Master Zhan, Calm Down!

Chapter 3

Stop Harassing

Seeing her expression, Rong Zhan laughed coldly in his mind.

Last night, after she forced a kiss on him, she started to call for another man’s name repeatedly. It made him so angry his eyes turned completely red, as he took her again and again like he had gone crazy.

This d*mned stupid woman.

At this point, countless pieces of memory appeared in Sang Xia’s mind…

However, she didn’t dare think about it again.

“I-It’s impossible.” Sang Xia’s voice was extremely hoarse. How could she have treated him as her ex-boyfriend, Bo Yi, last night?

Seeing that she wasn’t willing to believe the truth, darkness flashed in Rong Zhan’s narrow eyes as he scoffed. “Why? Did you forget how you took off your clothes in front of me last night, how you begged under me, how…”


A slap landed on his face suddenly.

It was ruthless. As if she had used all of her energy.


Sang Xia shouted with all she had from the embarrassment.

Rong Zhan’s devilish and exquisite side profile was tilted from the slap. He licked his slightly cracked lips lightly and laughed suddenly. It seemed like his exquisite expression sunk into the darkness right at that moment.

It made him a little weird and scary.

However, Sang Xia was not afraid. She held back her despise for him and said, “Rong Zhan, I did mistake you for another man, but you’re a man, after all. You didn’t lose anything when it comes to such matters. I don’t want to be too involved with you, so let’s treat as if this hadn’t happened and I will not appear in front of you again.”

This was a night of mistakes.

She had to pay for her mistakes.

However, the moment she finished speaking, the atmosphere around her seemed to freeze for that one second.

“What did you say?”

He slowly turned around, the smirk on his lips like he was smiling, but his hands were cracking loudly from his tight grip.

What did she mean by mistaking him for another person?

This woman! This was not her first time mistaking him for another man, she did the same thing at first too! She was so stupid he really wanted to strangle her back then!

What did she mean by not wanting to be too involved with him and treat as if nothing had happened and that she would never appear in front of him again? Did she really hate him so much?!

Sang Xia’s fingers sunk into her palms as she scoffed out loud. “We’re all adults here. This was just a mistake, so why do we have to be more involved with each other?”

Seeing that she wanted to cut ties with him completely, Rong Zhan suppressed his strong anger and scoffed out loud. “Why? Didn’t you break up with Bo Yi already? Since we’re brothers, I merely wanted to know how the taste of the woman he’s so smitten with is. What’s wrong with this? Or, are you afraid of something?”

His words were extremely humiliating and she wanted to slap him once more. However, he caught her hand straight away.

Sang Xia’s body trembled from head to toe from anger. Her face was extremely pale from his humiliating words.


Since they were saying ruthless words to each other, who was afraid to back down?!

A scoff appeared on her pale face. “Rong Zhan, you know what? Don’t even think about comparing yourself with Bo Yi. Even if we have broken up, I still like him. And you, what are you?! You only have some money and are promiscuous, a gangster and pervert! I only slept with you because I’ve mistaken you for someone else. If not, why would I be here?! Who are you to sleep with me?!”

With that said, she endured the stinging pain from her red eyes and picked up her clothes, before she wore them to leave.

She completely ignored the sharp pair of eyes that seemed to want to pierce a thousand holes through her. Her back felt so hot it seemed like it was going to catch on fire.

Suddenly, she felt something.

She was about to turn around.

However, it was too late.


Her ankle was pulled by a crazy force and she fell on the bed. A tall and strong body suddenly moved over her. The man was like a maniac lion and bit her neck straight away.

With her cry of pain, he spoke darkly, “Since I’m so vulgar to you, I’ll continue to be vulgar!”

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