Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1413: If you like and wish to read up to 100 Chapters

Chapter 1413: If you like and wish to read up to 100 Chapters

Chapter 1461: Information

Yami smile frigidly and said, “Yes, it is not permitted to fight on Dark Island. But this is not Dark Island! Hand over your treasures! We only want your riches!”

With a cold gleam in his eyes, the octopus head Eternal Sovereign broke out with countless runes, surged with terrifying light on the tentacles of his head, and attacked a wall of the black boat.


The octopus head Eternal Sovereign smashed the wall of the black boat, and then turned into a stream of light and frenziedly escaped towards the outside.

“Want to escape? Courting death!”

Four Eternal Sovereigns behind Yami smiled ferociously. They each hold a pillar and stand in stand in four directions.

The four pillars shone, and their light intertwined and formed a giant barrier.

When the octopus head Eternal Sovereign knocked into the giant barrier, he bounced back.

The octopus head Eternal Sovereign barked: “What are you guys waiting for? Only if we join forces, only then will we have a way out of this situation!”

When he heard this, Yang Feng kept a slight distance from the people aboard the black boat.

“To dare rob me, you’re seeking death!”

A vicious gleam streaked across the eyes of the dragon head Eternal Sovereign, and he took a step forward. In a instant, true dragon phantoms appeared behind him, for a total of 99 true dragon phantoms.

The 99 true dragon phantom fused together and formed a true dragon phantom emanating 3rd layer Eternal realm fluctuations of power.

The dragon head Eternal Sovereign unleashed a punch, and a fist containing fearsome true dragon might barreled towards Yami.

When Yami saw this, he revealed a smile of derision: “Fool!”

At this moment, the nine eyes of the nine-eyed Eternal Sovereign turned, locked on the dragon head Eternal Sovereign, and fired nine rays that barreled towards the other party.

The barriers around the dragon head Eternal Sovereign collapsed one by one, and then the nine rays slammed into the person himself. The dragon head Eternal Sovereign issued a scream. Nine holes appeared on his body.

The eyes of two Eternal Sovereigns behind Yami flickered viciously, and they cast powerful offensive spells and attacked the blond and blue-eyed Eternal Sovereign and the peerless iceberg beauty Eternal Sovereign.

“You guys are seeking death!”

The eyes of the blond and blue-eyed Eternal Sovereign flashed fiercely. All of a sudden, a white battlegear appeared on him and six white pistols appeared around him and fired beams that slammed into a giant Eternal Sovereign.

The giant Eternal Sovereign was punched full of holes.

The eyes of the peerless iceberg beauty flashed coldly. She extended her hand, and a giant battleaxe appeared in her hand. She slashed with the battleaxe at the giant Eternal Sovereign.

“A bunch of fools!”

Yami sneered and waved his hand, and the Eternal Sovereigns behind him cast offensive spells and attacked Yang Feng and them.

“You guys are really seek of living!”

Yang Feng’s eyes glimmered. He took a step, operated a torrent of time, appeared in front of Yami in a blink of an eye, and extended his hand towards the other party.

Yami roared furiously and unleashed a hand strike, and his hand turned into a rat paw and barreled towards Yang Feng.

A torrent of time surged, and Yang Feng’s speed suddenly accelerated. A twisting space force swept Yami’s hand and pulled it aside.

Yang Feng’s right hand stabbed Yami and easily tore apart his defenses, and terrifying devour force broke out and devoured Yami’s Eternal origin.

Yami screamed in horror: “4th layer Eternal Sovereign! You are a 4th layer Eternal Sovereign!”

“4th layer Eternal Sovereign!”

“He is a 4th layer Eternal Sovereign!”


When the enemy Eternal Sovereigns heard this, their countenance changed dramatically, and their morale was shaken to the extreme.

Along with a string of afterimages, Yang Feng appeared in front of a 3rd layer Eternal Sovereign in a flash and blasted him apart with a palm strike, and a devour black hole appeared and swallowed him.


These Eternal Sovereigns like to bully the weak but fear the strong. When they saw this, their complexion changed dramatically, and they turned into streams of light and escaped in different directions.

Yang Feng strode in the void, blinked three times in a row, and slayed three Eternal Sovereigns, and then returned to the black boat.

“Thank you for your help, sir!”

Aboard the black boat, the eyes  of the dragon head Eternal Sovereign, who is covered in holes, surged with gratitude, and he stepped forward and spoke.

The other Eternal Sovereigns also stepped forward and thanked Yang Feng one by one.

“How is Ling Saisi [1]?”

Yang Feng looked at the blond and blue-eyed Eternal Sovereign in a white battlegear and asked thusly with a smile.

The blond and blue-eyed Eternal Sovereign replied with an innocent look on his face, “Ling Saisi? Sir, I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Since you don’t want to admit it, then I’ll take a look at your memories myself!”

Yang Feng smiled calmly and spread the fingers of his hand, and countless runes appeared and radiated black sealing light that swept towards the blond and blue-eyed Eternal Sovereign.

“Go to hell!”

The complexion of the blond and blue-eyed Eternal Sovereign changed dramatically. 36 silver-white pistols appeared around him and glimmered, and 36 rays ejected out and shot towards Yang Feng.

36 kinds of essences, including fire, ice, curses, and wind, transformed into 36 beams that shot towards Yang Feng.

Yang Feng’s eyes lit up: “To use foreign objects to sustain various essences! That’s a pretty good idea!”

As long as Eternal Sovereigns are willing to learn, they can easily grasp various essences. However, the most powerful essences they grasp are the ones with which they advanced to the Eternal realm, which they engraved in their Eternal imprint, which constitute the path they walk.

This blond and blue-eyed Eternal Sovereign uses various secret treasures to sustain different essences and exert incomparable combat power. This sort of thinking made Yang Feng’s eyes lit up.

“Unfortunately, although the idea is good, but you’re too weak!!”

Yang Feng spread the fingers of his hand, pressed his hand forward, and crushed the 36 beams, and then slapped the head of the blond and blue-eyed Eternal Sovereign.

A terrifying devour black hole emerged and swallowed the blond and blue-eyed Eternal Sovereign.

Upon seeing this scene, the expression of the remaining Eternal Sovereigns aboard the black boat became very ugly, and they looked at Yang Feng with vigilance.

Yang Feng glanced at the remaining Eternal Sovereigns aboard the black boat, revealed an enigmatic smile, and spoke overbearingly, “This person is my enemy, so I killed him. If you want to be my enemy, I don’t mind sending you to keep him company!”

“No way! No way!”

The countenance of the several Eternal Sovereigns changed drastically, and they spoke repeatedly.

“Then leave!”

Yang Feng waved his hand. As if they were pardoned, the several Eternal Sovereigns turned into streams of light and fled towards Dark Island.

Yang Feng’s figure fluttered, and he entered Dark Island.

“There are actually Holies here, how strange! The barrier of Dark Island makes it so Holies can survive here!”

When he entered Dark Island, Yang Feng saw many Holies and Empyreans. The Holies and Empyreans engage in the lowest work on Dark Island.

After finding an inn, Yang Feng read the memories of the blond and blue-eyed Eternal Sovereign in his room.

The blond and blue-eyed Eternal Sovereign is called Ling Jianan and is a 3rd layer Eternal Sovereign of Duyun Universe. He is one of the nine Eternal Sovereigns of Duyun Universe.

After Ling Saisi was killed by Yang Feng, he was reborn in Duyun Universe.

After his rebirth, Ling Saisi was in a weakened state and was sold out by traitors. In the end, he died at the hands of three Eternal Sovereigns of Duyun Universe, and his Eternal Imprint was broken.

The nine Eternal Sovereigns of Duyun Universe were equal in strength, forming a balance. But after Ling Saisi’s fall, the three Eternal Sovereigns gained great benefits and their strength was greatly enhanced. The three then set off an Eternal Sovereign war in Duyun Universe.

When the eight Eternal Sovereigns fought of Duyun Universe with each other, two Eternal Sovereigns died, leaving only six Eternal Sovereigns remaining in Duyun Universe.

At this time, Shenguang Universe used a unique treasure obtained from the greater universe to launch a universe devour war against Duyun Universe.

In Shenguang Universe, there is only one Eternal Sovereign, that is, the sole God, Shenguang God. However, Shenguang God is a 7th layer Eternal Sovereign.

Previously, if Duyun Universe’s nine Eternal Sovereigns joined forces and as long as they were willing to sacrifice themselves, they still might be able to contend against Shenguang God. But now that Duyun Universe only has six Eternal Sovereigns remaining, it is not a match for Shenguang God.

If it were not for the universe wall, Duyun Universe would have already been devoured by Shenguang Universe.

The reason why Ling Jianan sneaked into Chaos Space Sea this time was to gain an opportunity to advance to a 7th layer Eternal realm. Otherwise, once the universe wall is broken and Shenguang God descends to Duyun Universe, Duyun Universe will be screwed.

A look of regret flashed in Yang Feng’s eyes: “This is really precious information! Unfortunately, I’m still too weak to participate in such a war!”

For Eternal Sovereign, a universe devour war is both a disaster and a great opportunity. If they obtain victory in a universe devour war, then even if it’s a 6th layer Eternal Sovereign, they will be able to advance to the 7th layer Eternal realm.

Yang Feng put aside the things regarding Duyun Universe and began to sort out the memories he obtained after devouring Yami and company.

Yang Feng’s eyes lit up, and he revealed an excited smile: “Chaos Space Sea is really dangerous! However, after devouring Yami’s memories, I finally found the location of Du Luo King’s treasury! This trip really wasn’t in vain!”

<hr /> [1] – Ling Saisi is an Eternal Sovereign from Duyun Universe that first appeared in chapter 1413.


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