Max Leveled Boss is Forced to be Pampered by Others

Chapter 249 - Chapter 249: Confirm Several Times (1)

Chapter 249: Confirm Several Times (1)

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This was the most crucial step.

If he made a mistake, he would either fail and start all over again, or he would directly walk towards success.

Fortunately, Chi Wei managed to complete the experiment steadily.

Chi Wei remained calm as she slowly changed into a new pair of gloves. Her expression was cold and aloof, but her assistant couldn’t hold it in at all. She even wanted to spin and jump around. However, when she saw the professor’s indifferent expression, she quickly put on a straight face and returned to her usual obedient and calm self.

‘ Professor Chi, shouldn’t we tell them the good news? ‘

By ‘them’, he was naturally referring to the other people in the research institute.

And above.

“No rush.”

“Confirm it a few more times.’

Every experiment couldn’t be concluded just because it was successful for the first time, because there was a coincidence in everything. If it just happened to be successful, but in fact, the operation and method were wrong, it would hurt people.

After this reminder, the assistant gradually came back to her senses and quickly went forward to help.

The laboratory door on the top floor was closed for a day.

The abnormality here was naturally quickly noticed by the rest of the people in the research institute. The elders in the research institute were already used to this and did not find it strange. However, Chi Wan and Song Ci could not help but ask curiously.

The two of them had discussed their questions and came up with the wording together. The girl and the boy who were as old as flowers were cautious and careful. “How is Professor Chi’s illness?”

Song Ci and Chi Wan didn’t want to ask this at first, but Professor Chi didn’t come out the entire day. This situation was really suspicious, and they couldn’t help but think more about it. The more they thought about it, the more they couldn’t help but come over to show their concern.

Anyway, this was for the sake of the professor’s health. It shouldn’t offend anyone, right?

With that in mind, they found the old professor with the best temper in the research institute and began to ask. Who knew the result?

The old professor’s eyes widened, and his face was filled with displeasure.

“What are you talking about!”

” If Professor Chi has been staying in the research institute for the entire day, he must have made a breakthrough. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be in seclusion like this. Don’t spout nonsense! ‘

Chi Wan and Song Ci were speechless.

He actually had such a habit.

The two of them finally understood what they had done wrong and explained,”l’m sorry! We didn’t know that Professor had such a habit, but we’ll definitely remember it in the future!”

The old professor was not a calculative person. After explaining, he did not say anything else. Instead, he continued to wait for the results nervously.

After Chi Wei repeated the experiment several times and confirmed that there were no problems, she finally announced the results.

The higher-ups did not expect the efficiency here to be so fast. They did not react in time and hurriedly sent a professional team over to learn how to extract things.

Chi Wei also recorded all of his steps.

As for the medical experiments, it had nothing to do with their research institute.

This research was bound to be risky. Although it was a success, it was still necessary to find some test subjects to do clinical reactions to avoid irreversible harm when it was used on the human body.

It could be said that every step was very difficult..

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