng hadn’t met any troubles on his journey was because of his 2,000 mechanical Bladed-troop guards. Any force that would want to deal with Yang Feng’s 2,000 Bladed-troop guards would need to first think three times before doing so.

The person wearing a black Pao said in a husky voice: “One bottle of Dragon Blood! As long as you comply with my order, then I’ll give you one bottle of Dragon Blood. With that bottle of Dragon Blood, you’ll have some hope to breakthrough through your bottleneck and promote to a Firmament Knight.”

“Dragon Blood!!” Gria’s eyes flashed with a whiff of greed and excitement.

Dragon Blood required a level-3 Warlock or higher and very high attainments in pharmacology, only then can one refine it. In addition, one of the hidden main agents of Dragon Blood was the blood of a giant dragon.

Adult giant dragons weren’t only rare, but also every one of them possessed strength and wisdom not inferior to a Great Warlock’s. Wanting to butcher a dragon was extremely difficult. Naturally, the amount of Dragon Blood was also extremely low.

The effect of a bottle of Dragon Blood was extremely astonishing, it could increase the chances of a pinnacle Sky Knight expert like Gria promote to a Firmament Knight by 20%. Without Dragon Blood, there was practically no way to impact the success chances of a Sky Knight like Gria to promote to a Firmament Knight.

Gria felt his heart being clenched from excitement, his eyes radiated with a burning radiance as he said in a heavy voice: “Dragon Blood, first I’ll have to inspect it!”

The person wearing a black Pao took out a bottle of dark-red blood-like medicine, he then opened a small hole in the bottle, a tiny dragon-shaped shadow flew out from within the medicine bottle, emitting traces of might.

Gria took a deep breath and regained his calm, then creased his eyebrows tightly as he spoke: “It’s really Dragon Blood! However, the Steel Lord’s kin has 2,000 Knight rank mechanical golem guards by his side. Even if we gather everyone within Hunting Tooth Wilderness, we still wouldn’t be a match for him.”

Gria was a pinnacle Sky Knight expert and even against 100 mechanical golems, he still would have certainty of fighting them for some time. But if he went against 2,000 Knight rank mechanical golems, that would be seeking death. Even if all the bandits of Hunting Tooth Wilderness joined together and clashed with those 2,000 Knight rank mechanical golems, they still would only be seeking death.

The person dressed in a black Pao said in a husky voice: “That’s not a problem! As long as you can draw away the majority of his guards, then I can kill him! After I kill him, this bottle of Dragon Blood will be yours. With this bottle of Dragon Blood, once you are promoted to a Firmament Knight, then you won’t need to stay in such a desolate place like the Hunting Tooth Wilderness.”

Gria’s eyes flashed with a whiff of strange light as he whispered: “That’s right, as long as I promote to a Firmament Knight! Then I won’t need to stay in such a desolate place like the Hunting Tooth Wilderness.”

Firmament Knight’s battle prowess were comparable to that of a formidable existence such as a level-2 Warlock’s. No matter where one would go, one would attract the interest of the major forces. A Firmament Knight casually choosing a principality to go to, could become that principality’s state Knight and enjoy endless glory, splendor, wealth and rank.

A bandit leader of Hunting Tooth Wilderness compared to a principality’s state Knight, the gap in status and treatment of both parties was basically something that shouldn’t be mentioned in the same sentence.

Gria said resolutely: “I agree to your proposal! My subordinates will follow Your plan.”

“It’s finally about to begin! Truly interesting, it seems that Hunting Tooth Wilderness is about to present me with much more benefits.” Yang Feng suddenly raised his head and looked towards the distance as he revealed an ice-cold smile.

Gars asked somewhat curiously: “Yang Feng Dage, what happened?”1

Yang Feng smiled slightly and went outside: “Come! Follow me to watch a good show!”

Gars and the other aristocratic youngsters were confused as they followed Yang Feng outside.

Currently outside the camp, bandit troops one after another rushed over from all over, the sight of the densely packed bandits was extremely shocking, as they appeared to be a boundless mass.

Gars looked at those densely packed bandits, his legs went quickly limp from fright and he cried out involuntarily: “Bandits!! How could there be so many bandits?! Did those bandits gathered from the entire Hunting Tooth Wilderness?

The rest of the aristocratic youngsters’ complexions also paled when they saw the countless bandits, their bodies trembled and they felt endless despair.

Countless people as if hiding the sky and covering the earth, all the bandits of the Hunting Tooth Wilderness were gathered by the mysterious person wearing a black Pao, their numbers already exceeded 10,000 people.

Although Hunting Tooth Wilderness belonged to Senarus Principality, it was never the less the joint border of three states. Extremely wicked and violent criminals from the three great principalities would escape to this wilderness, and one after another would become members of bandit groups. This time around, nearly all of the bandits from Hunting Tooth Wilderness were gathered by that person wearing a black Pao, resulting in the current terrifying force.

From within the densely packed bandits, Gria rode a pitch-black Demonic Wildebeest, stared coldly at Yang Feng and his group, and said in a loud voice: “I’m Gria, the leader of Thousand Kills Group!! The Steel Lord’s nephew Yang Feng, I want to invite you to come with us! Our master wants to see you. We’ll be in charge of your safety!”

Gars’ complexion suddenly had a great change as he said in a somewhat shaky voice: “Gria, the leader of Thousand Kills Group, the butcher of thousand men Gria!! He is a pinnacle Sky Knight expert! He’s the man that once escaped from under the nose of two great official level-1 Warlocks. He’s Hunting Tooth Wilderness’ most ferocious hunter! Fuck! We’re in big trouble this time!”

A trace of terror showed within the eyes of the remaining aristocratic youngsters.

Even great principalities such as Fernandro Principality only had one expert such as a Sky Knight. An existence that could rival a level-1 Warlock expert. A Sky Knight could easily massacre an elite team of 100 people, this sort of expert wasn’t an existence that they could withstand.

Yang Feng gave a cold smile as he spoke: “Sky Knight? Gria, kneel down in surrender! I can still give you a way out! Otherwise, you and your subordinates are going to be buried here today.”

“Gria, why are you speaking so much nonsense with this kind of rubbish?! Let me kill him!!” A burly, up to 2m tall and bald man’s eyes flashed with a whiff of ruthlessness, he held an enormous scimitar and pointed it towards Yang Feng as he roared loudly.

1 – Dage – eldest brother, not necessarily related by blood

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