Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 13

13 – Attacking Giant-Stone City

Locky still didn’t made up his mind – should he battle or should he flee, the 400 human-shaped Bladed-troops directly rushed towards the midst of Giant-Stone City’s warriors, brandishing the alloy battle blades like 400 human-shaped meat grinders, raising a storm of flesh and blood among the Giant-Stone City’s warriors.

“Damned animal, drop dead for me!” A refined Giant-Stone City’s Advanced Knight bellowed hatefully, as he chopped down with his sword on a Bladed-troop’s shoulder.

The sword merely left a shallow cut on the Bladed-troop’s shoulder.

“No!!” That Advanced Knight’s eyes flashed with a touch of despair, as he issued a heart-breaking howl.

In the next moment, that Bladed-troop effortlessly chopped at the Advanced Knight, splitting him in two, blood sputtered and covered the Bladed-troop whole.

After the Bladed-troop killed the Advanced Knight, it wasn’t jubilant nor enraged, it mechanically left the Advanced Knight’s corpse, and continued to slaughter more of Giant-Stone City’s warriors.

Silent, unfeeling, fearless and mechanical, this is the mechanical warrior’s battle style. An army composed of these mechanical warriors is what all the powers wish to the most. Those mechanical warriors are incapable of disobeying and their morale can never decline, even if they fight till the last one, they’ll never retreat. But a human army, even the most elite one, will directly collapse after the casualties reached 30%.

The battle didn’t take long, as the Giant-Stone City’s 2000 elite warriors had disastrous casualties, they collapsed and scattered in all directions.

“Run!” Locky clenched his teeth, turned around and fled towards Giant-Stone City’s direction with his most trusted troops.

“Surrender, drop your weapons, kneel on the ground and you will be spared!”

“Surrender, drop your weapons, kneel on the ground and you will be spared!”

Seeing the Giant-Stone City’s warriors directly collapse, Yang Feng ordered a withdrawal. The 400 Bladed-troops used their ice-cold metallic synthesized voices to respond loudly.

The Giant-Stone City’s surviving warriors, as if Wen Tianyin, one by one dropped their weapons, knelt on the ground and directly surrendered to Yang Feng.1

“Truly easy! In the end, flesh and blood can’t oppose steel. The sole regret is that no knowledge was gathered on the Apprentice Warlocks’ methods.”

Yang Feng walked through the battlefield full of blood, flesh and severed limbs, as he watched with slightly creased brows the captives kneeling on the ground, only then did he become relaxed.

Turandot Subcontinent is a very cruel place as compared to Earth. Basically all the States possess a lot of slaves. If Yang Feng lost, he’d also fall into slavery and live miserably. From the moment that he attacked Black-Rock Town, he can only forge ahead with no retreats, as taking even one step back leads to hell.

“If that’s so, then let’s confirm Giant-Stone City’s ability!”

Yang Feng arranged 50 Bladed-troops to escort the more than a thousand captives to Black-Rock Town, then quickly led the more than 3,000 battle robots towards Giant-Stone City.

After half an hour of quickly advancing at full speed, the enormous Giant-Stone City’s City Wall appeared before Yang Feng.

“That's Giant-Stone City for you! Black-Rock Town really can't compare with it.”

Giant-Stone City is extremely majestic, the City Wall soars up to 25m, it’s made of a large quantity of white rock, which is only inferior to the hard rock. The 25m tall lofty City Wall can block most of the powerful life forms from directly jumping over it.

Among the Knight rank powers, only the Sky Knight rank power is capable of jumping over the 25m tall City Wall.

Due to Yang Feng's troops’ movement speed is too fast, the scattered troops hadn’t yet fled back to Giant-Stone City, while his mechanical legion already arrived before Giant-Stone City. Consequently, Giant-Stone City’s City Gate hasn’t yet been closed.

“Go in and kill!” Yang Feng's eyes flashed with a trace of cold light as he commanded and pointed towards Giant-Stone City.

The 400 Bladed-troops immediately launched at full speed, rushed with a terrifying speed of 150Km/h towards Giant-Stone City

“Who are you people? Quickly stop!” The warriors collecting taxes in front of the City Gate saw the 400 Bladed-troops, a trace of ominous premonition welled up in their hearts, as they shouted loudly.

The Bladed-troops didn’t take notice of the warriors’s howls, as they arrived within a few seconds before the City Gate.

Blade-lights flashed, as the City Gate’s warriors were directly killed, as their corpses fell to the ground.

“Enemy attack!!”

“There are enemies! Wretched! Who are they??”

“Prepare for battle!!”

Inside Giant-Stone City sounded a loud and clear alarm. An army stationed near the City Gate quickly emerged and directly charged towards the Bladed-troops.

The Bladed-troops launched a counter charge of their own.

The two armies fiercely collided in an instant, as flesh and blood flew everywhere. The Giant-Stone City’s human army was butchered, like wheat being harvested, by those Bladed-troops. This scene continued for less than one minute, before the human army fell apart and scattered in every which direction.2

Giant-Stone City’s most powerful army, the Heavy Cavalry, wasn’t a match for the Bladed-troops, the rest of the army, even more so, can’t match this terrifying mechanical army.

After smashing Giant-Stone City’s City Guards’ counterattacks several times, Giant-Stone City’s City Guards’ system completely collapsed.

After leaving behind 50 Bladed-troops to hold the City Gate, Yang Feng commanded the other 350 Bladed-troops to attack the Palace.

After Yang Feng seized the gates, the whole Giant-Stone City fell into chaos.

The enemies that Yang Feng encountered on the way were all directly slaughtered by the 350 Bladed-troops. A lot of bandits seized the opportunity to kill and pillage, as long as Yang Feng came across them, then he also dispatched some Bladed-troops to slaughter them.

The Palace was located in Giant-Stone City’s center. It was an enormous Castle, two times larger than the Black-Rock Castle. The Castle’s City Wall soared up to 15m. Viscount Harley was standing above the City Wall managing his private elite troops.

Within 600m of the Palace’s surroundings, within that enormous area, there weren’t any trees or buildings.

The 350 Bladed-troops just rushed out of the streets, when six 7m long enormous crossbow bolts were shot from up above of the Giant-Stone Castle. Three enormous crossbow bolts shot at three Bladed-troops, directly smashing their bodies after hitting them. The three Bladed-troops then fell down to the ground and were unable to move again.

The remaining Bladed-troops haven’t even been in the least intimidated by the enormous crossbow bolts, as they expressionlessly pounced towards the Giant-Stone Castle.

Just when the Bladed-troops were nearing the Giant-Stone Castle’s City Wall, above the City Wall appeared 200 archers.

A densely packed rain of arrows fell from the sky, shooting towards those Bladed-troops.

The Bladed-troops brushed aside those shooting arrows in passing, but some lucky arrows managed to shoot at them directly, although those were also deflected from their bodies. Two Knight rank archers erupted with a terrifying vitality, as they shot two arrows at two Bladed-troops, aiming at their hearts. But the Bladed-troops’ vital point is not located at the heart’s position. The two Bladed-Troops that were shot and pierced by the two arrows in the heart’s position, finally arrived expressionlessly beneath Giant-Stone Castle’s City Wall.

1 – Wen Tianyin is a character from "Journey to the West"

2 – Idiom: 血肉横飞 – flesh and blood flying

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