Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 12

12 – Easily Overcome1

Yang Feng thought for a moment before hiding the Cannon-troops and the Gunned-troops, and then put the 400 Bladed-troops to directly block the road. If it’s not necessary, Yang Feng prefers not to dispatch the Cannon-troops and the Gunned-troops in this war.

Warlock’s are a mysterious and powerful force inside the Turandot Subcontinent. Warlock Group Black Cottage in the Fernandro Principality already is a Tyrant, however, there are still many other powerful Warlock Groups that are not inferior to Warlock Group Black Cottage. If in the future Yang Feng confronts other Warlock Groups, then by having a trump card, it’s easier to catch then off-guard.2

About ten minutes later a group of scouts emerged, while riding mounts on the road.

After the group of scouts saw the neatly arranged 400 Bladed-troops standing in the center of the road, they quickly turned around and galloped in the opposite direction.

The commander of Giant-Stone City’s army, Commander Ryuk, asked the scout while being somewhat unconvinced by what he heard: “What you’re saying is that Black-Rock Town’s bandits formed a neatly arranged platoon in the middle of the road, effectively blocking it?”

Giant-Stone City dispatched all of their elites, adding the 50 heavy armor Knights and the more than 10 Apprentice Warlocks. This powerful force even, if faced with a more than ten thousand bandits, Ryuk would still be confident in defeating them. In his imagination, the bandits occupying Black-Rock Town would hole themselves in the town, making the defense thorny as possible. For those bandits to actually come out to fight, and still stand this confidently in the middle of the road, was extremely foolish. Leaving him very skeptical about the judgement of the scouts.

That scout’s captain quickly said: “Yes! Commander Daren! If You’re not convinced, you can ask my brothers!”

Ryuk slightly creased his brows and became pensive. With his many years of battle experience, he faintly felt that something was wrong.

With a height of almost two meters, the bear-like Rooney disdainfully smiled: “Ryuk, don’t mind it, it’s just some moron obtaining a Warlock’s inheritance by a fluke! With us here, he can’t do anything. This kind of moron will always spring up from time to time, so just like with weeds, we’ll have to make our hands dirty.”

Ryuk nodded slightly and waved his hand as he commanded: “Proceed onward!”

Giant-Stone City’s army continued to move forward, and soon saw the 400 Bladed-troops standing in a neatly arranged manner in the middle of the road.

Ryuk saw the 400 Bladed-troops standing in a neatly arranged manner, and slightly creased his brows. This kind of disciplined army is the most difficult to handle.

Ryuk commanded: “Giant-Stone Heavy Knights! Charge!”

The Heavy Knights charge to tear open the opponent’s defenses followed by the infantry, that is the most elementary tactic.Once the infantry and the Heavy Knights breach the defenses, in a tank-like manner, then the only possible outcome is a massacre.

The 50 men and mounts were covered in a layer of heavy armor. The 50 human-shaped tanks urged their mounts, while holding 3m long steel lances. They gradually accelerated in an orderly formation, while charging towards the 400 Bladed-troops.

The 50 Heavy Knights were wearing heavy armor weighing more than 100Kg. The mounts under their thighs were also not ordinary, as they possessed a trace of demonic bloodline of the Demonic Black Gnu. Only these mounts that possessed a trace of demonic blood of the Demonic Black Gnu were able to carry a Heavy Knight weighing nearly 200Kg and then still being covered with a layer of heavy armor.

The Heavy Knights were practically invincible on the battlefield, except for meeting a Warlock. They’re incomparably powerful. At the same time they’re also extremely difficult to support, that’s why, the entire Giant-Stone City only possesses 100 of them. The 50 Heavy Knights can defeat an elite thousand strong army.

Facing the charge of the 50 Heavy Knights, the 400 Bladed-troops also directly charge towards them.

“Are they mad?”

Seeing the 400 Bladed-troops charging towards the 50 Heavy Knights, the eyes of every person from Giant-Stone City flashed with a trace of bafflement.3

Even an Earth Knight, wouldn’t dare to directly face the charge of the Heavy Knights.

The two armies resolutely collided under all the the baffled gazes.

The 50 Heavy Knights with sardonic smiles, forcibly impaled the Bladed-troops steel bodies with the 3m long lances.

In the next moment, the smiling faces of those Heavy Knights directly froze. Among the impaled Bladed-troops, there were practically no deaths. They were expressionless, as they brandished their long alloy battle blades and ruthlessly chopped at those Heavy Knights.

Those Heavy Knights’ heavy armor was directly cut open by the level-4 Bladed-troops, cutting directly through men and mount with blood flying everywhere. After less than one minute, the 50 Giant-Stone City’s Heavy Knights were all chopped down by the level-4 Bladed-troops, leaving no survivors.

Watching the 50 Giant-Stone City’s Heavy Knights being easily chopped to pieces by those level-4 Bladed-troops, the Giant-Stone City’s warriors had their bodies turn ice-cold. Some new recruits’ legs even trembled while exhibiting paled complexions.

Ryuk’s complexion paled as he watched the 400 Bladed-troops, and his eyes flashed with a trace of dread.

With a somewhat thin body, appearing refined. Staring at the impaled chests and the various metal wires underneath, his face suddenly changed greatly as he cried out: “Golem! Those aren’t humans, but Golems! Damn it! To actually posses 400 Golems! God damn, that’s not something that we can resist! Withdraw!”

Golems are battle weapons refined by Warlock-Alchemists. Each Golem’s battle proves are comparable to a human Knight rank’s. They are also difficult to deal as they are fierce and don’t fear death.

Jaime as a level-3 Apprentice Warlock can easily kill a Golem one-on-one, but against 400 Golems, they can easily cut him into countless pieces.

Jaime was speechless, waved his hand as a black light flashed, simultaneously a 3m long Gigantic Black Locust appeared in front of him with a set of reins. His body flipped and directly jumped on the Gigantic Black Locust.

The Gigantic Black Locust jumped forcefully, crossing ten plus meters per jump, with a terrifying movement speed of 120Km/h, directly took Jaime to flee towards the distance.

After the decisive escape of Jaime, the rest of Black Cottage’s Apprentice Warlocks also released their own Gigantic Black Locusts, then flipped and jumped on them and fled towards the distance.

As long as one advances to become an Apprentice Warlock, no matter where one goes in the Turadot Subcontinent, one will always attract the attention of aristocrats and subsequently lead a comfortable and prosperous life. As those Apprentice Warlocks saw the discouraging situation, they naturally won’t sacrifice themselves for Giant-Stone City.

Seeing the Apprentice Warlocks escape, the 5000 auxiliary troops that were in the rear also directly crumbled, fleeing in all directions.

“A group of incompetent fools!” Commander Locky cursed in a soft voice, then observed the 400 Bladed-troops covered in blood – faces expressionless, without emitting any killing intent, yet leaving people with a chill in their hearts and a desire to rush out of here.

1 – as easy as crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood

2 – Idiom: 出其不意 – to do something when least expected

3 – Idiom: 不可思议 – inconceivable

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