Master Zhan, Calm Down!

Chapter 2

Slept With the Wrong Person

Sang Xia said that Rong Zhan was a devil, a pervert, the Demon, a gangster, a ruffian.

However, that day, this man spread his devil wings and opened a new sky for her.

He shielded everything from her.

He protected her and promised her a safe and steady life!

The night was as cold as water, darkness filling the sky.

In a high-class, classic VIP clubhouse in T City.

From one of the suites, ambiguous sounds could be heard from time to time.

After being held up for the entire night, the woman’s voice was already hoarse from all the screaming.

The next day.

To Sang Xia, this was a morning where she was hungover.

It hurt.

This was the difference from every other day. Her entire body felt like it had fallen apart and was terribly sore.

It was as if she had experienced an indescribable war last night.

She narrowed her eyes slightly. Everything around her was unfamiliar.

She was in an unfamiliar environment. She was in a large European-styled room, its interior low-key but luxurious as well. She didn’t know what time it was, but the warm sunlight was shining brightly into the room.

She noticed the discomfort in her body and moved her hand beside her, wanting to push herself up. However, she instantly touched something warm that felt like skin. She turned her head around in shock and saw on the other side of the bed a… man?!

Disregarding the other’s naked body, Sang Xia widened her eyes.

How could it be him?

The man in front of her had a rare and handsome face. Countless women in T City wanted to climb onto his bed, but Sang Xia was extremely scared of seeing him in bed with her.

What happened last night?!

No. She had only heard that her ex-boyfriend had returned and drank a few more bottles of alcohol in the nightclub she sang at. Then, then… She pressed a hand on her aching head, her face pale as her hands started to shake uncontrollably.

But, how did she end up in bed with him?

She wanted to die. This man who had appeared on the same bed with her and had obviously done something with her… she knew him.

This was her ex-boyfriend’s best friend, Rong Zhan.

He was a dangerous and very perverted, devilish man that had crazy power in T City.

Sang Xia started to breathe messily as she wanted to leave hurriedly.

Just as she got up, a strong force grabbed her waist suddenly. With that, a tall figure moved and leaned on her, the man speaking with the unique hoarseness and laziness from having just woken up. “Let’s do it one more time.”

Let’s do it one more time.

He actually dared to say for them to do it one more time…?

“Go away!”

With her scream, Sang Xia broke down completely and waved a slap towards him!

However, he caught her hand firmly in the air.

He suddenly opened his eyes. His pair of narrow eyes were long and devilish-looking, his thin lips curled into a smirk. “Sang Xia, you better understand clearly what’s happening right now!”

Seeing her freeze, he burst out in snickers. “Don’t tell me you forgot.”

“W-What did I forget?”

Sang Xia’s face turned paler.

He grabbed her chin, forcing her to look into his eyes. “You were the shameless one that forced me to sleep with you last night. Why are you f*cking acting innocent right now?!”

Sang Xia froze with shock.

She did not dare to believe the man’s words. However, slowly, as she regained her consciousness, blurry images appeared in her mind.

Last night, with the alcohol taking its effects on her, her consciousness was extremely blurry.

After she was drunk, it seemed like she was pulled by someone who wanted to bring her away. In the end, she bumped into a person with a very familiar aura.

It felt a lot like her ex-boyfriend.

He had a faint cigarette smell on him and it felt so familiar to her and made her terribly sad as well. She grabbed his shirt tightly, suddenly standing on her toes to wrap a hand around his neck, pulling him closer, and kissed him.

It happened so suddenly.

Remembering this, Sang Xia’s face instantly lost all its colors.


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