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Chapter 6 - Statistics in Real Life

Chapter 6: Statistics in Real Life

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After a long time, Chu Nan could not remember how many battles he had experienced in the forest.

This was because ever since he entered this new virtual space, battles had continuously attacked. Apart from giving him a short period of time to rest and adjust his breathing, there was almost no pause.

In the beginning, Chu Nan was simply unable to adapt to such continuous high-intensity battles. Furthermore, these opponents were all powerful and were not inferior to Dos Minsky, causing him to lose his life even if he was careless.

However, Chu Nan’s improvement was also extremely fast. In the beginning, three consecutive battles could cause one death. Soon, the number gradually increased. Up until now, he had already obtained 27 consecutive victories, but the price was only a few more wounds on his body.

One had to know that in these 27 battles, other than Internal Breath Realm Martial Artists who practiced different martial techniques and had completely different styles, there were also all kinds of D-rank ferocious beasts.

If it was in the past, Chu Nan would only be killed if he faced any opponent. However, he could obtain victory in such an intense series of battles now.

After regulating his breathing, Chu Nan clenched his fists and revealed a confident smile.

Just as he was about to welcome his next opponent, the mysterious voice suddenly sounded.

“Student Chu Nan, according to the analysis of your brain, your brain waves have returned to normal. This emergency treatment is about to end…”

“Wait!” Chu Nan was stunned for a moment before he immediately shouted. “Can you agree to my last request?”

The mysterious voice paused before asking, “May I know what your request is?”

“Let me fight Luo Li again. However, this time, I hope you can take back your data analysis ability.”

“According to the data analysis, you’re not Luo Li’s match. Doing this might cause your brain waves to go crazy again.”

“Don’t worry, it won’t affect me. Moreover, I might not lose.” Chu Nan coldly snorted and clenched his fists.

Tens of thousands of life and death battles in virtual space not only gave him extremely powerful combat experience, but most importantly, it also gave him strong confidence.

Chu Nan believed that even without the help of data collection, analysis, and processing ability, he had sufficient confidence to defeat the other party.

The mysterious voice was silent again, as if considering something. After a moment, it spoke again.

“Student Chu Nan, you are about to begin the battle with Student Luo Li. Please prepare yourself. 3… 2… 1, begin!”

Looking at Luo Li’s figure that was gradually becoming real, Chu Nan realized that he had indeed lost his ability to collect and analyze the magical data just now. However, he felt fearless. He took a deep breath, took two large steps forward, and threw a punch at Luo Li.

Chu Nan opened his eyes and what entered his sight was still the white ceiling of the room in the rehabilitation data center.

He turned around and looked left and right. When he saw the various exquisite equipment in the room, Chu Nan confirmed that he had left the virtual space.

When he recalled the last battle before he left the virtual space, the corners of Chu Nan’s mouth could not help but curl into a smile.

In that battle, although it was a little difficult for Chu Nan without the help of his data collection, analysis, and processing ability, he defeated Luo Li without a doubt.

When he knocked Luo Li down with a punch and could not get up for a long time, Chu Nan felt as if something had shattered in his heart. Although his mood was extremely good, his mind was still calm.

It was as if from that moment on, he had been reborn.

After recalling his mood, Chu Nan smiled and propped himself up with his hand, preparing to leave.

As soon as he exerted strength, he noticed to his shock that his entire body was loose and soft at this moment, as if he utterly lacked strength. Even his head had become dizzy and his mind was weak.

“Strange, why did the situation become worse after coming to the rehabilitation data center for treatment?” Chu Nan thought for a moment and guessed that it was due to what had happened in the virtual space.

After stopping for a moment, Chu Nan gathered some strength and propped himself up before slowly walking back to the dormitory.

When he saw his familiar bed in the dormitory, Chu Nan’s body seemed to have lost all its support. He fell onto it and instantly fell asleep.

“Hey, Chu Nan, wake up, wake up! Don’t scare me! Wake up!”

In his daze, Chu Nan felt his body being pushed violently. A familiar voice continuously called out to him.

“Don’t disturb me, let me sleep.” Chu Nan roared and swung his arm, but he heard a muffled bang.

“Gasp! It hurts so much! Damn you, Chu Nan, I kindly woke you up but you actually treated me like this!”

Hearing the complaints mixed in the voice, Chu Nan was shocked and suddenly woke up.

When he opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was a round and fat face.

Due to the fact that he had his head lowered, the fat on his face was hanging indecently, like two pieces of fat that were suspended.

“Ah, Dong Fang, what are you doing here?” Chu Nan rubbed his head and discovered that after sleeping, other than his body still being a little weak, his head was no longer feeling heavy. Instead, he appeared much more energetic than before.

“Of course, I’m waking you up. Otherwise, what else can I do?” Dong Fang glared at Chu Nan before his face was filled with curiosity, “I say, Chu Nan, what nightmare were you having just now? Why do you keep muttering and looking like you’re in pain?”

“Nightmare?” Chu Nan was stunned. He thought for a moment but could not recall anything, “Could it be that I’m still dreaming about yesterday afternoon?”

“A dream from yesterday afternoon? You started sleeping yesterday afternoon?” Dong Fang cried out in surprise, “I say, Chu Nan, are you serious? When I returned last night, I discovered that you were sleeping and have been sleeping until now. Now, you say that you started sleeping yesterday afternoon. Could it be that you have been sleeping since yesterday afternoon? Oh my god! You’ve already slept… You’ve slept for nearly 20 hours!”

“Really?” Chu Nan turned to look out the window and discovered that the sun was rising into the sky. From the looks of it, it should be morning.

He did not expect that he would sleep for so long after returning from the rehabilitation data center yesterday.

When he recalled the event that occurred yesterday afternoon, Chu Nan could not help but frown.

He was now certain that what had happened yesterday afternoon was not a dream, but a real virtual space.

This was because even now, he could still clearly remember everything that happened inside. If he was dreaming, it was impossible for it to be so clear.

However, if it was a virtual space, how did it come about?

“Hey, don’t be in a daze. Since you’re awake, quickly get up. There’s still class in the morning.” Seeing that Chu Nan was still in a daze, Dong Fang urged him, “I heard that from today onwards, the academy seems to be holding a full-scale competition. It’s said to be related to the martial arts competition. I wonder who will be chosen in the end…”

Chu Nan shook his head and shook off his thoughts about the incident yesterday afternoon. He got up from the bed.

However, as soon as he stood up, he saw Dong Fang preparing something opposite him and was immediately stunned.

“Is… is this still in the virtual space?”

Chu Nan widened his eyes and looked at Dong Fang in disbelief.

This was because in his vision, every action that Dong Fang made would immediately be reflected through a large amount of relevant and precise data in his mind.

All of this was not unfamiliar, because he had the same ability in the virtual space yesterday afternoon.

Dong Fang raised the small bag containing his belongings with his right hand, and the small bag drew an arc in the air.

“Speed: 8.1342898 meters per second, angle: 0.3683496 meters, arc: 27.646583 degrees…”

Chu Nan instantly determined that if nothing unexpected happened, Dong Fang’s small bag would hit a glass cup on the table 0.153456 seconds later.

Moreover, according to the speed and quality of the small bag, as well as the quality and table situation of the glass cup, Chu Nan estimated that the glass cup would fly 0.8634659 meters away from the table and smash into the ground.


Swoosh! Swoosh!

As expected, the small bag collided with the glass cup extremely accurately, sending it flying. It fell not far away and shattered into pieces on the ground.

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