Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1460: Chaos Space Sea

Chapter 1460: Chaos Space Sea

Kongling Fairy’s eyes glimmered with resentment, and she greeted her teeth and uttered, “Alright! Yang Feng, that bastard, dared to destroy my Kongling Fairy Palace! I will never forgive him!”

Since the young masters of great forces have died in the Kongling Fairy Palace, this has infuriated the great forces.

The yanshen clan and the Konglin Fairy Palace had to pay a huge price to appease them.

The great forces were enraged by Yang Feng and sent numerous experts to chase after him.

A month later.

Boda Sacred Firmament, a remote small city on the northern border, in an aristocratic castle.

“The yanshen clan’s fire of extinction is really extraordinary!”

In a rear garden, Yang Feng opened his mouth and spat out a flame containing the aura of extinction.

A devour black hole emerged, enveloped the fire of extinction, and devoured its power.

The Xi Shen Armor on Yang Feng erupted with countless runes and devoured strands of fire of extinction inside his body.

Mysterious lights shone, and the countless devour runes disappeared. The fire of extinction inside Yang Feng was devoured completely.

Yang Feng’s eyes flashed, and he uttered slowly: “It took me one month to completely refine the fire of extinction. 7th layer Eternal Sovereigns are really terrible!”

Yang Feng is proficient in numerous secret methods. Furthermore, he is a 4th layer Eternal Sovereign. Even if his head is cut off or his heart is pierced, the injuries will heal in an instant.

However, it took Yang Feng a month to heal from the fire of extinction. This shows that the power contained within the fire of extinction is simply incredible.

“Xingji! It’s a pity, but it seems that she can’t be used for the time being!”

Yang Feng took a look at the great world inside him, and his eyes flickered with the shade of pity.

In the great world, stars appeared above Xingji, with the light emanating by these stars contending against the fire of extinction.

Xingji helped Yang Feng to block the certain kill strike of Yanshen Divine Son. As such, the amount of fire of extinction inside her is far greater than it was inside Yang Feng. Even though she has 4th layer Eternal realm power, but she still can hardly purify the fire of extinction.

In fact, if Xingji hadn’t advanced to the 4th layer Eternal realm, she would have been burned to ashes by the fire of extinction already.

Xingji, Ying, and Ling, these three Kings of Rulers possess fearsome Eternal realm combat power. However, they are not Eternal Sovereign. Once they are destroyed, they will truly perish and won’t have a chance to be reborn.

Yang Feng’s eyes flickered with a dim shade, “Since I have reached Boda Sacred Firmament, my priority now is to proceed to Du Luo King’s treasury. Only when I get Du Luo King’s treasures, only then will I have enough resources and reserves to advance to an Eternal tycoon!”

Boda Sacred Firmament, Chaos Space Sea.

This is a terrifying starfield full of chaos and strange phenomena.

10 million years ago, several Eternal Sovereign Kings led their armies to fight in Chaos Space Sea. At that time, countless powerhouses died, tycoons faded, and Eternal Sovereign King blood spilled into the starry sky.

Due to that fight, Chaos Space Sea has become a terrible danger zone. Once a being below the Eternal realm gets close to Chaos Space Sea, only death will await them.

Eternal Sovereigns can enter Chaos Space Sea. But even if it’s Eternal tycoons, once they touch the restrictions left by Eternal Sovereign Kings, they will be cut to pieces and die.

In Chaos Space Sea, the treasures that Eternal Sovereign Kings care about have already been taken away by them. Only things they don’t care about remain.

Things that Eternal Sovereign Kings don’t care about are rare treasures to other powerhouses.

Many Eternal Sovereigns adventure in Chaos Space Sea every year, eager to obtain treasures. 300,000 years ago, an Eternal Sovereign obtained the inheritance of an Eternal tycoon in Chaos Space Sea, and then became an expert in Boda Sacred Firmament

At the edge of Chaos Space Sea, ripples surged, and Yang Feng emerged.

“So this is Chaos Space Sea!”

Yang Feng glanced at Chaos Space Sea and frowned.

Chaos Space Sea is shrouded in a dense black fog.

Yang Feng scanned the black fog with his tremendous soul force, yet it was devoured by the black fog.

If Yang Feng hadn’t released the soul force, he would have been devoured by the black fog.

A voice came from the side: “My friend, my name is Yami. Do you want to enter Chaos Space Sea’s Dark Island?”

An Eternal Sovereign dressed in a black robe, with a mouse head and humanoid body appeared beside Yang Feng, a vulgar smile on his face.

Dark Island is one of the safer strongholds in Chaos Space Sea.

After experiencing various adventures, many Eternal Sovereigns who have entered Chaos Space Sea will return to Dark Island and other strongholds to rest.

Yang Feng replied indifferently: “I am!”

Yami uttered with a vulgar smile, “100,000 Eternal Origin Spirit Stones! I’ll take you to Dark Island!”

Yang Feng waved his hand, a storage ring flew into Yami’s hand.

“Please follow me!”

Yami’s eyes flashed with a satisfied color. His figure fluttered, and he flew towards a side together with Yang Feng.

After flying for about 10,000 kilometers, a black boat emerged directly.

When Yang Feng boarded the black boat, he saw six people sitting. 

Among the six people, there is an Eternal Sovereign with an octopus head; an Eternal Sovereign with a dragon head and a humanoid body; a dashing Eternal Sovereign with blond hair and blue eyes; an Eternal Sovereign who is 90% similar to a human, yet has nine eyes on the face, a beautiful Eternal Sovereign with purple hair, an ogre horn on the head, and a sexy figure, emitting the aura of an iceberg.

Yang Feng glanced at the six people and sat quietly aside.

After a while, Yami brought two more Eternal Sovereigns with rippling muscles and emitting fearsome auras.

“Now that everyone is here! Let’s go to Dark Island!”

Yami looked at the people aboard, smiled with satisfaction, and flicked his finger, and a black radiance appeared in the black boat.

The black boat suddenly grew a pair of dragon wings. With a flap of the dragon wings, terrifying winds surrounded the black boat and propelled it towards Chaos Space Sea.

The mysterious fog rushed towards the black boat, yet was blocked by the barrier activated by the black boat.

“Die! Die! Die!”

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

“I don’t want to die!!”


As soon as the black boat entered the strange fog, queer screams came from all directions and assaulted the minds of Yang Feng and the other Eternal Sovereigns.

Yami sighed lightly: “This is Cry of Eternals! It is said that when Eternal Sovereigns fell here, their resentment produced this phenomenon. In the fight between Eternal Sovereign Kings, the Eternal Sovereigns that died here died for good!”

Eternal Sovereigns possess undying properties. After they die, they will be reborn in their universe or domain. But Eternal Sovereign Kings are extremely terrifying. Once you die at their hands, you will die for good, and your Eternal imprint will collapse.

In a fight of Eternal Sovereign Kings of the Ten Sacred Firmaments, Eternal Sovereigns are only soldiers. While Holies and Empyreans are cannon fodder, the lowest cannon fodder, to boot.

Defensive barriers appeared around the Eternal Sovereigns aboard the black boat, blocking the cries of resentment of the fallen Eternal Sovereigns.

“I’m dead! Why don’t you guys die, as well!”

A voice full of resentment gushed out from the fog, and a horrible ogre giant with scars all over the body, shrouded with fierce flames, a distorted face, and a broken ogre horn on the head walked this way, filled with endless killing intent.

When they saw the ogre giant, the countenance of the Eternal Sovereigns aboard the black boat changed dramatically, and they began to prepare offensive spells.

He who attacks first has the advantage. The Eternal Sovereigns aboard the black boat are well aware of this truth.

“Stop! That’s ogre giant resentment! If you kill it, stronger resentment aggregates will come without end! Please use secret methods to restrain your vitality and turn into a corpse!”

Yami’s complexion changed greatly. Countless runes appeared all over his body and locked his vitality, turning him into a corpse.

The Eternal Sovereigns aboard the black boat are proficient in many secret methods. They all cast secret methods and locked their vitality, turning themselves into a corpse.

“Dead! You are also dead,! Ha-ha! It’s great that you are dead! It’s great that you are dead!”

The ogre giant smiled ferociously and laughed loudly, and two streams of putrid black blood flowed out of its eyes. it passed through the black boat.

Yami is really good at this business. Several strange phenomena that can threaten the lives of Eternal Sovereigns appeared along the way, yet they were all easily solved by him.

Yang Feng saw all kinds of strange and dangerous things in Chaos Space Sea. If it wasn’t for Yami, Yang Feng would have gone through great battles, and might even have died if careless.

Ten days later, a huge city appeared in the thick fog.

In the huge city, as if supporting a world, there is a giant tree 1,000 meters in height.

Countless branches spread from the giant tree and covered the whole city.

The leaves on the giant tree radiate dim black light, devouring the surrounding black fog that can absorb Eternal Sovereign souls.

Lights sprinkled down from the giant tree and illuminated the entire city, bringing light to the huge city called Dark Island.

“That’s Dark Island! Now hand over all Eternal Origin Stones you have on you!”

Yami pointed to Dark Island. All of a sudden, he turned around and showed a ferocious smile to the eight Eternal Sovereigns aboard the black boat.

Along with flashes of black light, 12 Eternal Sovereigns flew out from a side, landed beside the black boat, stared at Yang Feng and company, and sneered.

The Eternal Sovereign with an octopus head was both startled and angry, “Yami, isn’t it prohibited to fight at Dark Island? What are you doing? Aren’t you afraid of being punished by Dark Island?”


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