Max Leveled Boss is Forced to be Pampered by Others

Chapter 227 - Chapter 227: Chi Wei Again (1)

Chapter 227: Chi Wei Again (1)

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Due to the fact that the research institute had recruited new people, Chi Wan and Song Ci’s looks and rankings had caused a huge sensation on the Internet. Chi Wan already had a very high popularity on Weibo and had countless fans who followed her.

Chi Wan was also a person who knew how to run a business. Whenever she was free, she would log into her account and share her daily study life with the netizens, her interactions with Song Ci, and her progress at the research institute.

Even though it hadn’t been long since she was born, Chi Wan’s deliberate efforts had made her into a well-behaved and studious girl in the eyes of the netizens.

Usually, she would not complain about anything. Instead, she would be full of positive energy.

So this time, Chi Wan suddenly went online without a word and even sent a crying emoji, instantly attracting everyone’s attention.

The comment section was quiet for a while. Not long after, a large wave of people came over.

What’s going on?]

[Let me analyze it. Wanwan has always been a very optimistic girl and is especially easy to talk to. Usually, if we have any questions about our studies, she will explain everything to us. She has always been very patient. Anyway, in the past few days that I’ve been paying attention to her, I’ve never seen Wanwan lose her temper, let alone suddenly cry…]

[I think Wanwan must have been wronged!]

[+1, I also think that Wanwan must have been bullied, but I don’t know … What exactly happened?]

[I remember that Wanwan should be alone in Beijing now because the research institute is in Beijing. Let’s combine it with Wanwan’s previous Weibo post and think about it carefully. The last time Wanwan expressed her emotions, it was because she had no family in Beijing. Her only sister, Chi Wei, was unwilling to bring Wanwan along now that she had a place to live.]

Soon, everyone’s focus was shifted to Chi Wei.

After this netizen’s analysis, everyone slowly remembered Chi Wei, who they had already forgotten.

Furthermore, he immediately linked this matter to Chi Wei. It was as if the truth was about to be revealed.

[Why is it Chi Wei again? I feel annoyed just hearing this name.]

[I’m annoyed too. She’s clearly Chi Wan’s sister, but why does it seem like there’s such a big difference? Wanwan entered the research institute with excellent results, but Chi Wei was found out by us because of negative news. If it weren’t for our Wanwan being too outstanding, I’m afraid her reputation would have been affected!]

[I also think that it’s Chi Weiliao … ]

[It must be because Chi Wei didn’t run away. After all, Wanwan has always been studying hard and was able to get into the research institute. That means that she is capable. Even if she goes to an unfamiliar environment, she definitely won’t be buried. Then, the only possibility is that she doesn’t have a place to stay. After all, no matter how outstanding she is, she is still a young girl. Even if she stays with Song Ci’s relatives, she will still feel uncomfortable…]

[Hug Wanwan, Wanwan, do your best! [Chi Wei is jealous of you, jealous that you’re better than her, that’s why she treats you like this!]

[That’s right, we can just ignore Chi Wei. Anyway, you and Song Ci are betrothed to each other when you were young, so living together…Nothing!]

In a short moment, Chi Wan’s tears had already retreated..

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