Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion

Chapter 1246 - 1246 Heaven-Shattering Divine Lightning, Kui Divine Power! (3)

1246 Heaven-Shattering Divine Lightning, Kui Divine Power! (3)

They were also pitiful individuals. Those who didn’t receive the Divine Enlightenment could only become enslaved beasts.

Han Muye shook his head, no longer interested in attacking.

It was the new disciples of the Sword Sect who were eager to try their luck. They formed sword formations, leaped from the city walls, and swept around before returning.

Behind them, the cultivators couldn’t help but fly out when they saw them swaggering back and forth.

“It’s been 23,800 years since I came to the Immortal Burial City. I, Du Chenggong, have finally set foot outside the city!” A white-bearded elder roared into the sky, his blood qi surging.

There were many other cultivators like him. They were all standing outside the city, their bodies surging with fighting spirit and shouting arrogantly.

This was a kind of madness from the bottom of their hearts, a rebound from countless years of suppression, a resistance to the humiliation suffered by the Immortal World for countless years.

It was a budding rebellion.

Watching those cultivators below shouting loudly, Han Muye waved his hand gently and said, “Prepare the Heaven-Breaking Crossbows and give them some unused Devil-Sealing Golden Swords from yesterday.”

In the distance, the figures of the God Clan had already appeared.

Such a provocation from the Immortal Burial City naturally made the God Clan unable to wait any longer.


On the city wall, heaven-breaking crossbows appeared, and the long crossbow arrows gleamed with a cold light.

Several disciples of the Sword Sect flew down and handed the slightly panicked cultivators 100-foot-long golden multi-blade battle swords one by one.

Those people joyfully accepted the battle swords and quickly grasped how to control them.


The sound of horns echoed, and the cultivators below the city walls began to panic. However, with the powerful golden swords and numerous Heaven-Breaking Crossbows on the city walls, their formation gradually stabilized.

When the dark demon beasts that resembled clouds and mist rushed to the base of the city, one of the multi-blade golden swords was activated.


The golden saber spun, and a few golden saber lights scattered.

More and more saber lights scattered, finally turning into a saber net that enveloped a thousand feet.

It would have been fine if it was just one golden saber, but the key was that there were 10 golden sabers under the city, protecting a radius of 10,000 feet.

The bodies of those dark demon beasts were all torn apart by the sword lights, and divine energy filled the air.


The crossbows on the city wall also began to fire.

They didn’t fire all at once but one arrow at a time.

The military formation in front could block the arrows, but they did not dare to approach further.

After six hours, the God Clan army retreated, and the arrows on the city wall stopped firing. Below, the golden saber beam dissipated.

“We won!”

“We won—”

Countless cheers resounded, filled with hoarseness, madness, and tears.

For the first time in countless years, after countless defeats and retreats, there was a military formation at the base of the city, and for the first time, the cultivators of the Immortal Burial City faced the God Clan’s formation head-on and did not lose!

Unlike yesterday, when Han Muye led a military formation to sweep through, today, it was the Immortal Burial City’s own immortal cultivators who withstood the God Clan’s attack.

The myth of the invincible God Clan’s military formation was destroyed!

After today, the god clan was not invincible!

The cheering Immortal Cultivators began to clean up the battlefield, picking up the scattered divinity and retrieving all kinds of recoverable materials.

Even the remains of the arrows were brought back by the Immortal Cultivators.

One by one, the Immortal Cultivators walked to the top of the city wall, put down the shattered golden saber, and placed the gathered divinity on the ground.

There were about 2,000 scattered divine essences, along with some other materials.

These divine essences were valuable, but they couldn’t compare to the consumption of today’s crossbow arrows and golden swords.

“We’ll take half, and you can take the rest,” Han Muye looked at the pile of divine essences and said loudly.

Bai Tu and the others went forward and took half of the divinity. Then, everyone put away their crossbows and rode their swords away.

On the city wall, everyone looked at each other and retracted the divinity that Han Muye and the others had not taken away, then exchanged it for merit points in the city.

“Big Brother, this is a loss…” When he returned to the camp, Zhao Chen calculated and muttered in a low voice.

It was naturally a loss. He had lost nearly 500 million immortal Spirit Stones.

“Why? Can’t afford to lose money?” Han Muye asked with a smile.

Zhao Chen was stunned for a moment before a smile appeared on his face. “It’s alright. Such a small loss can last for two to three years.”

At this point, his eyes lit up.

Su Jian, who was standing at the back, smiled and said, “If the Immortal Burial City can achieve such a small victory in two to three years, the battle intent accumulated will be so strong that the God Clan on the other side will probably panic.”

As the saying goes, united as one, united as one.

Previously, the Immortal Burial City had always been suppressed by the Gods Race. After so many years, everyone was used to it and felt that they would definitely die if they left the city.

As long as they reached the top of the city wall, they would be prepared to die.

Three days after Han Muye arrived, he won three battles and won a small victory, raising the morale of the city.

If everyone dared to fight, the combat strength of the Immortal Burial City would probably increase by many times.

Moreover, with enough divinity to exchange for, everyone would have the resources to increase their cultivation. The Great Formation of the Immortal Burial City and the God-Slaying Puppet Fighter would all have greater power.

“Let’s see if the god race can hold on like this,” Han Muye turned to look in the direction of the city wall and whispered.

Every day after that, he, Su Jian, and the others led half of the Sword Sect’s elites to the city wall to guard it.

Every time they flew on their swords, they would attract cheers.

Countless figures flashed and followed them up the city wall.

They were already used to directly assigning weapons to defend the city wall, and then some people would leave the city to form a formation.

When the God Clan attacked, all kinds of combat equipment would be activated to defend the base.

It was not as if there were no experts from the God Clan.

However, every time an Immortal Lord expert arrived, there would also be Immortal Lords in the city who took action.

In such a not-so-distant battle, the Immortal World had lost their weapons, and the God Clan had only lost some insignificant Dark Demon Beasts and Immortal Slaying Envoys.

Ten days later, Han Muye and the others went into battle and guarded a section of the city wall.

In the past, the cultivators on the city walls would surely breathe a sigh of relief when they were replaced, grateful to return alive.

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