Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion

Chapter 1245 - 1245 Heaven-Shattering Divine Lightning, Kui Divine Power! (2)

1245 Heaven-Shattering Divine Lightning, Kui Divine Power! (2)

Dark Demon Beasts!

The Dark Demon Beasts were transformed from the God Clan!

Seeing this, Han Muye narrowed his eyes.


Another roar sounded, and the figure of a god expanded continuously, becoming 100 feet tall. He was covered in thick muscles and bones, and his head and face were ferocious.

Immortal Slaying Envoy.

“Hmph, if your soul power isn’t enough, don’t come. Now, you’ve turned into a low-level slave beast.” Beside Han Muye, a young man in his thirties sneered and looked at the roaring Immortal Slaying Envoy.

It turned out that Immortal Slayer Envoys and Dark Demon Beasts were not considered to be of the same race in the God Clan, but slave beasts.

Two ropes flickering with golden light stretched out, locking the two figures and dragging them out of the altar.

Beside Han Muye, someone quickly stepped forward and ascended the altar.

Someone backed away.

Listening to the conversations around him, Han Muye had already understood that the gods were considered adults when they were 100 years old. Then, they could participate in this divine enlightenment.

Divine enlightenment could double their strength or turn them into slave beasts.

Slave beasts would be sent to be dealt with. Those whose strength doubled would have the qualifications to cultivate in the Divine Realm and reproduce.

Only through divine enlightenment could one truly become a God Clan member.

Han Muye looked at the intersecting divine lights and his expression changed.

With every altar opened, there were many God Clan members participating in the Divine Initiation.

However, most of them became slave beasts.

It was no wonder there were countless Dark Demon Beasts and Immortal Slaying Envoys outside the Immortal Burial City.

From the looks of it, the God Clan was using these useless clans to consume them.

“How is it? Are you afraid?” Seeing that Han Muye had not moved, the 30-year-old young man standing beside him turned around with a hint of disdain.

Han Muye’s expression remained unchanged as he followed.

He was also interested in this divine revelation.

The young man sneered and stepped onto the altar.

As soon as he stepped onto the altar, divine light surrounded him.

Han Muye also stepped on it.

Under his feet, beams of divine light turned into pillars of light that enveloped him.

As the divine light entered his body, he could feel this power constantly gathering.

Unfortunately, he was only in his primordial spirit body now, and the power he gathered was only hidden in his body and could not be of much use.

“Ah, I don’t want to become a slave beast!” The young man suddenly screamed in agony, flames rising from his body.

Han Muye’s heart skipped a beat, and he raised his hand to press on the young man’s shoulder.

A trace of divinity was drawn into his body.

The flames on the young man’s body also began to dissipate.

“Thank you, thank you so much.” The young man clasped his fists in gratitude, his face filled with appreciation.

Han Muye nodded and felt the change in his strength with the addition of a trace of divinity.

This power might have another use.

He quickly walked forward, and the power of divinity surged before quietly spreading out.

The moment the divinity spread, a light screen appeared above his head.

With the power of divinity, he gathered the power of the soul and weaved it into the God roll!

This was the first time the Divine Ranking List had appeared in the Divine Realm.

When Han Muye was in the mortal world, he used the power of his soul to mobilize the power of faith to transform into a Divine Ranking List.

In the Immortal Realm, he used the grievances in the wasteland to cleanse and condense a Divine Ranking List.

This time, he used the divinity dissipated by the Divine Realm to condense a Divine Ranking List.

As soon as the golden Divine Ranking List appeared, the auras of the few God Clan members who were about to be burned up by the black flames were uncontrollably absorbed.

The gods looked up at the Divine Ranking List with pale faces and bowed excitedly.

This trace of divinity was extracted from their bodies, and at the same time, it gathered a trace of the power of their souls.

In the future, they had a slight sense of the Divine Ranking List.

The Divine Ranking List dissipated after the entire Enlightenment.

No one knew what this mysterious treasure was.

Even the people outside the altar did not know that this thing existed.

On the altar, only the God Clan members rescued by the Divine Ranking List could sense it.

In the future, when they went elsewhere and encountered divine revelations, they could summon the Divine Ranking List and help the gods who could not transcend divine revelations safely.

“The Divine Ranking List, this is a divine item of our God Clan,” the 30-year-old youth whispered with a pious expression.

Not only him, but the other gods who had undergone enlightenment because of the Divine Ranking List also had pious expressions.

They believed that the Divine Ranking List was an opportunity for them. It was a divine item of the God Clan and it was here to save every God Clan member.

They would also bring the Divine Ranking List to various places in the Divine Realm.

At this moment, Han Muye, who had already left the world of stars, had a scroll in his body.

He found a secret place and spread out the Grotto-heaven.

The Grotto-heaven transformed into an illusory world. Then, the sword hid within and slowly trembled.

The golden Divine Ranking List floated in the sky, triggering wisps of divinity to shine.

This was Han Muye’s Grotto-heaven from now on.

The Divine Ranking List might have unexpected effects here.

After the Grotto-heaven was set up, his soul slowly dissipated.

In the Immortal Burial City, Han Muye opened his eyes in the tent.

Outside the tent, elite disciples of the Sword Sect had already gathered.

Han Muye stood up and walked out of the tent, looking ahead. “Brothers who didn’t fight yesterday, follow me to the city wall for defense.”

A moment later, sword light flashed and a stream of light flashed. Booming sounds exploded.

“It’s the Sword Immortal of the Mystic Spirit Sword Sect!”

“They went to the city wall again.”

“Are they going to slay gods today?”

Countless discussions broke out, and many people flew into the air, following the direction of the city wall.

The city wall that used to be too dangerous to approach had now become a gathering place for countless cultivators.

As Han Muye and his group landed on the city wall and guarded a section of it, tens of thousands of cultivators descended behind them.

Outside the city wall, there were some Dark Demon Beasts scattered around. There were not many Immortal Slaying Envoys.

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