Max Leveled Boss is Forced to be Pampered by Others

Chapter 248 - Chapter 248: Experiment Success (1)

Chapter 248: Experiment Success (1)

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“Ignorant and incompetent, playing truant and repeating a grade?”

Fu Shiyan finally chuckled and repeated the words in his lazy voice. Although he was smiling, it made Chi Wan feel a little guilty. But Chi Wan quickly regained her composure.

There was nothing to feel guilty about.

Chi Wei had always been the disgrace of their family. Other than being lucky enough to get to know a group of big shots, there was nothing else worthy of praise. The most outrageous thing was that Chi Wei was actually so selfish that she was unwilling to introduce half a big shot to her! “Yes, Master Fu. You must stay away from her!”

Fu Shiyan did not reply again.

Instead, he strode forward, leaving Chi Wan with only his slender back. “Professor Chi’s body is being taken care of by a professional medical


“Drink it yourself.”

It was obvious that he had naturally rejected Chi Wan’s ginseng soup.

Chi Wan, who had been left in a daze, only came back to her senses after a long time. After being reminded, she finally realized that the professor’s body would indeed be observed by a professional team and would be matched with a better diet. Indeed, he would not drink this kind of ginseng soup.

At least it wasn’t because he despised her.

At the thought of this, Chi Wan’s mood could not help but improve. The only thing that troubled her was that she did not know if Master Fu would believe her words and ignore Chi Weili in the future.

Chi Wan, who was deep in thought, did not see the figure that flashed past.

Chi Wei nimbly entered her personal elevator and went straight to the top floor.

Since her body had recovered well, there was no reason for her to continue resting at home. Chi Weizai cleaned up briefly and took the medicine for the day before she finally arrived at the research institute under Fu Shiyan’s insistence.

However, because she had to check on other people’s experiment results, she asked Fu Shiyan to come upstairs first, and then she came late.

After entering the familiar laboratory, Chi Wei quickly changed into her white coat and put on her glasses. She suddenly looked cold and aloof.

Fu Shiyan, on the other hand, did not come in to disturb them at such a time.

Chi Wei was ready to start a new round of experiments.

The assistant yawned and pushed open the laboratory door. She didn’t expect to see Professor Chi, who was still sick yesterday, at first glance. She couldn’t help but rub her eyes. After confirming that she wasn’t mistaken, she said in surprise, “You’re finally back! ”

Chi Wei nodded slightly.

The assistant had been helping Chi Wei all this while, so she naturally had developed a tacit understanding with him. She quickly started setting up the test bench.

He was not sick. His condition was indeed very different.

Yesterday, although Chi Wei’s experiment had been smooth sailing until the last step, it was still very dangerous and almost made a mistake. However, it was different today because her senses were especially sensitive and her hands did not tremble. Every part of her body was stuck perfectly.

Moreover …

When he reached the last step, Chi Wei suddenly saw the light.

He finally understood why he had failed yesterday.

It was not only because he was not in a good state due to the cold, but also because he had used the wrong method, which made that step more complicated and easy to make mistakes.

After figuring out the reason, Chi Wei’s final step was much easier.

The assistant could not help but hold her breath..

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