Master Of Martial Arts Has An Advanced Optical Brain

Chapter 5 - This Is Not Human!

Chapter 5: This Is Not Human!

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Chu Nan blankly looked at the place where Dos Minsky disappeared. His legs suddenly went soft and he sat on the ground.

After being stunned for a moment, Chu Nan lowered his head and looked at his hands in disbelief.

“I won? I actually won!”

Chu Nan was overjoyed. He had never expected that he would be able to defeat an Internal Breath Realm Martial Artist!

When he recalled the hundreds of ‘deaths’ he had sacrificed for this, Chu Nan could not help but sigh.

If not for the fact that death in this virtual space would not really result in any losses, it would be impossible for him to have the powerful strength to defeat an Internal Breath Realm Martial Artist.

Although the most important thing was still his terrifying data collection, analysis, and processing ability, if he did not obtain improvement through countless battles, then even if he had this powerful ability, he would still be unable to defeat an Internal Breath Martial Artist who was far stronger than him.

“Student Chu Nan, do you still want to continue fighting with the Internal Breath Realm Martial Artist, Dos Minsky?” The mysterious voice suddenly sounded again.

“There’s no need. Change my opponent.”

“May I ask if you need a stronger opponent?”

“Stronger?” Chu Nan frowned and thought for a moment before shaking his head, “Forget it for the time being. Just give me an opponent who is similar to Dos Minsky in strength but has a completely different style.”

Although Chu Nan had already defeated Dos Minsky, it did not mean that his strength had already surpassed him. It could only be said that after hundreds of battles, he had completely grasped the characteristics of Dos Minsky, or rather, he had grasped sufficient experience in fighting him.

If he wanted to obtain a true increase, it was naturally better to change to a different opponent.

“Student Chu Nan, the battle is about to begin. Please prepare, 3… 2…”

Chu Nan was stunned. “Wait, you haven’t told me what kind of opponent he is?”

“1… Begin!”

The mysterious voice had no intention of answering. After the word “begin”, a huge figure suddenly appeared not far away from Chu Nan.

“Damn, this… this… this is not human at all!”

When he saw the figure clearly, Chu Nan could not help but wail.

At this moment, what appeared in front of him was a huge monster that was as tall as a story of the building. It had four hooves on the ground and two horns on its head. It was like a bull.

Chu Nan recognized it at a glance. This monster was clearly the famous adult Giant Spiritual Bull in the ‘Milky Way Ferocious Beast Encyclopedia’.

According to the rankings on the beast map, an adult Giant Spiritual Bull was a D-rank beast. Its destructive power could be compared to initial-stage or second-stage Internal Breath Realm Martial Artists.

If it was an opponent with strength similar to Dos Minsky, this Giant Spiritual Bull was very suitable…

Chu Nan glanced at the huge beast that was like a mountain and swallowed his saliva with difficulty.

“Can I win against such a big guy?”

However, the Giant Spiritual Bull did not give any time to hesitate. It widened its eyes that were larger than Chu Nan’s head and heavily stomped on the ground. Then, it charged towards him with an earth-shattering momentum.

“Damn, isn’t it just a D-rank beast? I’ll give it my all!” Chu Nan gritted his teeth and rushed forward with a punch.

Then, he was sent flying hundreds of feet by the Giant Spiritual Bull. When his body was still in the air, he had already lost consciousness.

“Damn it, who said that the destructive power of this bull is only equivalent to an Internal Breath Realm Martial Artist!” After Chu Nan recovered his senses, he could not help but curse.

Recalling the moment of contact earlier and the nearly 10 tons of force that came from the Giant Spiritual Bull, Chu Nan still felt a chill down his spine.

After cursing, Chu Nan lowered his head and pondered.

“Fighting this bull head-on is definitely courting death. If I want to win, it seems I have to rely on my speed advantage. However, its speed doesn’t seem to be slow. Then, I can only rely on flexibility? Flexibility… flexibility…”

Similar to his battle with Dos Minsky, Chu Nan summarized again.

On the other hand, the battle with Dos Minsky was different. This time, Chu Nan had only ‘died’ more than twenty times before killing the Giant Spiritual Bull.

When he saw the Giant Spiritual Bull’s corpse collapse, Chu Nan still could not believe his eyes.

He had originally thought that he would probably die hundreds of times after killing this D-rank beast. He did not expect it to be settled so quickly.

It seemed that he had indeed improved greatly after hundreds of battles with Dos Minsky.

At the thought of this, Chu Nan could not help but feel excited. He raised his head and shouted into the air, “Hey, give me another similar opponent!”

There was no sun or moon in the virtual space. Time flowed unknowingly.

Chu Nan’s opponents changed one after another. From Internal Breath Martial Artists to D-rank ferocious beasts, and from D-rank ferocious beasts to Internal Breath Martial Artists…

In the process of fighting these different opponents, Chu Nan’s combat experience continuously increased.

Although his Internal Breath and physical statistics did not change much, because of the increase in experience, his strength had already increased countless times compared to before.

At first, when facing an initial-stage Internal Breath Realm Martial Artist like Dos Minsky, he could only be instantly killed. Later on, he could completely not be at a disadvantage when facing any initial-stage or even second-stage Internal Breath Realm Martial Artist. Most of the time, he could even obtain victory.

In the end, Chu Nan even tried to challenge stronger high-level Internal Breath Martial Artists and C-rank ferocious beasts.

However, reality told him that with his current Internal Breath and physical strength, even if he had terrifying data collection, analysis, and powerful combat experience, he would still be unable to defeat an opponent of this level.

“Student Chu Nan, according to the monitoring and analysis of your brain, I determine that you need to endure a period of continuous stimulation before your brain waves can return to normal. Next, you will enter a brand new virtual space. In this virtual space, you will continuously encounter powerful opponents. Are you prepared to enter?” After killing another D-rank beast, the mysterious voice did not continue to arrange opponents for Chu Nan like before. Instead, it raised a question.

“New virtual space? Meeting powerful opponents in a row?” Chu Nan was slightly stunned. He clenched his fists without any fear in his heart.

“Student Chu Nan, you are about to enter the death space. Please prepare, 3… 2… 1, enter!”

Chu Nan’s eyes suddenly lit up and the surrounding environment turned from a wasteland to a dense forest.

The intense sunlight penetrated the gap between the leaves and landed on Chu Nan’s face, causing him to involuntarily squint his eyes.

However, before he could adapt, he heard an ear-piercing sound of a sharp weapon tearing through the air.

“Towards the left, eye level: 36.374361 degrees, angle: 9.36747 degrees, speed: 87.634670 meters per second…”

Just by relying on his ears, Chu Nan had already obtained a pile of data in his mind. The moment he obtained this number, he immediately determined that the hidden weapon that was attacking him was aimed at his head. If he could not react, it would definitely pierce through his head and kill him on the spot.

“So vicious, but I like this!” Not only was Chu Nan not afraid, he even felt a trace of excitement. He tilted his head and happened to dodge the hidden weapon.


The hidden weapon ruthlessly stabbed into the tree trunk behind Chu Nan.

However, before Chu Nan could even turn around to see what hidden weapon it was, another gust of wind sounded from the left. A figure holding a longsword pounced out from the dense forest and stabbed towards Chu Nan.

“Good timing!” Chu Nan roared and his figure moved to face it.

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