Max Leveled Boss is Forced to be Pampered by Others

Chapter 228 - Chapter 228: Nothing to Do with Sister (1)

Chapter 228: Nothing to Do with Sister (1)

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In fact, at first, she only felt wronged. She thought that the netizens would definitely come to comfort her, so she sent a crying emoji without warning.

They did not expect their imaginations to be so rich.

He had actually pulled Chi Weidou out.

Yet, she liked it very much.

Seeing a bunch of people scolding Chi Wei on the internet, Chi Wan’s originally depressed mood could not help but improve slightly. She gripped her phone tightly and did not reply immediately, choosing to let this matter continue to spread.

Even the speed of writing the guarantee letter had become much faster.

Song Ci was dealing with things when she suddenly saw Chi Wan’s smile. Her expression paused slightly, and a hint of suspicion flashed across her eyes.

The Chi Wan in front of him had always been very obedient and submissive.

She would never reveal such…A resentful expression.

Forget it.

He must have seen wrongly.

Song Ci rubbed her temples in frustration before shifting her gaze away and continuing to deal with the matter at hand instead of letting her imagination run wild.

About half an hour later, when Chi Wan wrote a guarantee of a few hundred words and picked up her phone to open Weibo again, the matter had completely fermented.

It even made it onto the trending searches.

#My heart aches for Chi Wan #

The smile on Chi Wan’s face suddenly disappeared. She didn’t expect that she would be on the hot search list so easily. However, this also proved her high popularity.

He was just a little troubled.

Others might not know, but everyone in the laboratory knew that she was writing a guarantee. If this matter were to spread, she would definitely lose face. At that time, her image as a beautiful student would also collapse.

Absolutely not…

But she didn’t want to let Chi Wei off either.

As if she had thought of a good solution, Chi Wan’s lips suddenly curved into a smile. Finally, she went online again and quickly responded.

[No, this has nothing to do with my sister. I just entered the research institute and can’t keep up with the progress, so I feel inferior and cry.]

This was the truth.

She didn’t want the people in the research institute to be suspicious or dissatisfied with her reaction.

This was already a good explanation of the truth of the matter, but it was unknown whether the netizens believed it or not.

Chi Wan’s tone was still soft. The netizens were stunned for a moment before they quickly reacted. As expected, they started a new round of bombardment.

[You still have to speak up for your sister at a time like this. You can’t be too kind! Wanwan, Chi Wei isn’t even willing to share a place with you. What right does she have to be your sister?

[That’s right. Don’t feel any psychological burden or pressure. You can tell us if you’ve suffered any grievances. We’ll all stand up for you…]

[I even think that our baby must have been threatened. Otherwise, it would never be like this!!]

[Isn’t that so? I heard that that family especially dotes on Chi Wei. If it were me, I would definitely feel very uncomfortable. However, our baby can still pretend that she doesn’t care about anything. What did she do wrong?]

[Chi Wei is trash.]

[Wanwan, don’t be sad. Moreover, no matter what, you’re still a third-year student. It’s already very impressive for you to be able to enter the research institute. Those seniors definitely can’t be compared to you.. We just need to learn from them!]

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